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Ryan Kerrigan FA 2021

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Anyone know anything about Romeo Okwara?  Had a rough start to his career but had 10 sacks for the Lions this year at DE.  Not sure what his price tag would be or if he would fit in, could be interesting.  I don't know much about him other than that he had a solid year this season for them.

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I love Ryan Kerrigan. He's been one of the most underrated players in the league for longggg time.    However, we have Addison in his 30's, Hughes in his 30's, Murphy on the way out. We need

Plz god no   no more mediocre aging DLinemen    we need to draft a top Edge rusher or make a trade for one. We are in our super bowl window right now and need to take advantage of

Let me do a quick scouting report... I would have to say no.

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I doubt we will be players in free agency. Outside of resigning our own free agents, we will be giving Josh Allen a big long term contract this off season as well. If we sign anyone it will be lesser name depth guys and draft to fill major holes / future holes. 

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17 hours ago, CaptnCoke11 said:

Bills need to get better at defensive end.  I think they’ll release Addison after the season as they can get out of that deal rather easily and save quite a bit.  I wouldn’t be shocked to see Butler or Jefferson released as well.  

Between the three of them you save around $26 million dollars with only $3 million dollar in dead cap.   I would let them go in a heartbeat.

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