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Seriously though, what's up with these referees?

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5 hours ago, without a drought said:

I thought the Bills got away with a bunch of holding last night protecting Josh.

As did the Titans.  All I expect out of refs is to call everything equally.  If you are going to call tugs on a jersey holding for one team then call it every time for both.  Don't pick and choose what and when to call it.  Call it always or not at all.

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The officiating in the NFL is horrible, but for the most part, it's the same for both teams.   The refs aren't one of the top 10 reasons why we lost the game tonight.      

I'm one the first to say that blaming the refs is a cop out and is usually done by fans with blinders on but this is getting ridiculous now. How can the officials watch the replay on the illegal forwa

Forward laterals are always legal in Tennessee. That's nothing new.

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58 minutes ago, Scott7975 said:


See... last year they gave the ability to challenge pass interference.  Everyone assumed they were testing it for the year to see if it would work, be better, whatever.  That wasn't the true test.  They overturned almost no pass interference penalties even when it was clear that they weren't pass interference.  The real test was to see how much fans would put up with replays not overturning clear evidence to the contrary so they could in the future just get rid of replay altogether... or at least see that people will put up with BS for a while.


I like this.  Just because we're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get us.

7 hours ago, Never NEVER Give-up said:

This one probably too close to overturn. . .


But you had to throw the flag there, just to try.  McD left it in his pocket.

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Bad officiating is not a bad thing for NFL as long as popular teams win. The Seahawks were gifted a first down to ice the game against the phone a few weeks back. I am just glad we are now a "good" team and might get out fair share of bad calls. In Vegas we got the benefit of a phantom block in the back, it is one of few phantom calls I remember going our way 

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