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  1. Can we please stop inappropriately using the word quarantine? Last time I checked there were no armed guards stationed outside anyone's house to ensure there was nobody entering or exiting the premises.
  2. Only by people with a lot of free time on their hands and who are trying to connect dots thousands of miles apart for correlations with the potential for being true 0.0001% of the time. These people are then saying "but there IS a chance!"...yeah, no. Not buying into any of this not even a little bit.
  3. No not really. We have our starter for the next 4 or 5 years we just need some depth which can easily be added in the later rounds or even with UFAs... RB is probably the easiest position to plug and play now
  4. Maybe short term but honestly he kind of sucked last year for a lot of the season.
  5. Yeah, we are writing an instruction guide for EJ's. Like a manual. I think you meant EJ Manuel
  6. Beane is the wizard at this the way Belichick is the wizard at getting comp picks... Its amazing how he gets picks for random guys he is going to cut anyways
  7. I was seeing scouts talking about him being a 60-80 catch 700-1000 yd type of receiver who is very consistent week to week...won't put up huge numbers but will consistently put up similar numbers week to week...big physical chain mover that can make tough catches...every team can use a guy like that...basically a better version of Duke Williams
  8. still might take one in the 2nd or 3rd round as insurance against Brown leaving after next year...always got to be looking a year or two down the line...hopefully get a young guy now and let him develop so he is ready when Brown leaves or declines Jauan Jennings might be nice add if we can get him in the mid rounds...
  9. this season is in serious jeopardy...potential this crisis might last well into the time the season is supposed to be played...there is literally so much just up in the air right now and so much uncertainty.
  10. He has been asking for a trade for the past year and a half, how is this new?
  11. I am sure they have instructions on what to do and probably have skype sessions with the Bills trainers to stay updated and tweak things...
  12. The Bills were pretty much in every game even with the offense only scoring 19.6 points...well maybe except the Philly game that got away from them after halftime, but through the first half they were right there...
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