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  1. Dumb article...none of this matters until the real season starts and then we will see the truth. However Allen has looked night and day different from last year. He seems like he understands what to do in any given situation now and the concept of what they are trying to do on the play. That being said how will he be at diagnosing hidden coverages once the season starts?
  2. Good lord...that might be a divorce waiting to happen...hope he is expecting a huge raise in the near future
  3. Uh, I think Aaron Donald has something to say about that... Spain practiced at RG todsy while Long moved to LG
  4. If you need to have a 3rd string QB play it really doesnt matter, you will pretty much lose every game.
  5. Not if another team wants him on the 53 man roster after seeing these performances...and im sure plenty of teams could use a talented backup center if this performance wasnt a flash in the pan... Its a good problem to have that the Bills will likely need to cut some talented players who will be picked up by other teams...been a long time coming. There are probably a high number because late round picks are typically athletic freaks teams take a flyer on who are either raw or have not been able to harness their althleticism on the football field, or simply are not very good at football due to lack of instincts, practice habits, effort, etc...a lot of these players don't make it. This pushes solid football players who are not really great in any one area or who might be lacking certain things scouts want to see out of the draft and makes them priority UDFA's...
  6. Dak isnt worth anything close to top 5 money without Zeke. Look at the numbers with and without Elliott. If i were the GM i would have serious questions about paying a QB that much money who needs a star RB to succeed.
  7. Whats next? Hold all starters out of practice? Hold them out of training camp? Hold them out of mini camp? Dont allow them to train in the offseason? Injuries are going to happen...many serious ones are non-contact injuries that happen while training or in air drills... If i am not mistaken Hughes didnt play in the first preseason game and McDermott seems to be rotating starters... This is really something silly to be worried about.
  8. He also basically only ran very fast in a straight line. Very different from what he will be doing in the NFL...
  9. I agree and I think McDermott is a damn good coach who will potentially get coach of the year considerations this year.
  10. The first of many injuries due to lack of flexibility...i called it pre draft
  11. He has the 2 biggest plays on the preseason on 2 touches. The dude is 28...next year he will be 29
  12. Based on football talent of course. Based on team distraction, team unity, circus sideshows with the media, fan reactions, etc no way. What team wants a backup player who brings those kind of headaches? None..which is why he isn't on a team. If you want to cause that level of problem you better have the talent to make up for it and offset it. He doesnt and thats what people just dont get. He isnt out of the league because he cant play, he is out of the league because his talent isnt enough to overcome the headaches. If he was Tom Brady or Drew Brees or Patrick Mahomes then he could do whatever he wanted and teams wouldn't like it but they would grudingly accept it because his talent outweighs the headaches he causes... However he isnt that good...a marginal starter to really good backup doesnt warrant putting up with that stuff.
  13. Well...honestly i find it impossible to believe that a single man could be the entire 53 man roster as this thread title suggests, but i mean stranger things could happen... Maybe he could turn into The Flash and snap the ball to himself and then throw it to himself and then catch it...wouldnt need any blocking cause he would be so fast...wonder how the refs would rule that with only one guy on the field??
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