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  1. Don't the Bills have more wins than both of those other teams combined?
  2. Kevin Harlan is far and away my favorite. Especially on the radio...nobody paints a clearer picture than him. I almost can see the action taking place in my mind as he is announcing it...
  3. Hmm...interesting. So either the article is wrong or they are using a different site to get their data from.
  4. That's not what it says...it says he leads the NFL and doesn't specify only QBs
  5. Allen's improvement has been nothing short of remarkable.
  6. That is the whole problem! He did nothing wrong. Use better words for what?
  7. Yeah I am offended by people who are easily offended...especially when they make up context to be offended by. How is stating a fact that having skin color that is close to the color of the football and that it helps camouflage the ball offensive? If it's true it's true. I mean baseball bans pitchers from wearing white sleeves because it camouflages the baseball. Don't see anyone getting up in arma and demanding the commissioner step down for that.
  8. It makes me sick that stating something that probably is true somehow is taken in a completely different way in which there was no possible way for a person to take the remark out of context. They created their own context that didn't exist. This country is becoming just ridiculous with their over the top "offensiveness" to things that really have no way of being interpreted as offensive. Maybe leopards, zebras and tigers should get upset when National Geographic talks about their spots and stripes acting as camouflage. I am even more upset this guy apologized for literally saying nothing offensive.
  9. Probably since he almost never goes down from the first player that touches him and escapes quite a bit on runs where a guy has him in his grasp
  10. Well if a team can go 24 straight possessions without a punt then I don't really think it matters what he is or isn't able to do.... All I know is that its extremely effective
  11. Apparently Josh Allen leads the entire NFL this season in yards after contact. How is that possible for a QB? That's crazy.... Dude is a beast! Mentioned in the article below https://www.yahoo.com/news/ravens-position-clinch-playoff-berth-094231866.html
  12. As WGR explained it, they really don't use their WR's very much in Baltimore, which is the reason why John Brown was deemed expendable once Jackson started playing and his numbers fell off a cliff. They utilize zone read play action in their passing game that ends up causing the linebackers to take a step or two up and then they throw to the TE's behind them down the middle of the field. It's why Marc Andrews is having so many wide open catches. The reason why the Bills might match up well in this is because they have two of the fastest and most athletic LB's in the league in Edmunds and Milano who can probably get back in position even with a false step or two. This will be interesting to see if they can hold the passing game down and force them to be one dimensional. Granted their one dimension is something the Bills have not done great against this year in stopping the run, but at least it would help to force them to run more.
  13. There would need to be a collapse of epic proportions for them to miss at this point. Even if they finish with 9 wins they still have a decent chance at getting in.
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