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  1. Well the Cards apparently wanted Allen badly as well and were trying to trade up to get him but didnt have anywhere near the assets we did to do it...plus they were already behind us in the first round so even the first round pick the Bucs were getting was higher with us at 12 than the Cards at 15. It was said they were "heartbroken" when we took Allen.
  2. matter2003

    COMEBACKSZN Manziel is back!

    Whoa hold on...his buddy Drake? What happened to "no new friends"??
  3. matter2003

    Buffalo News in financial trouble

    Is there a newspaper in existence that isn't in financial trouble?
  4. matter2003

    Mayfield vs Allen (madden simulation)

    That looks pretty awesome...is that last years version with updated players or the new version coming out? It still irritates me to no end that teams always have all 3 timeouts going into the last few minutes of a half, when that rarely happens in the NFL anymore...how hard would it be to force teams to burn a timeout or have your "coach" call a TO if you were the player, or have the QB not get the signal, etc...easy level of realism that could be added that they choose not to...
  5. matter2003

    The Biggest Whiffs In Buffalo Bills History

    The start of QB purgatory happened after the Flutie/Johnson saga, minus one good year from Bledsoe.
  6. matter2003

    Do you guys want TO back?

    Seriously? What team in the NFL is giving a 44 year old WR a contract? Where do people come up with this stuff?
  7. matter2003

    How much longer will we have shady?

    Right... because around the NFL there is huge demand for 31 year old RBs
  8. matter2003

    What Do YOU Remember about Thurman Thomas?

    He was amazing to watch...the thing i loved most was at the end of the games when everyone knew he was getting the ball to run the clock out, he got first down after first down...they knew it was coming and they still couldn't stop it.
  9. matter2003

    Brian Daboll’s Temper

    Lets hope he learned something from these incidents and knows where to draw the line. That was a long time ago. I dont see McDermott allowing that kind of stuff here.
  10. Its always carried locally when we have primetime games
  11. matter2003

    Emmett Cleary left NFL to go to medical school

    That's the crazy part...who has a better chance of paying you back? A broke college kid with no guarantee of future money or a guy with a bunch of money in the bank? If you went to get a personal loan who is likely to get the loan?? How do the rules reverse for school when you are borrowing 10x the amount of money as you would for a personal loan...
  12. matter2003

    Emmett Cleary left NFL to go to medical school

    Yeah but it probably would make sense to do so...those loans dont come due til after you graduate and he could invest that money or continue to collect interest on it while in school instead of paying up front.
  13. matter2003

    Pats* to hire taekwando instructor

    Kinda smart...being in the trenches is similar to hand to hand combat with the hand fighting that goes on...so anything you can do within the rules to gain an advantage is smart to look at... I mean is he going to teach them to give them a shot to the solar plexus to knock the wind out of them and force their hands down? Would that be legal?
  14. matter2003

    John O'Korn: "I'm the most NFL Ready QB"

    Is he changing his first name to "Can"?
  15. Even if this is the case there are two major differences. 1) The amount of muscle mass one can put on is directly porportionate to their frame, ligament/tendon strength, bone density and natural body weight. Men typically have larger frames and higher starting body weights as well as stronger tendons/ligaments and denser bones than women(another effect of Testosterone). Even if women were able to put on the same percentage of muscle mass, the amount of muscle mass would be less simply due to their starting weight being lower. 2) Women naturally have a much higher normal body fat percentage than men. At 15% body fat a woman will look ripped. At the same body fat in a man you will barely see abs. Football players many times are under 10% body fat...a woman would suffer severe physiological consequences if she got this low and could actually die.