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  1. Tre White would be a 5th year option for 2021 that the Bills could pick up since he is a 1st round pick.
  2. I don't count Frank Gore among them...he might be a great player and fierce competitor but his interviews are sometimes tough to understand...
  3. None of this is surprising...shady stuff happens when lots of money is involved.
  4. Wow...Mahomes going down is big...for the Chiefs and for my one fantasy team.
  5. Yup...and everytime you come back and think its good you go out and end up pulling it again...a little worse than before...until you finally really pop it...
  6. At some point your real life becomes more important than playing a game he might be too old for by that time.
  7. Actually it is kind of...we put up 375 yards on them and they put up 224 on us. They have also played myriads of bad teams and backup QBs
  8. Bills move the ball on offense...they are 10th in the NFL in total offense...
  9. They reach injury settlements...with no team to go to why would he settle?
  10. Net pass yards per play... Basically the yards per pass per play minus sack yards for versus yards per pass per play against. Bills are 6th at +1.2...this is considered one of the most important stats apparently for how good a team really is and has gone back quite a few years with regards to that correlation. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-49ers-are-the-best-in-footballs-most-important-stat/?yptr=yahoo
  11. And the other $40? He is just supposed to say nevermind? They can't cut him while injured.
  12. What idiot is turning down free money? Easy to say when its not your bank account.
  13. All in all I think he had a pretty good career. He turned it around with the 49ers after a few years of disappointment and then went to KC and once he united with Reid, for a several year period they had the best record in the NFL during the regular season...even better than the Patriots. Obviously Reid and Smith couldn't get it done once playoff time rolled around but that seems like par for the course for Reid, but then he went to the Redskins and got a huge contract extension before getting hurt. Yeah the injuries suck, but if he gets the full value of the contract from the Redskins that he signed, which I am sure he probably will as they are typically guaranteed for injury and the Redskins are likely insured for most of that money, he will have made $217 million over the life of his career...while I am sure he will probably have some complications the rest of his life with that leg, having $217 million will help to offset some of those...
  14. Is he still under contract? Maybe he can't or he would forfeit the money he is owed.
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