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  1. He didnt last year...we had the chance to pick up an extra 3rd if he cut a few players before week 10
  2. Now they like Josh Allen in Trade Up?

    If you are basing your evaluation on the senior bowl instead of his actual play you are basically asking for a bust. Who was the last great QB with a completion percentage under 57% in college? Has there ever even been one? You cannot simply look at what he "can do" and ignore fundamental flaws such as accuracy and completion percentage that will be even more exposed in the NFL than they were in college.
  3. Now they like Josh Allen in Trade Up?

    You mean like the people who knew football that drafted Losman and Manuel that were here?
  4. Now they like Josh Allen in Trade Up?

    Oh man..I like Allen the LEAST of all of these QBs...accuracy issues are the hardest things to fix in QBs, and he has major accuracy issues... hopefully not another case of scouts and GMs falling in love with their arms and abilitiy to make "all the throws" while completely downplaying their deficiencies which are much harder to fix... He reminds me of Paxton Lynch. 'Nuff said. I see some people comparing him physically and athletically to Carson Wentz---except his completion percentage was over 8% lower, but I mean that's not important is it?? I don't want a great physical speciman who has "all the physical tools" but can't play QB very well...didn't we already draft 2 of those guys in the first round Losman and Manuel over the past 15 years? Where do Gms and scouts come up with this fantasy that these guys will suddenly just"get it" and magically transform into Aaron Rodgers all of a sudden?? I mean who are they looking at that has done this coming out of college at 56% completion rate that has done this? Nobody would be my guess
  5. Rachel Bush is Off the Market - Congrats to Jordan Poyer

    Lol, these days marraige doesn't really take anyone "off the market"...it just ensures they get half if they leave.
  6. The Bills Top 5 Most Successful Low-Round Draft Picks

    Why not? With a low round draft pick teams are like OK...this guy isnt very good but we will take a flyer on him and see what happens. With a UDFA they are like this guy isnt even good enough to be drafted
  7. Let's hope its not Rudolph

    Perhaps he was unsure and wanted to see more in person before making a decision? I'd think the more someone is watching someone, the more unsure about them
  8. The Bills Top 5 Most Successful Low-Round Draft Picks

    This is kind of pointless if we are making the distinction of only last 30 years and that somehow a drafted player should be considered while an undrafted one shouldn't, which would lend even more credence to the original point than a low round draft pick would.
  9. The Bills Top 5 Most Successful Low-Round Draft Picks

    How is Fred Jackson not on the list? He was a UDFA
  10. Bills hire Terry Robiskie as WR coach

    Why is that surprising? When the head coach gets fired, most assistant coaches follow. Just how it works
  11. Bills hire Terry Robiskie as WR coach

    Here was the Browns drive chart from the game in 2004 when Robiskie was interim HC...the "it was men against boys" game Browns had -3 yards passing and 26 total yards for the game...QBs were sacked 7 times and had 5 turnovers...surprisingly enough they actually held a 7-3 lead late in the first quarter after we turned the ball over at our 18 yard line...they lost 37-7 that day. When you have 10 drives that go for under 5 yards total, with 4 of them being double digit negative, you know you aren't going to have a very productive day... hopefully he gets better results from the WR's...
  12. McCoy for Foles.

    So did Napoleon and the German armies in WWIi...doesnt mean they don't make mistakes. Not trading a guy who is a backup on your team when you could get significant value far above his actual worth is simply dumb. There is no real rational argument to the contrary...unless they are going to try and hold out til Wentz comes back and then trade him at the deadline... Then they risk he loses value with his play.
  13. McCoy for Foles.

    Then they will lose him for nothing after next year...dumb move by Philly...when a player has a perceived value so much higher than his actual value at some point in time(ie fresh off winning a super bowl and being MVP), and he has no real future with your team beyond a backup, you trade him...
  14. McCoy for Foles.

    Me too...why woukd you get rid of your best offensive weapon? You could trade a 2nd round pick for Foles and thst would likelt be enough.
  15. Bills hire Terry Robiskie as WR coach

    Last time I remember Robiskie he was interim coach of the Browns in a game where they almost had negative yardage against us and he was talking about how it was "men against boys out there today"...