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  1. For a 2nd? Hell yes. Dude averaged almost 18 YPC last year...he can get deep and make plays...
  2. He only has the leverage the Bengals want to give him, otherwise he has no leverage.
  3. Nobody really knows if this is true other than Garrett and Rudolph, and now it is a he said she said thing
  4. He's going back to Cali...Cali...Cali....he's going back to Cali... Yo man, I don't think so...
  5. As a positional group last year, the Bills spent the most money in the NFL on DT's at over $21 million and 10.5% of the cap. Now you want them to give Phillips a franchise tag of $15.5 million and increase it to almost $30 million and take up 14.8% of the cap? You can't be serious.
  6. Have a feeling there is probably a lot of paper pushing and documentation that likely goes with it...not my kind of job
  7. Yeah Ed Oliver is one of them...Star is the other...they are 2 of the highest paid DT's in the league even with Star's paycut. Cannot allocate another huge contract to a DT...that doesn't make any sense.
  8. But isn't that an issue with how the scoring is done? Why should an elite QB be close to a crappy QB?
  9. I would say the chance is as close to ZERO without actually being zero as you can get. There is no way they franchise Phillips. They are already paying big money to 2 DT's they cannot afford to pay a huge percentage of their cap to that position.
  10. Yeah its kind of odd...the QB puts up the most stats usually but they get the least points per stat...its weird...
  11. I guess I would want to know how likely the issue is to re-occur...like is the hip permanently weakened so that its more likely to happen again?
  12. No...not trading a first round pick and then having to pay big dollars on top of it... That's why you draft a rookie in the first round so you have salary control for 4 or 5 years
  13. He reminded me more of Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber at his press conferences.
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