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  1. matter2003

    Mike Scopp Hacking it Up on National Radio

    He did have a show on Saturdays but I think with him being the Bills beat reporter/sideline reporter during the season its too much...has to be at every practice/news conference/media session/game, etc
  2. Yeah running into the kicker but it got erased because there were 3 penalties on the play...one on us for running out of bounds and not running back in, and another on them for block in the back No it wasn't...they only called running into the kicker and it got wiped out by offsetting penalties
  3. Yeah I was on 3rd base and it was a medium fly ball to the outfield with one out so I was tagging and I had to run hard...throw got cut off by pitcher but I wasn't really paying attention in front of me I was looking sideways and I turned my head back and it was too late I was already in mid air and stepped right on it...that hurt bad lol
  4. It must not be a bad bruise then...I bruised the bottom of my foot playing baseball as a kid from stepping on a bat after it wasn't cleared out of the way from home plate and it was excruciatingly painful...could not even have my foot touch the ground for almost 2 weeks and was on crutches... McCarron's injury must not be as severe or they must have some super high tech treatments available for him...otherwise he isn't practicing til week 1...and by that point the QB competition is done.
  5. Lauryn Hill sang about him once... Ready or not...you cant hide...I'm gonnnnnaaaaa ffiiiiiinnnnddd you...and take it slowly.... Ready or not...you can't hide....I'm gonnnnaaa fiiiinnnnddd you...and make you want me...
  6. matter2003

    Josh Gordon Returns to the Browns

    Gotta make that money to stay out of jail for non payment of child support
  7. The only play I can remember Thomas making was that TD in the Tampa Bay game(I believe it was the score to win the game in the end), but other than that nothing....OLeary seems to make a big play almost every game and it always seems to come at a time we really need it, like when the offense has been struggling badly.
  8. matter2003

    Please name Josh Allen the starter

    Yeah that ball was a laser...Sal Cappachio said he was right down at the end zone where it happened and he said he could literally hear the ball coming through the air and the thud it made when it hit McCloud...said McCloud seemed like he got the wind knocked out of him from that throw... Allen definitely has a plus plus arm...hoping he doesn't do the Dan Marino screen passes tho where he throws it so hard the ball basically gets stuck in the RBs facemask
  9. matter2003

    Please name Josh Allen the starter

    I'm still getting used to the ball travelling so fast downfield from Allen the cameraman only catches the tail end when the receiver is already catching the ball...going to be weird if he is in the regular season and you have to try and figure out what is happening because the cameraman is consistently a second or two late getting to where he needs to be...
  10. matter2003

    The Case for Peterman

    Neither does Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady or Carson Wentz so I'm not sure what that is supposed to mean...
  11. matter2003

    Please name Josh Allen the starter

    I dont see it. If you are looking at statistocs then maybe. But I'm looking at how Allen moves around the pocket , feels the pressure, keeps his eyes downfield and delivers a strike. Peterman has done nothing remotely close to the play Allen made on the goalline for the TD to Streater. That was an elite level play. That looked like Carson Wentz right there. Peterman doesn't have that play in his arsenal. I'll take potential ups and downs with a rookie that has elite level ability and arm strength over a poor man's Chad Pennington all day.
  12. I'm keeping OLeary all day and twice on Game day over Lee
  13. Look at his body of work since he has been here. He has made numerous big plays at clutch times going back to his rookie year. I'm not cutting a guy who plays well in REAL GAMES THAT COUNT for a training camp hero.
  14. I don't care about what guys are doing in camp. I care what they do in the games. OLeary consistently makes big plays at clutch times for this team going back to his rookie season in REAL NFL GAMES THAT COUNT. You don't cut a guy like that for a guy who plays well in camp but does nothing in games against opponents.