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  1. matter2003

    Hopkins against White: 2 catches 23 yards...

    He should make first team All Pro...but he probably won't.
  2. Tre White once again pretty much erased the opposition's best receiver...yeah Hopkins caught a TD on a perfect throw to Hopkins with White in tremendous coverage but that was about it... White claimed Hopkins was crying the whole time and that the Texans started lining him up in the backfield to get him away from him in coverage and "you know how well its going for him when they start doing that". White said "he is a good receiver but I feel I'm better." Love this dude's confidence and true shut down ability... White might legit be the best CB in football now. Do not underestimate just how much the rest of the D benefits from him being able to erase the other teams best receiver giving them the ability to mix things up quite a bit in coverage and blitzing...
  3. matter2003

    Despairing Fans

    Just accept we are going to have 5 or 6 wins this year and its for the best. There are quite a few unexpectedly bad teams this year and its important we keep pace with them in the L column so we don't end up outside the top 10... The offense is brutal. They also have way too many unacceptable pre-snap penalties. False starts. Illegal formations(didn't they teach players the rules for lining up the first day in minicamp)?? Offsides on kickoffs when you literally cannot move until the ball is kicked now...how is that even possible?? Those are what drives you crazy as a fan...I can accept they have no playmakers other than Shady on offense...I cannot accept they take mind-numbing penalties so often...
  4. matter2003

    The Refs!

    I mean is it the refs fault we have false starts? That we are still getting illegal formation penalties that teams address the first day of minicamp and teach players how to line up properly? That we go offsides on a kickoff when you cant even have a running start anymore and have to just stand there until the ball is kicked?? These are basic fundamental things that are inexcusable. Refs dont cause those penalties, we cause those penalties.
  5. matter2003

    UFA WRs

    You mean Reilly? Can't even get the name right. Lol... Yeah against 3rd stringers in the preseason he did OK...
  6. First 2 years he threw 45 TDs against 19 INTs. Last season plus first 6 games this year he has 15 TDs against 19 INTs. That is a pretty terrible turnaround. Same number of INTs, 30 fewer TD passes.
  7. matter2003

    Biggest re-do of the offseason

    Getting a WR who can get open.
  8. matter2003

    Mahomes and his offensive gameplan

    All we need to do is get players like Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins(had him), Travis Kelce and Kareem Hunt... Well we have McCoy but Hunt is 8 years younger...other than that we arent even in the same ballpark for offensive weapons with them.
  9. Maybe but how did he play relatively well for 2 years?? If you are going to be a bust as a QB it usually happens from the start not starting in your 3rd year...
  10. matter2003

    Are the Bills covering up for Josh?

    The illegal formation calls that happen every game are like first week of minicamp type penalties that get cleaned up. Maybe one or two per season but we have had like 6 or 7 already with at least 3 in a single game...they are beyond ridiculous...no excuse whatsoever.
  11. Baltimore D was savage today against Tennessee...a week after Mariotta looked bad against us, he looked worse against Baltimore...10 completions, 11 sacks, 0 points. At home no less. I dont know what has caused him to regress so badly the last two years but he is becoming a marginal at best starter in the NFL now...
  12. He was but that wasn't a reflection on his play as much as it was Dontae Johnson is just a starter caliber player. Lewis has played mostly pretty well. McDermott is going nowhere. No chance he gets fired or Beane for that matter. They already knew and pretty much expected this year happening.
  13. matter2003

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    Peterman has nearly double the interception rate of the next worst QB in NFL history...some dude in the 1950s with a 7.9% INT rate...Peterman's INT rate is 13.92%. I mean that is so bad its not even chartable.
  14. matter2003

    Allen looked very good today

    Ehh..maybe. Maybe its his first read not being there anymore and him having to reset. Honestly its kind of hard to really judge much with our lack of any real weapons on offense and our questionable at best OLine.
  15. matter2003

    Allen looked very good today

    No, the regression comes from DCs getting tape and making adjustments to take away what he does well. Its pretty common to see with rookie QBs.