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  1. Neither do 90% of the posters on this board so he fits right in...
  2. Isnt this an old study? I remember reading something sbout a study from a guy at Emory University at least a year ago if not longer that ssid the same nonsense... You want to see the best fan base? Have their team miss the playoffs for 18 years in a row and see how many of those places even have a team let alone a fan base...my guess is not more than 4 other teams.
  3. If more guys had this attitude in general about themselves--- that the girl is the lucky one to be with them, they would likely find their success with women and the quality of they women obtain would be much better.
  4. Probably more than he is loving you misspelling his name.
  5. Probably the same people who didn't think Tom Brady, Kurt Warner and Priest Holmes would be that good
  6. Slide slide...slippity slide...he did what he did just to survive...
  7. Daboll is in no shape to be running laps
  8. Actually surprisingly not. Metrics might tell you that throwing the ball every down is the most advantageous.
  9. Lol...I work in IT too but I'm definitely not up anywhere close to 5AM
  10. The worst would be if you are injured having to get up at 6:30AM for treatment...
  11. Even "failed" offenses like the Run-N-Shoot have components that almost every team uses in their playbooks nowadays, as well as more and more college concepts like RPO's, etc...
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