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  1. matter2003

    Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3 year deal

    Could be in store for a nice bounce back year and Bills got him on the cheap of that is the case. Dude must have been a pretty good player to get that contract from the Jets...
  2. matter2003

    McBeane's Moves Now Are For 2020 Success

    He didn't inherit the dead cap space he created it of his own doing by dumping guys like Watkins and Dareus etc...
  3. matter2003

    Daboll should eliminate designed QB runs from our offense

    That's because he ran away from the players chasing him and either got out of bounds or slid most times.
  4. matter2003

    Ravens trading Joe Flacco to Broncos

    Really outside of a few moves recently and getting Peyton Manning to come there Elway has been a pretty bad GM on balance...
  5. matter2003

    Ravens trading Joe Flacco to Broncos

    Haha...so Flacco will be in the same situation again this year as he was last year with a drafted rookie they want to take his job
  6. matter2003

    Ravens trading Joe Flacco to Broncos

    Flacco has always been a "meh" QB during the season....he really only is an "elite" QB during the playoffs, and then only sometimes.
  7. If the player is such a headache that the team he is on doesnt want him why would we want hin?
  8. Nothing to do with development, more to do with not being afraid to throw the ball deep...something a lot of QBs seem to be content with is the 2 yard completion on 3rd and 8 followed by a punt. Sometimes thats the smart play, but not when it happens 5 and 6 times a game.
  9. So what? Doesn't mean he wants Tannehill. If you drove a Chevy Cobalt for 10 years but had a chance to updlgrade it for free wouldn't you do it? These "connections" get way overbloen in the NFL...if he was a good to very good to elite player and an upgrade its one thing...if he is some "meh" player that is a downgrade that's another... Unless Tannehill doesn't find a starting job and ends up there as a backup... I mean he would be an elite backup but as a long term starter "meh"
  10. Why would Cincy want Tannehill over Dalton?? Thats a downgrade. Not to mention one that isn't and never has been very good during the regular season.
  11. matter2003

    Ravens trading Joe Flacco to Broncos

    I guess the Broncos weren't happy with one "meh" QB, now they want two...
  12. matter2003

    Cardinals tweet their support of Right Josh

    Future HOF Larry Fitzgerlad and All-Pro David Johnson are trash? Where can we find this type of "trash"??
  13. matter2003

    Bills Schedule Updates

    Strength of Schedule is completely meaningless and most of the time wrong at this time for next year. Teams that were good this year will suck next year. Teams that sucked last year will be good this year. Literally until you see who is injured/suspended/playing hurt for a game, how "good" a team is is meaninglesss. I'm willing to bet if you looked at the last 10 years of "Strength of Schedule" during an offseason leading up to a new season and compared it to the actual "Strength of Schedule" after the season ended, most of them would be not very close together.
  14. matter2003

    Was Josh Allen told not to check down?

    No, if you watch the games there are many times where there IS NO checkdown. This was by design because with al the routes going deep, that left the middle of the field wide open for Allen to take off and use his legs to pick up yards as there was no way an MLB is going to be able to catch him in the open field. Smart play design by Daboll to take advantage of things Allen does well .