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  1. Great player but what are we doing with Edmunds? Milano is awesome at WLB so that would move either one of them to SLB where its a far less impactful position...I dont disagree that he is worth the pick but I dont see how this makes sense in a 4-3...in a 3-4 hell yeah...you'd have Edmunds and Bush running sideline to sideline...in a 4-3 it doesn't really seem to fit as well.
  2. I don't know if he will ever be a 60+% passer in this league but Allen is a winner and has that "It" factor that you look for in a QB. The last game against the Dolphins he literally took over the game in the 2nd half in the way few other QBs could...if he can do that more consistently we have a great one on our hands...
  3. Didn't we draft a DT from the same school a few years ago who we thought the same thing of?
  4. There is no reason to trade up to get a DT when they can select a very good to excellent one at 9 most likely
  5. Bengals give out more 3rd contracts to players they drafted than any other team. Doubt Green will be any different...
  6. OK...well that makes more sense...they are afraid of leaks not that they haven't actually done the scouting work properly.
  7. Don't know who to trust? Those people are professionals who want to do their jobs well and potentially advance or if they get fired be looked at as valuable in what they do by other teams so they would get re-hired. Do they really think they would not do their jobs properly or try to sabotage them and in the process commit what amounts to professional suicide?? They seem paranoid if this is what they really think.
  8. Yeah exactly...I mean its almost better if they actually DO say what they are thinking because no one will believe them anyway
  9. No, I usually go to the Piggly Wiggly when I am down there, haha...fair point about the gas prices...definitely some of the lowest in the US. Cigs are cheaper there than on the Res?
  10. The taxes might not be near the same but the grocery bill is double...that ends up adding up to about the same over the course of a year. Also I wouldn't believe what you've been told. It's always easy to misremember things from many years ago versus what you are currently experiencing. Last year was the warmest annual temperature in Columbia since 1948.
  11. I got my temps wrong...you are correct it was 113 in Columbia(University of South Carolina) and officially at the airport it was 109, but I was there in 2012. I still remember exactly what I was doing that day---we went to EdVenture and at 10AM the temp hit 100 degrees...and I was like seriously?? We left around 3pm and had the AC in the car on full blast with the doors and windows open in the parking lot because I couldn't even touch the steering wheel without burning my hands. In 1986 the warmest it ever got was 106 in Columbia(according to the National Weather Service).(see below) Official National Weather Service record at the airport University of South Carolina at Columbia temperature reading of 113(probably a more accurate reading of how hot it actually was in the city itself since the campus would have concrete and brick that holds in the heat whereas the airport was a more accurate reflection of the actual air temperature in a more natural open air state). However for National Weather Service records, this is an "unofficial" reading since it wasn't at the airport where all the records are kept. I distinctly remember on the news that night they were touting that they just broke the official all-time record high for the state of South Carolina. Yes, I am aware that higher temperatures have been recorded but the National Weather Service recognizes the 109 as the all-time state high.
  12. Yeah, I asked the family members I was visiting what they do in the summer and they said "Stay in AC from 10AM-6PM all summer". People talk crazy about us in the winter but its just as bad there in the summer if not worse in terms of the weather dictating what you can or can't do.
  13. I was in Columbia the day they set the all-time state record of 109 a few years ago and the heat index was 125...thought I was going to die that day.
  14. Its gonna be hot as hell down there during that time of year... South Carolina is one of the hottest places outside the deserts at that time of year and on average the hottest place in the south.
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