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  1. So what are they supposed to do? Make irresponsible business decisions to keep people working even though they are not generating the revenue they need to pay them??
  2. Huge money but smart deal by the Chiefs. They have a lot of flexibility with the length of the deal if they need to backload money and they also have coat certainty at the position for the next 12 years...
  3. I can't help but think of Black Panther when I hear this name hahaha
  4. He is wrong and its been proven through study after study after study decade after decade after decade. At this point if he wants to continue believing that he is actively choosing to bury his head in the sand. It's called implicit bias and everyone has it even if they don't think they do or even know about it. And it isn't just white versus black it pretty much has been shown to be something that every race is guilty of which means it is a human condition and something that humans suffer from in general.
  5. Well you can be whatever you want. One of the reasons why NYS continues to be one of the only states to reopen properly and safely is because they are doing it with an abundance of caution and not being idiots like places like Texas, California, Florida and Arizona where cases have exploded. If this is part of that abundance of caution than so be it. You'll survive watching on TV for a year.
  6. But did they not also play pretty much bottom feeders for that 6 game stretch too? Our D last year would have shut Bledsoe down hard...
  7. We can revisit this topic in August and see how things worked out.
  8. Look bro...maybe this misplaced bravado may seem cool in other states but you try that in NY right now and you will get socially shamed in a way you wouldn't believe. I have seen multiple people threaten to kick someone's ass out in public for not having their mask on. We are not playing here with that BS. You keep that wherever you and your exploding case counts are. We have this ***** under control here and have done everything right reopening regionally n 4 phases with 2 weeks between each phase minimum and 7 monitored metrics that had to be maintained to continue to the next phase. People want to look at NY state and talk about how we had all these cases and we did but since then we have done just about everything right to lower and control the case counts even while reopening. Those stupid ass states that were fully closed one day and fully open the next are paying for it and will continue to pay for it and why? Because they had no plan in place and didn't take it seriously. Now they want to start...well its too late now...good luck. You will need it.
  9. Why? NYS is the gold standard for how to reopen properly and avoid exploding case counts. We have done everything right pretty much since getting hammered in the beginning. Instead of laughing at us other states should be doing exactly what we are and maybe they wouldn't be in the same boat as they are
  10. From what they said on WGR yesterday it likely will be determined by the state with each state having different guidelines
  11. That is crazy for a 27 year old...had to be something genetic
  12. Have some fun at night and catch COVID...real responsible
  13. It's crazy the players have decided to go to the states where cases are exploding instead of places like Montana or Wyoming where there are very few cases because there are hardly any people and they could be training in isolation...
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