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  1. October 1918

    2nd half thread: Wk 6 Bills at Texans, 1 pm on CBS

    We signed another QB last week. I want Peterman off my team this week. The guy simply can't play at the NFL-level.
  2. October 1918

    Deshaun Watson chest injury

    I generally agree with you. In particular, there are some smaller running backs who are just really good and never taking big shots - they just sort of have a knack for getting their body into the right spot to minimize impact. Or they deliver the blow. But, what I saw last weekend from Watson made MY ribs hurt... he was getting blasted with some huge shots. I just can't imagine anyone being able to withstand a full season of those sorts of hits. https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/10/08/deshaun-watson-texans-cowboys-sunday-night-football
  3. October 1918

    Deshaun Watson chest injury

    Oh, I'm on my knees now. ...wait, that didn't sound right. πŸ˜„
  4. October 1918

    Deshaun Watson chest injury

    Ha. I don't want Watson to be dead or disabled or anything... just hurt enough to not be effective against the Bills this weekend. He can fully recover afterward. I'm okay with that. 😁
  5. Yeah, it sends a strong message to veterans on this team that we don't care about winning if we trade Shady now. We've had a rough season, but we're still 2-3, so it isn't completely out of the question to make another playoff run. Also, we can easily trade Shady in the offseason for a mid-round pick or two if we want. It doesn't have to be now.
  6. October 1918

    Deshaun Watson chest injury

    The two QBs who have taken the most hits this season are Josh Allen and Deshaun Watson. But, Watson is a lot smaller than Allen. He simply isn't built to take that kind of punishment. Dude was a human piΓ±ata against Dallas last weekend.
  7. October 1918

    Deshaun Watson chest injury

    When I was watching the Dallas - Houston game last weekend, I was sort of hoping that Watson took a beating... I think I'm a bad human being. 😏
  8. Super Bowl be damned... our guys should be playing for Daniel Jeremiah's affection. 😎
  9. Who cares what some national sports writer thinks of our rookies? Beat the Texas on Sunday and that's three wins in four games. That'd be pretty good for a rookie QB and MLB.
  10. October 1918

    Wyatt Teller, Inactive

    I love Teller (Virginia Tech guy) but he only plays guard and I think we're mainly dressing backup linemen that can play multiple positions.
  11. October 1918

    Titans at Bills, 1 pm on CBS - 1st half thread

    Only 5 carries last week for Shady is criminal. Keep giving him the ball, Daboll!
  12. October 1918

    Titans at Bills, 1 pm on CBS - 1st half thread

    Put the ball in the hands of your best player (McCoy). Use your best *cough* receiver (Jones). It need not be complex.
  13. October 1918

    Daboll's last stop?

    Like you I didn't like the hire and still don't. Out of the universe of possible offensive coordinators, hiring a guy whose offenses were absolutely terrible in Cleveland, Miami, and especially Kansas City just wasn't inspiring and still isn't. 5th NFL season as OC, 4 different teams, and the same terrible results everywhere... at some point the "yeah, but it's the players" excuses have to be replaced by "maybe his schemes and/or play calling just isn't where it needs to be"... ….we shall see, but you could visibly see Coach McD's frustration with Daboll on Sunday and in today's press conference. Shady only had 5 carries on Sunday, which didn't sit well with our head coach.
  14. Like many of us, I didn't pick the Bills. As soon as I was born at Children's Hospital in Buffalo, it was bestowed upon me. Native Buffalonians have many shortcomings, but loyalty isn't one of them. I haven't live in Buffalo in almost 30 years... have lived in all 4 time zones since leaving Western New York... and I'll root for the ****ty Bills and Sabres until I drop dead. It's just sort of a Buffalo thing. 😎