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  1. October 1918

    Horrible Harry wishes Kyle a Merry Christmas

    Honestly, I had the same reaction. Was "okay," nothing more. Merry Christmas everyone!
  2. Peterman could have spiked the ball on every snap and still had a higher QB rating that what he put up over his dubious 1 1/2 year career (truth). I'm still stunned that so many people rush to defend a guy who is statistically among the worst QBs to ever set foot on an NFL field. As for the race issue, one of the things I love about sports is it is as close as you can come to a true meritocracy in this world. With a few well-publicized exceptions (e.g., Colin Kapernick) if you can play, you'll be on the field. If you can't, you won't. Tyrod wasn't very good so we moved on. I'm a Virginia Tech guy so I was rooting for Tyrod as much an anyone. But, he wasn't/isn't going to get a team to the Super Bowl. Obviously, Nate was a complete disaster. So be it. He had his shot and failed. Such is life.
  3. October 1918

    Wyatt Teller: Pancake Papi

    You basically just outed yourself as someone who never watched him play in college. Again, those of us who have season tickets to VT and watched every snap the kid took can tell you that his play did not "drop off" his senior year. He was the highest rated guard in the ACC and didn't allow a single sack. And, the "college guys don't put their hands in the ground" stuff is just nonsense. My sense is Wyatt may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, so learning the pro game may have taken him a bit longer than others. But, the other stuff just isn't true.
  4. October 1918

    Wyatt Teller: Pancake Papi

    He got in the coach's doghouse (something off the field or at practice) last season but never showed less than 100% during games. Given that guys are getting kicked off the team and transferring left-and-right this season at Virginia Tech, I'm not sure Wyatt did anything all that serious (i.e., everyone seems to be getting in Coach Fuente's doghouse).
  5. October 1918

    Bills Release Peterman

    Nate could do everything but throw the football. 😜
  6. October 1918

    Wyatt Teller: Pancake Papi

    As a Virginia Tech season ticket holder, I can tell you Teller absolutely dominated guys in college. Kid is a nasty run blocker. He plays like you just slapped his mother. He was VT's best offensive lineman by far the past couple of seasons and was arguably the best guard in the ACC over that span. Not sure why he lasted until the 5th round. Glad to see him finally start and do well in his debut.