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  1. Hahaha my child won't be in any harm! I mean they don't I'd the child! So she's 2 tonight 😁 Was just wondering if anyone else came across this, and had any encounter/experience
  2. Sorry for making this it's open topic, but I haven't been to a Bills game in a few yrs. Taking my two young daughters to the game tonight. I have two tickets and planned on having my youngest sit on my lap. Anyone know how they are with that and preseason? Bills site says 2 and under, just wanted to know if they are strict? My kid is "close" to 2 but I imagine there's will be a lot of empty seats too. I just don't want to get there and have them turn us away! Thanks!
  3. Lewis was just cut from Balt. Started games for them and Harbaugh just said 10 days ago how good he was looking. Why not try and sign him if he's serviceable, and keep Ford at T?
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