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  1. Also here is a good site for likely matchups! http://www.playoffstatus.com/nfl/billsstandings.html Does anyone know how the % swings, strictly based on just us beating NE. No other games taken into account? I'd think it would lessen the 73% @ Houston but what do I know!
  2. We are heavily debating (I might add not so much me!) on wether to just buy tix and take the risk or sell later, but I see it as a win win. We would be RV'ing from Buffalo, which is like a 23 hour drive but much better in an RV than a car/truck. This is like a bucket list, or it can be for my ten year anniversary (in 3 yrs 😁) I don't really care! I just want to see a Bills playoff game in person! I'm 34 so it hasn't happened much, that I can truly appreciate
  3. Has anyone or does anyone plan to buy tickets and travel for it? I see it's 73% chance we are @ Houston and I have been researching. Very tempted to buy a few tickets to Houston's 1st playoff game and take the chance. I think worst case is if we don't play them, and you can just sell the tix and make a profit. Prices will only go up from here as the matchups are confirmed! Anyone else debating? Any input or advice?? Definitely not flying to HOU as it's at like $660 per person for a flight. Would do RV style if I go. Let me know what y'all are doing?!
  4. I too ditched cable and went with Hulu Live, which does not have NFLN. Live in Buffalo, so will I still get it on a local channel like Ch 4?
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