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  1. Swartz is good. Wade Phillips is pretty solid as well.
  2. I still think that first INT derailed them. They never looked right after that.
  3. That was the play that changed the tide. They played funky after that, The lack of run game had something to do with Singletary being tackled when being handed the ball. The OL was out matched last night.
  4. We have to win our division first. So I'm rooting for the Chefs to win.
  5. I'm with you on this one, my more complicated the proposed cover up, the less likely it is correct or could happen. People are incompetent but more importantly , pople like to brag when things go correctly. That's where they fall apart if you ask me.
  6. Good point, Josh really needs to work on securing the ball. He runs with the ball holding it with one hand. He needs to work on two handing the ball while running.
  7. Good questions, fans not in the stands is one part of it. Players get to be home in their own bed, their own coffee, there is something to be said for that.
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