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  1. I've read the opposite. Workers under 35 suck! No work ethic. Employers want older employees because we know how to get the job done!
  2. Are you sure it's not a tribute band? Holy ***** they are old!
  3. JA needs more quality WR's. Beasley is awesome but we need two more taller versions of him. I liked how Sammy Watkins came back to make a drive saving catch after Mahommes got flushed out to his right in the SB. Give JA more talent around him and he will be fine. Give me another bruiser RB like Henry in Tennessee since I'm ordering up offensive weapons. On the defense we need another pass rushing DE and run stuffing DT. Another awesome CB would be great as well.
  4. Get Josh some more WR's! Sheesh we have been weak at WR forever now! Love the Beasley signing, now get a deep threat and some big bodies that can catch the ball.
  5. Yes I was lamenting this as well. Got conservative way to early. Keep your foot on the gas until the last minute
  6. He did miss on one punch and punched into the shoulder pad area. I forget who the RB was. It does seem a little crazy throwing punches out there. Maybe Frank Gore can coach up Devin on how to hold the ball against chops and punches like that.
  7. I saw that too and was like whew! Thank God they missed that blatant hands in the face!
  8. I started becoming a Bills fan in the late 60's early 70's . I was just a little kid back then.
  9. I don't feel like JA played a bad game. There were dropped balls that should have been completions. The OL let him get slammed a bunch of times. A few deep balls got caught by the wind. JA played a good game in my opinion.
  10. Kyle will be enjoying the success without all the bruises.
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