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  1. Not sure if anyone mentioned this. Daboll was up in the booth for the Miami game. Could this be a reason for the sharp improvement?
  2. I watched that Monday night game. Rivers looked dreadful. Time to retire dude.
  3. I start with my underwear first.
  4. At my Celebrate Recovery meeting, one of the guys is retiring from Amazon. He says working one year for Amazon is like working 5 years for some other company. He could only last 5 years.
  5. Pat Kirwan says we are really a year away from really contending. I'm starting to agreed with him.
  6. I watch every game on delay. Does that make it my fault?
  7. The game needs to slow down more for Josh to scan the field for receivers #3 and 4. He missed a few open WR's for TD's
  8. Why do we always have slow starts and play catch up in the second half? Adjust quicker Dabutt!
  9. Every one of our remaining games are winnable. The Ravens looks like the toughest match up.
  10. After perusing the stats presented. It doesn't look like years to first 300 yard game means all that much. A lot of QB's took years to get there and are considered good, some get there quickly and are considered so so. This is JA's 2nd year , so if he gets a 300 yard game this year it is OK. If it doesn't come till year 5, not so good.
  11. Because of you! We cant have nice things like Gig art. lol! Those are pretty awesome. I would definitely buy a few, frame them and hang them up if we had some Buffalo Bills or Buffalo Art like that.
  12. I'm all for a domed stadium. Get a superbowl here for the Buffalo economy. Enough of bad weather games. Losing because of bad weather and players that don't want to come to an open stadium where its cold. I'm about winning, not snow. Do they have open ice arenas ? Not for professional teams.
  13. We have a RB. Devin Singletary. How about using him more?
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