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  1. Welcome Nate! glad you survived and on the mend. My ex wife had an incident with a trolley, (side story) how did you get hit by a train?
  2. Do I have to stop working to be considered retired? Oh crap, as soon as I can sell my business I'm hoping I can retire.
  3. Compare the stats on what the regular flu normally kills each year to what Covid has killed? You will find that the numbers are very similar, and the country didn't feel the need to close down because of the flu. Also the flu/covid is really only killing people who are medically compromised, this segment of society is vulnerable under any circumstances. Unfortunately part of the life cycle is dying, it is a fact of life, nothing on this green earth will change it. So why are we bankrupting the country and stopping life as we know it because of something we will never stop. Never, ever. People will die and do die every day no matter what we do. So lets wash our hands and wear masks and get back to work. There are some positive's to come out of this covid nightmare. Everyone's hygiene and restaurants cleaning standards have been elevated, good, they should have been this high all along. Sending manufacturing and the jobs with it out of this country should have never been sent off shore. Maybe, hopefully America will learn and bring all the manufacturing back to America where it belonged all along. Ok, I'm finished ranting.
  4. I'm not worried about how a bunch of billionaires are going to get by. I'm worried about how my business and employees are going to survive.
  5. You got to put the cash in the bank at some point to pay bills or invest it into your stock portfolio. Follow the cash, that's how they got Al Capone eventually.
  6. There are so many it's hard to know where to start. But I'll start with erkel.
  7. Count me in the yea category!
  8. I'm sorry hear this Dean, I'll say a prayer.
  9. I've read some articles where they believe Covid was in France and NYC in December of 2019. Some people in France where they died and the cause was listed as pnemonia, they re-tested the tissue samples and it was positive for Covid.
  10. Does the NFL monitor the refs bank accounts to make sure they are not getting paid off? The opportunity is certainly there, just saying.
  11. My son and I were thinking about going to this game. But at these prices I'll watch at home instead.
  12. I have given up all alcohol consumption, so it's OK with me.
  13. I agree, I think this is a solid pickup.
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