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  1. I can honestly say that the IOLs that play for other teams that never played in Buffalo that I can name can be counted on one hand. And my knowledge is all from them being mocked to us in old drafts. And they’re all centres.
  2. This thread will be two tons of fun. Almost as much fun as we'll have when the BIlls resign Bobby Hart.
  3. How are the BIlls supposed to stop two other NFL franchises from completing a trade? They can't stop the Jets from trading for Aaron Rodgers. They couldn't stop the Dolphins from trading for Hill. If the deals are similar, I would think that the Cardinals would go to Hopkins and ask him for his choice. He would probably choose KC because He would be WR #1 Better chance to win a SB on the defending SB champs Wouldn't have to deal with 70-inch snowstorms. Sure, the BIlls could probably get Hopkins right not for Oliver and #27, but that would be a massive overpay. Is that what you want Beane to do?
  4. When he says "32 QBs," he implies that he thinks that he should be a starter. Maybe Atlanta?
  5. There are rumors all over the place about the Colts writing an offer sheet for Lamar.
  6. The draft is pretty much a crap shoot. Let's look at another team's pick. I think that most would agree that Baltimore is a good drafting team. Well in 2018, they took Hayden Hurst at pick #25. He was the first TE off the board that year. Well, two years later the Ravens liked Hurst so much that they traded him to the Falcons for a second-rounder. The Falcons declined his fifth-year option and he hit FA after his fourth season. He signed with the Bengals, which was lauded as a slam-dunk signing. Well, the Bengals liked Hurst so much that they didn't even offer him a contract after this season. He's now on the Panthers. That's four teams in six seasons for a guy that was considered to be a sure thing.
  7. They are intent on giving Mac one last chance to secure the starting QB job before they have to pay him. This is year 3.
  8. I can't keep track of this stuff. The NFL makes this as obtuse as possible to keep us engaged 5 1/2 months before the start of the season.
  9. I want a coach's son with a high football IQ.
  10. The Chiefs cleared a lot of cap space for something by restructuring Mahomes and they let Juju walk. I expect it's Hopkins or OBJ.
  11. Just looked up Golladay's stats. He fell off a cliff after signing that big contract with the Giants.
  12. Josh Jacobs and a healthy Jonathan Taylor.
  13. He could catch one like this from Josh next year.
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