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  1. Exactly. The average number of wins during the 16 year drought was not 4 or 5, but 7. So, not good enough to win but not bad enough to draft highly and unfortunately our highest draft picks came during years with less than stellar drafts.
  2. Cowherd was the #1 cheerleader for Darnold in the lead-up to the 2018 draft. He said that Darnold was the only one of the group ready to play right away and that Mayfield is too small and cocky and Josh Allen was too inaccurate to play in the NFL. I don't remember his takes on Rosen, but he definitely had them all behind Darnold. He has a lot of professional capital invested in his being the best QB of that group, and his assessments of the others, especially Mayfield, have to be seen in that light. In fact, all of the sports talkers made hot takes about those QBs and they try to shift the narrative to those takes. Our problem is that none of the daily bloviators were high on Josh Allen. But the great thing is that the players themselves have the power to set the ultimate narrative by playing well. But in order to shut them up his stat line has to be better for a few weeks in a row. Over 300 yards, with at least 2 TDs and no INTs this week and next week would do the trick.
  3. Two points: 1) Power Ranking threads are about the most distilled example of confirmation bias and the hostile media phenomenon that there are in non-political online spaces. In fact, I use these to teach these concepts to students all the time. 2) These are like the first couple of weeks of college basketball rankings in that they are largely still based on preseason rankings. If they keep winning, they will climb.
  4. Watching the game, I kept thinking that Seattle wasn't prepared for Cincinnati to come out and throw the ball all over the place. It was polar opposite to a Marvin Lewis coached team and they also gave little indication that they would be playing this way in preseason. This was very much a team with a new coach with no film catching a team napping in week one. That being said, Cincinnati will be much better than anyone thought. In fact, watching week one leads me to believe that there is only one truly awful team in the NFL this year and we get to play them twice.
  5. That's when Rick Gannon confused Bellamy with John Brown.
  6. To be fair, if you weren't a Bills or Jets fan would you have watched this game instead of watching KC throw the ball all over the park?
  7. Fantasy football is literally stat boxes.
  8. Its all just confirmation bias. If you had Josh scored low coming out, there is enough in the stats to confirm your bias. And before you scream "there is more to football than stats!", note that post is in a fantasy blog. Fantasy football is only stats.
  9. I gave up on the team and season at halftime. I didn't post anything in the GDT, but I sure as heck said a lot to my TV before turning it off and leaving the house. The turnovers just drove me nuts, especially the one that got called back to the unrelated defensive holding penalty. How can you let a safety bait you into that throw? I'm still mad about it. FWIW, I dislike social media and message board hot takes because Internet culture doesn't allow you to walk back anything.
  10. I turned off the TV at half time and went to Costco. Place was packed with people buying beer and snacks for the Bengals' 4:00 game. But the Bills won so it was all worth it.
  11. I also live in Cincinnati, and I would argue that everyone here is happier with their 1 point loss in Seattle than we are with our 1 point win. That BBFS is just a really strong negative force. I just went over to Jungle Noise and they are marking week 3 as a surefire win. If we had lost yesterday by a point, we would all be predicting 0-16.
  12. I think that they traded for Rosen because if he works out, they can spend draft capital on other positions thus accelerating the rebuild.
  13. I keep thinking that. I knew as a fan that, although we were not a good team time, we were not as bad as that single game indicated. I think that McD's coaching job in holding that team together after two blowouts and a halftime retirement is one of the best that I have ever seen.
  14. I'm not trying to say that's why the Pats are winning. I just thought it was sort of funny that the Steelers got called for that of all things.
  15. Hold on. We haven't seen the Ravens play an NFL team yet.
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