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  1. San Fransisco. They have the cheapest starting QB in the league so they can just load up in every other area.
  2. Todd Christianson is rocking a suit with a full-permed mullet. Gotta love the early 90s.
  3. I am watching the 1992 AFC Championship Game on YouTube I probably watched this game, but it was during the first weekend of the second semester of my freshman year in college so I might have been busy with a hangover. A couple of things jump out: Dick Enberg and Bob Trumpy were a really good broadcast team and better than any team currently working in the NFL for any network. Bruce Smith was an absolute game-wrecker. I know that we talk a lot about Donald or Parsons now, but Bruce just destroyed Marino in this game. The Bills were known for their high-flying passing attack, but they ran the ball a whole lot. There were so many fewer flags. Bryan Cox got a roughing the passer call. It was so egregious that if someone did that in today's league they would have been suspended. You could mug WRs back then. I think if Marino had played with today's PI rules he would have won multiple Super Bowls. Kickers are sooooo much better today. They made a huge deal out of a 50-yarder that's routine now. Early 90's Honda Accords and Acura Legends were really solid cars with a timeless look Kelly was not an accurate passer. He missed wide-open guys and threw a pick in the first quarter that was worse than any that Josh threw in Week 1.
  4. It seems to be working just fine for HIM. It's YOU for whom it doesn't work.
  5. I know that it's not usually acceptable to admit when you're wrong on the Internet or in 2023 in general, but I was entirely wrong in engaging in speculation in this thread. I jumped to conclusions in a desire to score cheap points on a message board and made horrible accusations based on conjecture. I, above all people, should have known better given what I do for a living.
  6. He’s not exactly wrong. But the backups in on D were really trying not to give up that garbage time TD.
  7. I read an interesting theory on the Bears message board. They think that Eberflus told him that he was going to call the defensive plays and that he suddenly had health issues to attend to. I think that this is what happened with Frazier, FWIW. BTW, I think the FBI raid stories are all false.
  8. They keep getting behind to bad teams and coming back. They needed two 4th quarter TDs to beat the Cardinals at home. But then you see the highlights and they look great. But how did they look in the first half in those games?
  9. If they would stop trying to turn Fields into a pocket passer and just run the snot out of him they might get better results. In retrospect, they should have taken Davis Mills.
  10. He might, but it'll be Arizona or Chicago for the next few years and I'm not sure that there is a good situation to be had. But he is making over 2 million via NIL.
  11. They exist because sports networks need to fill airtime. I think the first on TV was probably Cold Pizza with Skip and Woody Paige. That started back in 2003. I think that the model is Mike and the Mad Dog. In any case, with the rise of podcasts and shows like Pat McAfee's I can't believe that anyone watches those things anymore. ESPN was better when they filled the dead air with replays of Mountain West CBB games and Australian Rules Football.
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