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  1. Just now, EmotionallyUnstable said:

    Still wondering what prompted the Bills to spend so much time on Troy Franklin. They must have liked the film but couldn’t get past the measurables or off field work. 


    I've said this in two other threads. I think they liked him and then saw him at the combine and we're like woah this guy may not be what we thought. The sickness thing came out and the Bills probably had questions and brought him in for the private workout hoping that he would be a different player than the one they saw at the combine and he probably under performed in the private workout for them as well so the Bills decided to pass.

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  2. Players I like on Day 3: 


    Tyler Davis DT Clemson

    Mason McCormick OG SDSU

    Garrett Greenfield OT SDSU

    JT Clark WR UTSA(might not be drafted due to injuries)

    Joshua Cepheus WR UTSA

    Blake Watson RB Memphis

    Ray Davis RB Kentucky

    Cody Schrader RB Missouri

    Akeem Dent S Florida State

    Kedon Slovis QB BYU

    Jamari Thrash WR Louisville

    Dallin Holker TE Colorado State

    Xavier Thomas DE Clemson

    Willie Drew CB Virginia State

  3. 18 minutes ago, zevo said:

    so we met with Franklin a lot. question is why. Id really like to take a flier on him.

    My guess is the Bills had high interest before the combine and he flat out blew it as most of us know at the combine. 

    The Bills probably still liked him so they said maybe he had an off day so they set up the private workout with him to see if it was a 1 off. Then he probably stunk at the private workout and they dropped him down the board 

  4. 9 minutes ago, Buffalo03 said:

    Who says it's gonna be downtown? 

    We don't have to worry about plowed streets in late April, though 

    I suppose they could do it in the new Stadium but they would probably prefer Canalside area. I think it’s a pipe dream at least until the new stadium is built 

  5. I’m not one of em. I said for months that he was the type of character profile they love and would consider drafting. He wasn’t my first choice but I totally get why they took him

  6. 6 minutes ago, Nextmanup said:

    Wonder what they are gonna do with all that 5th round trash they have.  Hard to find anything close to a difference maker at that spot in the draft.  Pile them ALL up and trade for a player.



    As I said last night in a different thread, giving up a 4th and one 5th now will get you pretty far up the board. Basically if we gave up two 5ths we can pick first if the team wants to trade with us. 

    Beane is now in a power position to pretty much get whoever he wants in round 4 if he chooses. 

    He did say he would wait a little bit to see how the board was playing out though 

  7. 1 minute ago, zevo said:

    I just got back from the draft. Im not sure we could handle that amount of people. Detroit did a great job.

    I have zero interest in watching a draft in that manner. Being in the middle of downtown 2 miles away from a stage listening to a loudspeaker. 

    Back in the day sitting in the NYC auditorium would have been my speed . I’ll sit in my recliner 

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  8. The problem isn’t that NFL evaluators are wrong. People will always point to Metcalf or Russ Wilson as examples and say see I told you so. 

    I bet if I went through past draft threads those same people would recommend many others that never panned out in any way and it would probably be 50-1 on the failure to success rate but because Beane took Cody Ford or TJ Graham got picked he’s a moron 

  9. 2 hours ago, bahamasbills said:

    I wonder how much tape you actually watch to come up with a whole 7 round mock.  Some of you guys are really something else.  I get it's fun but the reality is you don't have much to go off.  No interviews, no talking to teammates and coaches. No in depth film analysis.

    I do not watch 300 players entirely. It’s for fun for me. I will readily admit that. I literally try to get one pick correct as late as I can. I watch a lot of college football(my wife is not thrilled) but she knew what she was marrying. 

    The 6th and 7th rounds are basically educated guesses based on team needs versus players. Latest pick I got right was # 155 

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  10. 29 minutes ago, HappyDays said:


    He can honestly go up as high as he wants with  2 5th if he chooses but looks like he’d rather maintain 3 of those if he could help it. 

    He can get up around 109 or 110 by trading away just his highest 5th 

  11. 2 minutes ago, joey greco said:

    yea a twitter nobody said that josh wanted him, that's as meanngful as stash on gr saying it, ***** off with that *****.  a day 3 outside guy is the same as saying an outside guy doesn't matter.  in certain offenses, sure.  when you have josh allen, no.  Since you mention the targets we have on the roster, let's break it down.  They're all short yardage/over the middle guys.  guess what good defenses will do?  Oh, hey, what does that do to your rb threat, james cook?  Oh *****, well at least we have a good rotational dt.


    Okay lol

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