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  1. 1 minute ago, Mat68 said:

    By not drafting another wr could have a path for highest UDFA.  Beane has been methodical with filling needs.  Coleman, Bishop, Carter, Davis are all playing as rookies.  The rest all have a shot to play.  Not as flashy as some wanted but 2 day 1 starters, 2 guys day one play meaningful snaps on offense and defense is a good draft.  


    I've got a wood for JT Clark like @GunnerBill had one for Justyn Ross a couple years back

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Low Positive said:

    Because some of the posters on this board scouted WRs this winter like it was a part-time job, they formed very strong opinions. Then the Bills went and picked the guy that TBD groupthink eliminated from their board while passing on the consensus TBD pick in AD MItchell. I mean, TBD tried to draft Mitchell three times in our group mocks. I think that the reason that the Bills thought differently was because they actually interviewed the guys. Also, fans wanted two WRs high because WRs are the most fun position to watch. That being said, we lost Diggs and didn't replace him. We don't have an elite route runner on the roster. 


    I don't like being grouped. It was @HappyDays @Solomon Grundy and myself leading that Coleman train to an extent. Grundy was the only one who wanted him as the # 1 guy but Happy and myself were definitely defending him against the masses.


    @DCOrange was also there def forgot him.

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  3. Just now, H2o said:

    Camp fodder isn't really that hard to find. Why trade back for it?


    Because you dont have to compete to sign them. If a couple of them make the roster than thats NFL minimum salary versus paying a veteran a couple of million. Simple economics of supply and demand. I can take whoever I want at this pick but if I don't then I have 31 other people in demand for me and I have to pay more than giving up a pick.

  4. Just now, Low Positive said:

    It's a good draft in a vacuum, but not after trading Diggs. They created a hole and did nothing to fill it, so the team is worse than last year. 


    Curtis Samuel is going to be the Z unless they make a trade yes thats a step down from Diggs but I believe that Coleman is a large upgrade from Davis and obviously Shakir and Kincaid will become more of a focus for the offense. They have 3 very early picks next year to fill a WR spot if they aren't satisfied with their corps next year. I know thats not what everyone wants to hear but its the truth.

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  5. Just now, Dr.Mantis_Toboggan said:


    Samuel looked return to form

    Shakir trending up, clearly Beane believes in him more than a lot of the fans around here.

    Mack Hollins is a fine #4

    Shorter is an unknown at this point, hopefully can crack the roster and make an impact.

    They likely add another Mack Hollins type to fill out the roster.

    This with Kincaid, Knox, and a strong running game, is more than enough when you look at what Mahomes just won the whole thing with. 


    From the looks of it it appears that the talent evaluators didn't believe that this was the deepest WR draft in a long time. It actually seems like they thought it was an overrated class.

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