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  1. Just now, Dr.Mantis_Toboggan said:


    Samuel looked return to form

    Shakir trending up, clearly Beane believes in him more than a lot of the fans around here.

    Mack Hollins is a fine #4

    Shorter is an unknown at this point, hopefully can crack the roster and make an impact.

    They likely add another Mack Hollins type to fill out the roster.

    This with Kincaid, Knox, and a strong running game, is more than enough when you look at what Mahomes just won the whole thing with. 


    From the looks of it it appears that the talent evaluators didn't believe that this was the deepest WR draft in a long time. It actually seems like they thought it was an overrated class.

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  2. As I said in the discussion thread Ray Davis was my favorite RB in this draft. He is a complete 3 down back who can block in pass pro and has great hands out of the backfield with a strong compact body to run between the tackles. Yes he's older but that doesn't matter with RB's as most of them only get 1 contract anyways.

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