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  1. 17 hours ago, MasterStrategist said:

    Again, I'm not debating what playing time/facts about how valuable he was LY.  I'm saying we are very likely to keep a 5th safety.  He is cheap, likely improving with a full/normal offseason, and been in the system for multiple years.


    What we saw in 2022, and back to his days at Pitt, he is a capable backup.


    I'm talking about a pure football standpoint.  His story is/was remarkable, he is a great person too.


    But if we're talking purely about who our 5th safety would be, you think it's more likely we sign a vet for that spot- who is likely to be more expensive, riding the pine as well, and less familiar with our scheme?


    Hyde aside, who I don't think is signing until mid season (if he even returns), you think we cut Hamlin in preseason for who?


    The Bills didn't keep 5 safeties on the roster last year, Cam Lewis is firstly a nickle back who can play safety. They kept 4 with Lewis as position flex. This year they drafted a backup nickle in Hardy who is going to return punts. That means that Lewis likely going to continue to do both and be the 4th safety this year. Hamlin isn't making the team without an injury.

  2. 1 minute ago, MasterStrategist said:

    If/when we sign another capable vet, then this becomes more likely.  Although, Hyde is the only vet that I think would be on our radar...I put that at a very low % too (at least to start the season).


    This team has kept 5 safeties in recent years.  Let's not act like Hamlin was useless in 2022, if he shows that caliber again in training camp.  I'm confident he'll be closer to that, than what we saw in limited action LY

    He was inactive the vast majority of the season. That’s about as useless as you can get without being cut. He’s behind Cam Lewis that was proven last year as well as Rapp. He’ll be behind Bishop and Edwards. 

  3. I said this when someone brought up if we got screwed out of Legette when we traded down. Morgan and Beane are friends and former co workers. He knew who Carolina wanted and Legette spilled the beans. 

    He also knew that NE wanted a WR so it made sense to call Carolina on a lot of fronts.


    Calls Morgan to let them know they are offering X and they are considering it and if they want to guarantee themselves Legette throw me a bone to move down one spot and we can both get our guys. 

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  4. Im guessing we’re keeping 6 LBs like usual. 

    We know they Milano, Bernard, and Williams are locks 


    Beyond that we have Ulofoshio who we drafted in the 5th and is likely to make it for STs


    Jones seems to have the inside track at Mike backup 


    Morrow and Spector battling for the last spot 

  5. 10 minutes ago, DJB said:

    It’s ok to admit both which I can.


    So far I love Keon the person. Seems

    fun loving and innocent. A guy the locker room will enjoy. You can see he wants to work hard and be a good person . 

    But I can also point out his faults as Keon the player as well

    He has faults I’m not denying that. The Bills have a type of person/player they like. Coleman fit it to a tee. They met with him numerous times. 

    The problem is most people can’t separate what they want in a player vs what the Bills want 

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  6. Ray Davis is a complete back and he was my favorite RB in the draft. He’s a legit 3 down back. He obviously is a good down hill runner, led his team in TD receptions and his best attribute is he’s a hell of a pass pro RB which Janes Cook is terrible at. Davis was an incredibly smart pick 

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  7. 2 minutes ago, ShakAttack said:


    I have to admit, this video is indeed a bit disappointing.  

    Especially if you compare it to the same video of Xavier Leggette.



    It’s disappointing because Coleman is billed as the “contested catch guy” but if you watch all of Leggette’s targets, he has a higher success rate of coming down with those catches, and seems to be better at just about everything else as well.


    For all the buzz about the trade KC, it’s the trade with Carolina that leaves me with more questions.


    Do we know for sure that Leggette was not our guy? 

    For all those that say we wouldn’t have made the trade if Panthers were coming after our guy, ok, then what is the point of trading up one spot for either team in that case? Why would the Panthers make this trade if they weren’t worried about us taking Leggette??? They could have just had him with the next pick after we drafted Coleman if this was true. 

    Not sure I’m convinced we didn’t get screwed.

    We wanted Coleman the whole time. Why is this so hard to believe. Him and Dan Morgan are buddies. Legette stated that he met with Carolina a ton and they told him they were going to take him. 

    Mike Reiss, New England’s reporter said they tried to trade up with the Bills ahead of Carolina. So is it hard to believe that Beane called up his buddy Morgan and told him NE offered him this and if he wanted to guarantee himself Legette he had to throw him a sweetener to move down a spot 

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