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  1. Just now, Ethan in Cleveland said:

    They are not carrying four TEs next year unless they get rid of the FB.  They already brought back Morris as TE #3.

    Totally agree about Punter.  I have been saying punter in the fifth round since November.

    Also agree on DB.  Why they brought back Cam Lewis I have no idea.

    They already signed there special teams LB Morrow.  

    I hate late round OTs but a guy to play the big TE role that Edwards played last year might not be unreasonable.




    The problem with playing a Tackle there at TE is it makes you very predictable. When Knox went down, it forced the Bills to play Dalton Kincaid into the traditional Y spot which they don't want to do nor is it Kincaids strength.  When an OL is in at TE you know he's not going out in routes.


    I'm a very big advocate for taking a guy who can block at TE in case an injury happens so Kincaid can stay out where he's more comfortable.

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  2. Just now, Ethan in Cleveland said:

    There aren't enough roster spots up for grabs.  That said a RB2 and a DB would be nice depth pieces. 


    According to who. First the Bills only have 66 guys on their roster right now on a preseason roster of 90.


    They need RB2 like you said, they could go TE to develop next year and release Knox, They could use cheap OL so they don't have to sign a guy like La'El Collins for depth, they currently don't have a 4th DE unless you include Kingsley Jonathan, they need a 4th LB to compete with Spector, they need 2 CBS right now, and they could use another Safety to compete, not to mention a punter.


    There are a lot of areas the Bills can improve the bottom of their roster specifically.

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  3. Just now, MrEpsYtown said:

    I certainly think they are restocking with cheaper depth players and at this time of the draft they do have to consider BPA while also considering where players can make the team. 


    This is exactly what he's doing. I told people that I thought Buffalo would use most of their draft picks this year because they have to add cheap young players and start relying on them and it looks like that is exactly what Beane is doing. This team needs to start developing the bottom of their roster instead of signing vets to 1 year deals.

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