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  1. 4 minutes ago, H2o said:

    You're lacking any direction or points being proven on your side. 


    I gave you two guys you clearly never heard of when they drafted them and you brushed it aside. Its after midnight so I don't want to go through it. They got Dane Jackson in round 7 probably never heard of him either until he was playing. We get it your miserable the Bills didn't take who you wanted.

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  2. 1 minute ago, Ethan in Cleveland said:

    So you are guaranteeing Coleman is a starter? 

    None of us know if he is going to be any good. But all of us know you nearly double your odds if you take another WR.


    How can you defend what hasn't worked? They keep drafting defense early and it hasn't worked.  


    Yea Coleman is going to be a starter. I guarantee it unless he gets hurt in training camp or something. They are going to take another WR, I said that in multiple other posts. They will do it tomorrow.


    I also don't believe that just going full firepower offense is the way to beat the Chiefs. Every game against the Chiefs is a story in each game.


    The first time they played they weren't ready for the moment and got overwhelmed by a better more experienced team despite taking an early lead.


    The 2nd game we put up 36 Points on offense and lost the game because our defense couldn't get off the field and coaching blunders


    Last years game was a tightly contested battle where we were highly injured and the Chiefs made more big plays than the Bills down the stretch of the game.


    Really 2 out of the 3 games was simply the Chiefs came through in the clutch and the Bills didn't. The Bills need to make the plays in the right moments against the Chiefs on offense, defense and special teams. They have failed in all 3 phases in them in their 3 separate playoff outings.

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  3. Just now, H2o said:

    Johnson is good, one of the better NCB's in the game. Just because Benford is a starter here now doesn't mean squat. Levi Wallace was a starter here once, too. 


    Well Levi Wallace was from Alabama so you should have heard of him but he went undrafted so maybe you didn't.

  4. Just now, H2o said:

    Probably more of the same, sadly. Look at Day 3 of our prior drafts and how they operate. Usually multiple guys none of us have heard of. 


    Yea I'm sure your really said that the Bills took Taron Johnson out of Weber State or Christian Benford out of Villanova now.  I'm sure your mad they didn't take someone else that you heard of instead.

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  5. Just now, joey greco said:

    nobody ever said he's a hall of famer, that's just a bull#### strawman and you know it.  this team is bereft of threatening outside recievers, and our best player happens to be our big armed qb, so maybe that would be a position of need. neh?   maybe it's not this one particular pick, but the overall draft that has people upset, neh?  maybe it's drafting players projected to be backups while having a glaring need for a starter at another spot is a problem?  maybe not spending more lottery tickets to enable your franchise player rather than enabling depth on the other side of the ball strikes reasonable people the wrong way?  No, no, the all-knowing alphadawg, millionaire superbowl winning gm posing as a prole on a message board knows better and has the right to talk down to everyone else.  beane has never been wrong and you're all stupid for stating the obvious.


    Where is another rookie WR going to play. Who are they benching. Allen supposedly asked for Keon Coleman who is going to be a starter here. I think we can all assume Shakir is going to have a much bigger role, Kincaid is going to be the primary weapon in year 2, they signed Curtis Samuel to a 8 million a year so he's playing. Cook has to get his share of receptions and you know that Knox will factor into the passing game at times.


    I think they will draft another guy who can play outside on Day 3 for sure in case of injury and has ST's capability as well but that guy isn't going to be getting a ton of run unless its injury related.

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  6. The Bills have a type of player and that is a high character, high effort, smart football player. They have done this for years.


    Look at all 3 guys they drafted. All have those qualities, all are team before themselves.


    Coleman is a highly intelligent high effort WR who is a great leader

    Carter- Only 3 year captain in Duke Football history. Relentless football player who never stops.

    Bishop- Tough tackler for one of the toughest coaches in college football.


    The Bills take more steak guys than sizzle. Is that the right philosophy I dont know but its their philosophy whether we like it or not

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  7. Just now, Victory Formation said:

    I’m totally cool with everything. Beane is trying to saturate this roster with young and cheap talent. Did we get a superstar like Nabers or Odunze? No, but we have good depth all across the board now.

    They have to their old as hell. Year after year the Bills fill gaps with 1 year guys especially at DT. I think they wanted to move on from Daquon Jones tbh but had no one at 1 Tech so they brought him back. He’s 33 coming off a serious injury.  Austin Johnson is on a 1 year deal and then they have fodder like Eli Ankou. They need some stability and youth at positions including DT. Most fans only care about the given year which is fine 


    Is Carter going to be Chris Jones probably not but he can develop into a good backup 3 Tech and possible future 1 Tech. It’s pick 95 not 25 

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  8. 1 minute ago, NeverOutNick said:

    You take the best players and this year they are WRs. We don’t need a jag DT, we need deep speed. Franklin and Walker were the right picks and they screwed it up

    They were the right picks to who? We’re 98 picks in and neither has come off the board.  Hello how long does it take for people to realize these guys aren’t that good obviously 

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  9. Just now, BillsFanForever19 said:

    I'd honestly be surprised if we went WR at 95. There's some guys sticking out like a sore thumb and still a number of decent WR prospects in Walker, Franklin, Baker, McMillan, Rice, Thrash, and Washington that we could move up for on Day 3. I don't think we view Franklin as significantly better than a number of them.

    Yea there are a ton of solid WRs left I wouldn’t take one here, I agree 

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