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  1. Sometimes you just need to hear it.
  2. This seems to be true - to whatever extent I don’t know. I look at most team sports champions and the “greatest” coaches have had the best players at key positions.
  3. I hear you - but have Jets done with all that fleece?
  4. agree At least Clifford has modeling to fall back on. McCarthy? He has nothing but his lard ass to soften the blow.
  5. Just funnin' you. I get the Baker thing but much better games elsewhere imo. To each their own - all good.
  6. Browns and Panthers? Did you even look at the schedule?
  7. Mitch Morse Sam Martin exits game with carpal tunnel midway through 3rd quarter from all the extra point attempts
  8. Wait - I think of Stuck in Cincy when I think of long posts.
  9. I have the Raiders winning the west
  10. LOL - and thought you were being funny when you asked. I had no idea.
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