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  1. Agree, yet the Bills were awful for the 1970s and 1980s as well...
  2. Tough loss today, and it reminded me quite a bit of 1989. For those too young (or not yet born) to remember, in 1989 the Bills were a promising young (but unproven) team on the rise. Yet, a very tough playoff loss ended that season, much the same as today. So close in both cases... There was lots of blame to go around too in 1989 (most focused perhaps unfairly on Harmon) and pretty much everyone had an opinion on what was wrong, and how awful things were after that loss. But the core players (along with a great coach and GM, and a franchise QB) were there then, and they are now as well. A strong off-season, stable leadership that "stayed the course", coupled with a good draft in 1990 (adding a few key players like Lodish and Parker among others) and the Bills were on their way. So yes this loss stings -- just like it did in 1989. But I wouldn't bet against Polian having a good draft, and I'm not betting against Beane. And I wouldn't bet against Levy to coach and build a cohesive team, and I'm certainly not betting against McD. And yes, I wouldn't bet against Kelly to lead that team, and neither will I bet against Josh to lead ours now. So what will happen to the Bills in 2020? Of course no one can say, but I'll tell you for sure I'm looking forward to this off-season and this draft more than I have in many, many years. Perhaps more than at any time since 1989.... #GoBills
  3. Bottom line for me is the pressure to make the playoffs is gone. Add to that a chance to make up for the loss earlier in the season, and a Pats team that seems vulnerable this year seems to be a perfect storm. Really think the Bills will win convincingly on Sat
  4. Think the Bills will absolutely light up NE on Saturday. For the past 3 games, Bills have been feeling the pressure of making the playoffs - some tentative play, some missed opportunities, etc. -- but overall great wins and now playoff bound. All that pressure is now gone - and Bills are also in a celebration mode, want to have a chance at the division, and also to continue to showcase their progress on the national stage, and a bit of payback from the earlier game this year. Add all that up and I think NE is toast - and think this also becomes that truly "breakout" game for Josh - Going to be fun to watch - Go Bills!
  5. Now Josh had a great day: 19/24 for 231 yds, 1 TD and a 120.7 QB rating... But John Brown's day was better: 1/1 for 28 yards, 1 TD and a whopping 158.3 QB rating Josh going to have to watch out for that up and comer....
  6. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/bills-at-cowboys-final-score-josh-allen-dismantles-dallas-buffalo-stymies-dak-prescott-in-convincing-win/live/amp/ Perhaps starting to get some recognition outside if WNY....
  7. Probably too early to call it the "J Gun" (or maybe the "A Gun") but it kinda fits...
  8. Agree. He should be tried in the courts for aggravated assault and receive jail time. Lifetime suspension from NFL
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