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  1. I ran this simulator once. It had me 'losing' to KC with a score of 31 to 31. Then, had us beating the Jets 15-2. Part of me respects this tool for having the guts to predict a safety as the only score, but the other part of me just thinks this is hot garbage. One sim is enough for me!
  2. Thanks. That was my suspicion too. NF just seems super touristy / shady when I’ve been there previously. It’s a fun day trip but given it’s a short drive to Buffalo that’s my plan. Leaning towards Allentown / DT Buffalo.
  3. “Homeboy” here to mention that I’m flying in…not really sure how that’s a pertinent detail to the question but I did also mention that I’d have a car so all areas are in play.
  4. Hi all - coming up to Buffalo for the Broncos game this fall and needing some recs on areas / neighborhoods to stay in. Where’s the best area to stay for a weekend? We will have a car, but would love to hear thoughts and suggestions.
  5. dude I’m convinced Dov isn’t a real person and is just some weird AI functioning behind that Alias at this point
  6. Anyone else just really annoyed at Von Miller? Dude comes here and then just runs his mouth all off-season about things that never were gonna happen?
  7. Dude...if Nolan Smith is there at 27 you make that pick. Every single time.
  8. Kaiir is going to be a stud. He has the mental makeup of someone that won't stop at anything less than greatness. That's going to look like such a great pick in a few years when he's anchoring our DB group.
  9. I don't mind Hyatt being the guy if it's not at 27. If they're targeting Hyatt (who I think is a nice outside option) i hope it's in the mid-30s. Someone is going to get drunk on that Bama game film though.
  10. apparently the ravens are making a push to trade for Hop according to that random Dov dude that tweets about the NFL
  11. this should hold us all over until Hopkins gets traded here! in all seriousness, i bet he's going to be re-signed to a multi-year deal after next year to be the long term starting safety
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