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  1. 2 minutes ago, Billsfan1972 said:

    I was making a joke about the thread title and thinking it was bout the fumble.  I pointed out just how terrible it was.  


    Wasn't meant to be a debate on Allen, more so to discuss just how bad a play it was.


    Obviously missing the nuance. 

    Ah, didn’t read every post, my bad, 

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  2. On 2/1/2023 at 7:04 AM, 5ths the charm said:

    So at this point the only coaching change is a safeties coach that held his position together with tape and glue. Is it about accountability or familiarity for the Bills. The same can be said with our scouts missing on draft picks. Our Defense was reliant on the offense scoring which put other teams in catch up mode. We cannot survive with an offense that needed josh to scramble or throw 50 yard bombs twice a game. Thoughts?

    You forgot about the guy they brought in to do some of Fraziers job/ replace him, just sayin, 

  3. 5 minutes ago, Billsfan1972 said:

    What does this have to do with Allen?  I was pointing out just how terrible a play it was and yes stating after the year Allen had if it was him, it would have been discussed ad nauseum, but the announcers didn't even make a big deal about it.  


    Take a look at the 4th comment in this thread when I did joke about "If it had been Allen".


    Start a new thread discussing Allen's to's, because there haven't been enough.😉

    Dude, you brought Allen into the thread by wanting to compare  responses to a fumble, duh…, 😂

  4. 1 hour ago, Billsfan1972 said:

    I thought this would be about Hurts Fumble TD, which hasn't been discussed enough and one of the worst plays I've ever seen.


    If that was Allen people would lose it about his issues "holding on to the ball". 

    That would be because Allen, like it or not has ball security issues…, 

    which would get better if he had an above average O-line, which he doesn’t….,

  5. I agree with the OP, but for maybe a different perspective, while i generally enjoy watching football, I”m an adult, and its a game, when I was a child, it was all bigger than life, now its just a game that takes way to long to watch, a one hour long game that takes four plus hours to sit through, which takes a lot of the joy out of it, and yes its also the talking heads, trying to be stars themselves…, spare me, and then you get to the super bowl, yikes, talk about over blown, now it takes five or six plus hours to watch the one hour long game wtf, and the absolute crap that is peddled as entertainment is a crime against humanity, these acts are just bad, the product doesn’t stand up to the hype, ever, which also takes away from the joy of watching the game, i could go on, and i will, 😁


    Always remember this, the entire NFL is a private club, and that everything that irritates you about the NFL is approved by the owners, yes, to include the Pegulas, as good a billionaires as one might find, I would comment to the OP to enjoy the game for what it actually is, and ignore the steaming mounds of fluff that surround  it, there is way more to life than the one hour long game…, keep it all in perspective,


    GO  BILLS!!!

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  6. 1 hour ago, JohnNord said:

    We are saying the same thing.  Every situation varies but IMO missed picks are more on the GM than the coordinators and coaches.  Though I’d imagine there’s a lot of gray area.   That’s why it’s silly to scapegoat Frazier as the reason the picks didn’t develop.  They jus tmight not be great players regardless of scheme 

    We are frustrated with Frazier because he openly admits to not adjusting his game plan even when it isn’t working, (he said as much in an interview approximately ten or so months ago, I was stunned that he said it) that is the root problem with his stewardship of the Defense,

  7. 6 minutes ago, JohnNord said:

    Your assumption is that every draft selection will be a success.  The draft is hit or miss.  Not every player turns out to be successful.  

    It’s not complete randomness but you do need to have good fortune

    Nice try, but You are incorrect in your assumption, no one expects that, by your own admission those guys got handled, the buck stops on the GM & HCs desk after it crosses the coordinators desks…, 


    GO BILLS !!!

  8. 9 hours ago, JohnNord said:

    I guess “Billsy” now means winning 13 games in the regular season



    They were controlling the game on the ground because Ed Oliver, Jordan Phillips and Tim Settle got their asses kicked by backup lineman.  Not because of a game plan or scheme.  

    That’s a talent issue

    Thats a GM, HC and coordinators issue, they hired and developed those guys…, it is their inability to adapt their schemes and thinking on personnel, 


    GO  BILLS!!!

  9. 9 hours ago, JohnNord said:

    If Frazier’s replacement has been hired, why not just get rid of him this season.  It’s the NFL.  Andy Reid was McDermott’s mentor and he fired him in Philly when things didn’t work out.  McDermott knows the deal.  

    It’s because, Frazier is the DC next season and he’s going to do a great job like usual 

    Wrong…You can criticize Frazier’s game plan without pretending he’s a terrible and unaccomplished defensive coach who deserves to be fired.   Read the comments in this thread about him.  They are dripping with #emotionalism and not reality.  Frazier has been a very good DC in Buffalo.  There were some major injuries in the loss to CIN that no one wants to acknowledge 

    Sure wish he would do that great job in the post season some time soon…, 😁👍

  10. We all know Leslie is a good guy, and works his butt off for the team, BUT in clutch moments his defense has screwed the pooch spectacularly in the post season for three consecutive years, he lacks the capacity to adjust his scheme for untimely injuries (since when are there no injuries in the NFL) and especially when the opponents have figured out how to beat his scheme, that right there is a notable red flag,  Fraziers replacement has just been hired and Leslie hasn’t realized this yet, right now, he is,  the Red stapler guy from “Office space” sitting at his desk in the basement…, 


    GO BILLS!!!

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  11. Sean and Beane both need to stop thinking that the defense is more important than the offense, and get  the people on board who run those parts of the team to scheme better for the players they have, and as well be able and willing to make in game adjustments when things dictate those adjustments, and that they do so quickly, like with in each quarter. They, and their hires are a bit to rigid in their thinking/approach to team personnel priorities, and schemes, because, (as we all know) you win by scoring more points than your opponents score…,


    GO  BILLS!!!

  12. 2 hours ago, newcam2012 said:

    Phil Sims just started that the Bills play calling inhibited Allen. Saying the play calling had no sychronicity. It was like no play set up another play. One by one individual play calls. 

    Allen certainly can play better!

    This right here ^^^, Simms is a Guy who sees that sequencing plays so they work to create an offense that flows one play to another is critical for a QB and the entire offenses success, Dorsey at present has not wrapped his mind around how to do this. 


    GO  BILLS!!!

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  13. On 2/8/2023 at 11:09 PM, BillsFan4 said:

    this could be true. It would make sense. I was hoping they'd offer Wilks the DC job. Maybe they did? The 49ers DC job has proven to be a quick way to a head coaching job, where as Buffalo's DC will always be in the shadow of McDermott. Even if buffalo offered Wilks the DC job I could see where he would pick SF.


    I am not disappointed by this hire nor do i think it reeks of desperation. I actually think it might show Frazier's seat is getting hot.


    I really don't get why so many are so upset by this hire. They aren't going to bring in someone who runs a completely different defense than what the head coach ran or what the current DC runs. Our problem on defense isn't McDermott's defensive system anyway IMO (which has proven to work with 3 different teams now - Philly, Carolina and Buffalo. Anyone who thinks MCDermott played it as safe as Frazier as a DC needs to go back and watch his defenses before he got to Buffalo). It's frazier's tendency to play it so safe and his inability to adjust in game. Maybe Holcomb will help? Or even possibly replace Frazier if he's unable to make the adjustments McDermott may want.


    I know people wanted Frazier fired. But it hasn't happened. At least Adding someone like Holcomb could help bring changes to the defense.

    I agree with your thoughts, as to your last paragraph,  one can only hope so, Leslie’s inability to make any adjustments let alone in clutch moments is a glaring weakness in his coaching style, and imo, desperately needs to be fixed before the season starts. 

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  14. On 2/9/2023 at 10:31 PM, Orlando Tim said:

    I will admit to be torn about Leslie because I think he has made a great defense overall but falls down in the small moments. On a 3rd and 5 you can't have DBs all 11 yards off the line of scrimmage, I don't care how good the other WR is. I think Leslie might actually be a better head coach now than a coordinator, his big picture is strong but his tweaks are lacking. 

    His tweaks are not just lacking, he does not make adjustments during games and has said he doesn’t like doing so. Maybe this new guy they hired is being brought in to help out in that area, 🤞

  15. This stems from our OCs inability to scheme well, and JV level play calls and poor sequencing, resulting in Josh having to try way to hard to compensate for the above. Dorsey calls plays like one would imagine a college QB doing it and frankly it shows, I know we all hope this off season is productive in many ways to include far better offensive schemes and an O-line that can block in both pass and run situations, 🤞


    GO BILLS!!!

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  16. 39 minutes ago, BBills_88 said:

    Let's be real.  

    Not too many people on this board were banging the drum for Hodgins to make the 53 or be active. 


    No it dosen't bother me, I'm happy that he got his chance to display his skills. 


    Every team has had a player they gave up on but shined somewhere else.


    Hopefully the Bills will start drafting impact players. 


    Actually there were quite a few of us banging the drum, several threads were active doing just that…

  17. Their success doesn’t bother me other than it is just an example of Buffalo not evaluating and using their talent correctly, ( Hodgins, Shakir & Elam cough cough, ) they had a receiver on board that they let go who scored something to the tune of six or seven TDs for another team, the guy evidently has what it takes to play receiver in the NFL, and our GM and  offensive coaches let him walk, just frustrating. Someone make me a martini stat, 🍸🚬😁

    its like the Brady bunch around here, Marcia Marcia Marcia or in our  case Defense defense defense when what we need is offense offense offense…  quick, another Martini 🍸 🚬😁


    Go Bills!!!

  18. 3 hours ago, TheBrownBear said:

    Lol.  You do realize that Oncore is a business, not a charity, right, and the Vero balls retail for $45.  They are donating $5 of their potential profit to the children's hospital when you make a purchase.  Assuming a person actually likes and plays the balls, it's a win-win.  


    About half of us on this site are so badly misinformed on most topics.  The other half is somewhere between willfully ignorant to downright deranged.


    Full disclosure - my wife has worked in development (director level) for a handful of national non-profit organizations (both arts and medical/patient care) over the course of her career.  Once an organization grows to a certain size and runs a substantial amount of programs, a certain amount of overhead costs are inevitable in order to keep things running smoothly.  I can assure you that the vast majority of these organizations are committed to their core values and servicing their target community, not lining non-profit professionals' pockets with cash.  Of course, as with any large organization there are inefficiencies and places where costs can be cut.  No denying that.

    Do you feel better now. 😁

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