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  1. 3 hours ago, Einstein said:

    I really respect Chris Simms as he is the anti-average-talking-head-that-vomits-words-out-of-his-mouth type of analyst, so i’m a little concerned. Has Tre been that bad!?



    CS statements are there to create clicks just like everyone else, the difference is that he isn’t as totally obnoxious as say, the Bills fans favorite pundit NW, all these guys do this for a living, so verbiage is the tool to get clicks, which equals $money$, SSDD, more hype equals more cha Ching.


    GO BILLS!!!

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  2. 1 minute ago, WideNine said:


    I agree we have won, but I think if Allen can embrace those quicker throws and opportunities beneath the sticks and we run the ball well, it will present more single-coverage opportunities for Diggs and Davis, and coverage mismatches with Knox.


    Keeping Diggs happy is important for this team too, so they need to find ways to keep him an active part of their game plans.




    Yes, I agree, that’s what I was emphasizing in my post. 


    GO BILLS!!!

  3. Imo, if Josh masters the check down/ screen/short pass, or however you want to say it, on top of his current repertoire, he will be unstoppable, this is his only really less than bright spot, he needs to take what he is given just a bit more often, and that will open up the mid to longer range stuff that he is partial too. Imo yac is nice but hardly crucial in our offensive style. I think we are in a sense wasting time and energy on something that is not gonna gain us a tremendous difference in the win loss column, i mean we are 12-3 after all and the current #1 seed in the AFC. 

    GO BILLS!!!

  4. 3 hours ago, DaggersEOD said:

    Eyeball/gut answer is that JAs arm allows him to get balls through very tight windows leaving the ball carrier with little to no space to work with once they make the catch. 

    It’s almost like all the YAC is sucked up in the “air yards” the ball travels. 

    Im not a stats ninja but perhaps there’s a statistical relationship between air yards and YAC. Meaning more air yards tend to result in less YAC while less air yards tend to result in more YAC. 


    It would be interesting to see where our pass catchers rank in “air yards/catch”. 

    I guess what I’m saying is shorter routes equal more YAC and that’s not our game. 


    Josh, imo, appears to not like throwing the check down/screen pass, he does it but…, if we are having long passes that make up the difference, who the F cares about YAC? really, 


    GO BILLS!!!

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  5. 44 minutes ago, WotAGuy said:

    The more controversial they can make it the more people will click and talk about it.  It’s meaningless. 

    This right here ^^^


    why in the world do folk not understand that this the case with all head lines???? It’s so obvious. Critical thinking is a thing to be pursued. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Limeaid said:





    We are not supposed to criticize other posters sexual preference.  So what if he prefers overweight males.

    Hey, what happens on this board stays on this board 😂

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  7. Why is it that when a player is unable to perform (to put it politely) like RW & KM etc, the GM & HC don’t just bench their azs and play the back up?  the team owner can’t be so naive as to think doing otherwise is going help the situation, in both of their cases, and in the short and long term it only helps the team and organization, it is likely that players really dislike playing for QBs like those guys, 

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  8. 3 hours ago, Ethan in Cleveland said:

    No proof but just seemed like this guy was more steroid than athlete.  Probably a first ballot HOF inductee because before the injuries set in he was being compared to LT in terms of dominance on the defensive side of the ball. 

    Understand and agree what you’re getting at, we will all watch him shrink rapidly upon retirement, tis the nature of stopping the steroid / HGH use. 

  9. 10 minutes ago, TH3 said:

    "Obvious instances of ....lesser talents" 

     Hahaha....Anonymous poster able to dissect two OC's who are literally the best in the business.... 

    Are you unable to see where people are better at one thing than another, or are you of the sort that football coaches are sacrosanct? 


    GO BILLS!!!

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