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  1. On 9/20/2022 at 10:18 AM, CorkScrewHill said:

    Yeah a discussion on how great our facilities are was what caused this. You have a VERY warped sense of how much what we say and do on this thread impacts game situations. I am 100% certain that what is posted in this forum has never had a bit of impact on a single NFL snap. I deleted the original post because I didn’t want to deal with the BS. Let it go.

    Hey buddy, Stishisness is real! Just ask Josh…, 









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  2. 36 minutes ago, Big Turk said:


    I keep saying this, but people are going to be shocked at the contract Edmunds gets from another team as a UFA.  He is exactly what most teams are DYING to find right now...a player that can compress windows in the middle of the field and make throws much more difficult than they normally should be with his size, wingspan, and ability to drop deep. Bills fans crying about his ability against the run, but other teams are watching themselves get shredded in the passing game week in and week out and could care less about stopping the run at this point.


    Luckily, fans don’t make the decisions, this team would be total crap if the fans got to choose how things are done at OBD. 

  3. 13 minutes ago, mjt328 said:


    The Bills aren't built like the Browns or Titans, who need the running game to carry them for 4 Quarters.  If you are looking for a 20-25 carry, 100 yard game from an RB on this roster, you are probably going to be disappointed all season.  That's just not us.


    All we need from the running game is the ability to gain 4-5 yards when the defense shows light boxes and plays heavy coverage.  Doesn't matter if that comes from Devin Singletary, Zack Moss, James Cook or from Josh Allen.  So far, I would say that Singletary has been very effective in doing exactly that.  6.0 YPC against the Rams.  5.4 YPC against the Titans.


    The Rams came out with plans to stop the deep passing game.  So we picked down the field underneath, and broke off some nice runs with Singletary/Allen.  The Titans seemed geared to stop Allen from breaking the pocket, so we hit them downfield.  


    We all know we are a pass first offense, but, we need to show we can run the ball when we want to, not even every game but we must show that we can, like I said, being one dimensional as an offense is not ideal, gotta keep defenses honest, that’s a must. I’m NOT an four yards in a pile of dirt guy, but ya gotta keep your opponents guessing, 


    Go Bills!!!

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  4. 40 minutes ago, buffalo2218 said:

    I'm not sold on the running game being effective just yet. The Titans sold out to stop the run which I thought was odd given their secondary wasn't exactly all pro. The narrative has changed this year to it seems to only team to stop the Bills is the Bills

    If the Bills do not demonstrate that they can run the ball, all season long , it will come back to bite them in the late season & playoffs, ya can’t be a one dimensional team against the good teams, jmo. 

    Go Bills!!!

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  5. 3 hours ago, Royale with Cheese said:

    I hope so too but cramps usually make you hobble.  He went down as if his leg completely locked up….that makes me nervous.


    And shame on you people for what you did to Manti.

    Eat or take more potassium.  

    Yes, French fries 🍟, lots of potassium in the almighty spud 🥔 

  6. 15 hours ago, Ross Murdock said:

    The Dolphins (And Tua) look good, the Bills will do good just to split. The Pats will plod along, and not be an easy win. The Jets are better, and if Wilson matures, will not be sure win. The Bills sweeping the east is over!  

    “ That Guy “  



  7. 29 minutes ago, Mark Vader said:

    Has it?


    I still have yet to see any real condemnation from the sports media over this subject.

    No, not really, the league condones the cheating by not speaking out on the matter, the media doesn’t care, and hell, the vast majority of fans think it’s just fine, and I’m not talking about pats fans, for some reason football fans in general think cheating is totally cool, and that the concept of any real punishment is unacceptable. It Says something about the majority of football people….,

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