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  1. 6 minutes ago, Utah John said:

    When I was in college majoring in meteorology 45 years ago, the models were not even worth looking at.  (Except Christie Brinkley and Cheryl Tiegs - hahaha).  I spent nearly 40 years as a professional meteorologist, either forecasting or working in related fields, or in management.  The models got better steadily throughout the decades since the 70s, and as you say are now extremely accurate.  The improvement came about for multiple reasons -- better computers, much better satellite data, much better data assimilation routines, different types of models, more precise weather radar data. All of this was funded by taxpayers.  When I hear people complain that the government doesn't do anything, or produce anything, I just shake my head at their lack of awareness.  

    A graph is worth 10,000 words to those with a little patience to understand it.

    “Humor’ & “sarcasm”  for those with a little patience to understand it,   I’ll let you off this time UtahJohn, 😁👍

  2. 1 hour ago, FilthyBeast said:


    Games like this rarely live up to the hype, and I think there's a better chance that the Bills lose in a blowout or vice versa than actually playing an epic game down to the wire. Still very worried regardless because of how shaky this team has been in recent weeks against lessor teams and letting them hang around by turning the ball over, defensive lapses, etc.


    All this late vegas line movement is definitely a concern though...

    Vegas is in the business of taking peoples money, that’s what they have been doing since their inception, its a con and it works really well, just like the insurance industry…,  can’t trust those bastages, 😁👍

  3. 3 hours ago, BillyBilliams said:

    All week, the Bills were at -1.5 and 60% of the bets have been going to Cincinnati.  Despite all this, the line moved to -2 1 hour ago and now it’s at -2.5.  Does Vegas know something we don’t know and are waiting to cash in on the people taking the Bengals?

    The “house” can not be trusted…,

  4. 3 hours ago, Logic said:

    Two reasons.

    First, the whole game of a playground bully is to try to elicit a negative reaction from you. To try to get a rise out of you. If you don't give them what they want, they lose interest. Badol's will to bully is particularly strong, apparently, but I'm hoping one of these days he'll realize his obsessive and constant trolling attempts are a waste of his time and energy.

    Second, I try to remember that "hurt people hurt". When someone tries to spread misery to others, it is because they themselves are unhappy or are experiencing pain. I see no reason to respond to the words of a person in pain in a way that would only attempt to cause more pain. Beneath his cruel and insistent miserliness, Badol is a Bills fan and a human being, just like me. I sincerely DO hope that he can enjoy happiness and good health and find a salve for whatever is causing him enough pain to make him feel the desire to spread that pain to others.

    I was being sarcastic, but a valid response none the less 👍

  5. 48 minutes ago, Logic said:

    I hope that one of these years, you make a New Year's resolution to try to find positive ways to interact with other people, or at least not overtly insulting and negative ways. Remember, it's just as easy to be kind to people as to be rude and to try to elicit a negative reaction. It also doesn't cost anything to be nice.

    Hope you had a happy holiday season and that you have a great and healthy 2023.

    What are you doin being nice to him? 😂

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  6. Just now, Simon said:


    But now you're just trusting my subjective opinion instead of being able to examine the meteorological details for yourself.

    And anybody that trusts me is an idiot. :devil:

    So your friends and love ones are…, nah, I just can’t do it…, 😂 


    GO BILLS!!!

  7. 1 hour ago, Billsfan1972 said:

    Again watching TB & seems Brady has all day and receivers running open.  Stidham throwing for 360 vs. SF and Adams making great catches.  Mahomes a ho hum 330 yard game and again a lot of easy passes.  Goff and Prescott too.


    Maybe I'm cherry picking, but I seem to see too many great catches & easy throws by QB's, whereas Josh Allen often seems to have to do it all.


    Am I being too hypercritical of the Bills offense?

    Well for starters, Josh won’t take the easy throws with any regularity, unlike his counterparts that do so repeatedly,  throughout games, so that’s on Josh,  ( those are the throws that turn into YAC) think about this, what would happen if Josh did take the east stuff with some minor frequency? Yup, the mid range to longer throws would become easier and even more devastating, the film show guys open frequently for short/check down passes, Josh knowingly doesn’t throw to them, Josh wants the long throws, as fans there is not much that we can do about this, so we just have to learn to win Joshes way, which is so far doing pretty damn well, 12-3, AFCE champs 3 yrs running, on target for the #1 seed in the AFC, we are just gonna have to live with this I guess, 😁👍🍺


    note; some sarcasm intended. 


    GO BILLS!!!

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