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  1. 4 hours ago, cage said:


    I'll stand corrected.  I've seen tons of Wyoming highlights and even some Firebaugh, but hadn't seen this one yet

    I apologize for being “that guy” , sorry, I owe you a beer, 

    2 hours ago, NewEra said:

    Sheesh.  Bad night of sleep ol Don?

    Don’t know what came over me, I apologized to the OP

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  2. 27 minutes ago, wjag said:

    The reduction of alcohol sales, metal detectors and insane $$$s they charge have all worked to reduce bad behavior in the stands.  Back in my day, you weren't nuthin if you could not sneak in at least four beers and a flask filled with your favorite spirit.

    The league has been working hard for some years to achieve a more amiable atmosphere at the games, and reduced alcohol sales alone has been the prime mover towards this goal. You are spot on with the bringing in beers and spirits, ( not to mention the combustibles in some venues ) we did this at rock concerts with regularity back in the day. Things have changed, in this case for the better, jmo.


    Go Bills!!!

  3. 8 minutes ago, cage said:


    I'll stand corrected.  I've seen tons of Wyoming highlights and even some Firebaugh, but hadn't seen this one yet

    Cool👍 Being how his career has worked out it’s in a sense surprising he wasn’t the first pick in the draft, luckily for us he wasn’t 😁👍


    Go Bills!!!

  4. 9 hours ago, billsfan89 said:

    I thought Saffold from my eye test had a solid game against the Chiefs, hopefully getting more comfortable in the system and with his teammates leads to improved production.

    Iirc Saffold was coming off a shoulder injury or some such a thing thru training camp and may not have been in “ football shape “ early on as he was recovering from the injury, this and what you stated, on becoming accustomed to playing with new teammates is likely the answer,👍


    Go Bills!!!

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  5. 4 hours ago, cage said:

    Can't live without Twitter on game day and I really love it when I find unique content you won't see anywhere else... 



    This was on the webs well over a year ago, as has been every football highlight of his life, not something “you only get on Twitter” …, nice none the less, thanks for posting it, 😁👍


    I apologize for being an azs, I deserve all the flak I’m getting for the post,

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  6. 3 hours ago, ScottLaw said:

    Brown sucks…. He was god awful yesterday before the injury… how some fans feel the need to disagree with that reality I don’t understand. 

    We already know you don’t understand.


    GO BILLS!!!

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  7. 13 minutes ago, Billsfan1972 said:

    A fumble on a hard hit or good strip is one thing.  Bad communication is another.  


    When a receiver trips on the turf is different from a bad pass or coverage.


    An easy first down with a qb sneak is football 101.  


    These were mental mistakes 

    Like i said,  the game day thread is not a reliable resource, it is a hot take repository, governed by unhinged emotion and shallow thought processes.

  8. 2 hours ago, Billsfan1972 said:

    They allowed them in 12 seconds and one time out to get to the 44.  As said all's well that ends well.

    I was waiting for someone to post, but has to be said.


    Come on tell me the game thread yesterday wasn't going ballistic as the Bills squandered opportunities?

    The GDT is not a thing to base any assumption on, it is always a cesspool of despair and anguish full

    of the worst hot takes imaginable.





    (Well okay, almost always)😂

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  9.    The reason is likely, lots of mediocre QBs that play behind  O lines that are just as bad as those QBs.

       There has been a dearth of quality offensive lineman in the league for what seems like decades, the same can be said for the QB position, there are a lot of average and below average  QBs out there, as well, there are a lot of coaches that aren’t particularly good at their craft. I mean face it, half or more of the teams in the league are pretty bad every year. 

       Now punters may be playing a part in this decline, but the bigger part, imo, is the above mentioned stuff. 

  10. This should surprise no one

    On 9/9/2022 at 11:09 AM, Boyst62 said:

    If I'm him I go in to FA and look to head to Houston, Seattle, anywhere else.

    Why? Nothing is going to change career wise, also having no agent is not something teams look forward to dealing with, Especially with their starting QB, when they have to revamp the offense to the only style that will work for him, the book is out on Lamar, 

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