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  1. Just now, FireChans said:

    If you don’t want to read TBD and the “meaningless chatter” in the off-season, there’s a big red X in the top right of the screen.

    I love meaningless off season chatter, I especially love it when folk take this nonsense seriously, 😁👍 everyone knows the Frenchman isn’t going anywhere for the next two seasons…, 

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  2. 1 hour ago, John from Riverside said:

    The reason why the Chiefs are in better shape cap wise is because they went younger on defense. Last year they use draft picks and played them.

    Something we are going to need to do

    Agree, Actually hitting on the right drafted players and using them with regularity from the beginning of the season onward needs to happen for our defense  going forward. 

  3. 58 minutes ago, frostbitmic said:

    And this Monday nights game is Walmart vs Exxon/Mobil and don't forget to join us Wednesday night for the game between Amazon and McDonalds.

    I can’t begin to tell you how much just the thought of such a thing happening would suck…, 


    Another example of the NFL owners Fuh king up a good thing, 

    can ya say Greedflation? 

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  4. On 2/13/2024 at 8:58 AM, Bob Jones said:

    Or how about a 10 minute ( or even shorter) OT period? Whoever is ahead at the end wins.

    OT should be a full quarter/fifteen minutes, odds of a tie at that point is likely quite small with all the fatigue of having played a standard length game already, if still tied, the team that misses the first fifty yard field goal loses, lots of drama, ample opportunities for both team to win, it is the way to conduct overtime play. 

  5. 12 minutes ago, nedboy7 said:


    So the way you are asking these questions and discussing them is way different than calling him Mcdipshit and claiming the entire team is trash except for JA.  That is what my comment was about.  You have good points and I agree at some level.  McD has a 5-6 post season record.  Every post season ends with a loss except for one team.  That team recently has been KC where the D has not been good enough.  For the Cincy game I think its fair to say the O did not show up.  I just dont get coming here with one dimensional stupid takes and bashing everything they have achieved since they have fallen short of the ultimate goal.  If someone comes here daily to state the same thing which is the team and McD and Bean suck, they are not adding anything to the conversation. 

    Well, that is an understandable take, those folk are irritating at best.  The O &  D don’t need to be torn down they need an honest look at what they are doing that isn’t working and make appropriate changes in scheme and in game situational awareness to address the short comings, we have a well above average team that just needs some, imo, minor adjustments. 

  6. It comes down to coaching and QB, Reid is better than McDermott on game day, and Mahomes makes more correct decisions on game day than Allen does, it really is that simple, both of our guys need to own this and learn from it, and implement the lessons.  Yeah it sucks but it’s the truth. 


  7. 9 minutes ago, Bob Jones said:

    If he had a prescription for this, then I'm quite certain that he thought he was doing nothing wrong.


    Sounds like maybe a miscommunication between him and team doctors/trainers?

    Well, the league is rife with Peds use and the excuses that are employed to get around the rules, anyone using knows there are risks if caught, 

  8. 5 minutes ago, 90sBills said:

    Absolutely! Allen is the #2 guy right behind Mahomes. He is lacking behind in the mental aspect of the game. Grounds that he can make up through hard work. Most people on here keep saying he’s the best and just get more play makers and a Lombardi will magically appear.

    True enough, Imo opinion it’s a bit of both, #1, Allen certainly can and should make a priority to learn from what Reid/ Mahomes do on the field to win, and implement those things, (taking the short pass to move the chains for starters)  #2, at the same time our WRs one and two were both lacking in execution which resulted in mediocre to poor performances,  an up grade to that room would be nice…, 

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  9. 28 minutes ago, Lost said:


    Our WR1 and WR2 combined for 61 catches for 684 yards in the last 7 games of the season plus 2 playoff games.  


    That's an average of about 3.5 catches and 38 yards per game from each of the two skill positions.   Take away the Chargers game and our WR2 was almost completely non existent the second half of the season.   


    Get Josh Some legitimate threats and good O-Line protection so we won't even need to worry about defense.   We'll be dropping 35+ points per game.  

    Agree, our WR room definitely has needs,  one or two more legitimate receivers would go a long way in that direction, at the same time, Shaw66 is correct, our “D” needs not only to be refilled, it needs to have its schemes modified so that this endless fourth quarter/end of game failures get addressed, the seemingly purposeful sets that allow for easy five yard runs and passes to happen needs to be addressed. It’s quite frustrating to watch happen every postseason, 

  10. 15 minutes ago, Shaw66 said:

    As I've said, I think the offense has enough skill players to win, assuming Diggs is back and Brady does his job.  And as I just said, I absolutely do not think the answer is top-shelf receiver.  


    I don't know whether the Bills have drafted a lot more defense than offense in the first couple of rounds.  A lot of people seem to think so, and for the sake of argument I'll agree with that thought (although Kincaid, Torrence, Cook, and of course Josh are good arguments to the contrary).   History is irrelevant.   I don't care if the Bills have drafted 20 defensive players to five offensive players, the question is, "what does the team need going forward from here?"   The answer to that question is defense.  And the answer definitely is not CeeDee Lamb or the equivalent.   

    We certainly need to fill / refill the “D” but that can’t be to the exclusion of the offense, as you alluded to, you are correct in that what was done in the past is irrelevant, it is what needs to be done going forward that is important (which is always the case). I by no means think that our situation with signed defensive players is as big an issue as some make it, Beane has been fully aware for a couple of years as to what to do about it going forward, and likely has the pieces lined up/ in play, after all, it’s what GMs do. 

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  11. 45 minutes ago, nedboy7 said:

    The never ending one dimensional thinking on here.  Not sure what it accomplishes other than sounding stupid. 

    I would ask you these questions,


    Do you feel that the defense has held it’s own during post season games since our HC came on board? 

    Do you feel that we have drafted top level offensive players during our drafts regularly since our GM came on board? 

    Me, I think our HC & GM are pretty good at most things, but that a shift in priorities is long since over due in player personnel acquisitions on the offensive side of the ball, primarily in drafting top shelf prospects for our receivers group. Is that what you refer to as one dimensional thinking? 


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  12. 2 hours ago, DJB said:

       Taking this stat along with the rounds 1 thru 3 offensive weapons draft stat, and how our defense always fails in the post season since it’s inception, and the writing on the wall is now in huge block letters yelling at our GM to go offense in the first and third rounds of this up coming draft at minimum. It is long past the time to make the offense the priority for this team.  Just imagine this offense with Kincaid, Shakir, Diggs, and two additional high quality receivers…, 

  13. 3 hours ago, JAX said:

    We should have a few 3-5 year windows with Josh.  Window 1 is likely done with several key players finished or close to finished.  Thanks to them for a great run. If i am the Bills I consider a fairly hard reset even if a  less competitive for a year or two.  Why?  The only satisfying outcome at this point is a Super Bowl win and many teams are on the rise. We need to take a bit of medicine and get younger, cheaper and more explosive. 


    I think Beane has done a great job and rolled the dice with Von and others and we had our chances with great rosters but 13 seconds and injuries left us short (not to mention the Chiefs).   We now have the challenge of re-tooling for window 2.  The O line is solid if we can keep Brown but we need 2 WRs (I do not  think Diggs is part of the next window).  Knox is a nice player but too expensive (maybe re-contract or trade).  We need to build around Josh strengths and not ask him to be something he is not. The D needs a rebuild with the exception of LB and maybe corner for at least a couple of years.  We do need a good D, a great passing game is not enough.


    I think the Bills and many of the fans probably see the situation in a similar way.  I am interested to watch how aggressive  they are or do they make necessary incremental moves trying to go year to year hoping Josh can pull them over the hump with super star play.  I am over the loss and excited for the off-season although the cap problem is a drag.  My expectations as a fan with Josh are high so it is hard for them to meet them.

    I agree, we have something around a decade plus left of “windows”  with Allen at the helm, I think we will all be pleasantly surprised with how good the roster is set up going into training camp, 😁👍


    GO BILLS!!!

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  14. 1 hour ago, DapperCam said:

    Does anybody really think we’ll get a haul for Diggs? He has a big cap hit, and he played more like an inconsistent WR2 the last 10 games of the season. It’s a lot of risk for the acquiring team. What if he continues to decline further next season?


    Of course there is the upside he is back to his regular top-5 self, but it’s a risk.

    Diggs will be a Bill this upcoming season, and depending on his play, another year after that, his role of course will change, imo he has a couple more productive season left in him, 

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