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  1. It is “when”  not  “if” games become compromised because of gambling, imo, league owners (some who own gambling establishments) and employees are very likely already gambling on games via some other conduit/entity, it will become a total sh-t show when it becomes public. I give it a year ish, then the league will morph into something akin to horse racing, which is only logical, being both are big on PEDS usage,  😂


    GO BILLS!!!

  2. 37 minutes ago, The Wiz said:

    I mean, he did that for diggs.

    True enough, but it was a well controlled / thought out trade, that and it was a current year 1st, for a known entity,  I would think that if we could get a Diggs caliber player with years of output left like Diggs, we would all be willing to do it again. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, section122 said:

    So the board has now moved to complaining about decisions that work out too?


    Cmon man! This is getting ridiculous. 


    Worried about 3rd and longs

    Worried we arent blowing teams out

    Worried about the o line

    Worried about diggs becoming a diva (seriously hasn't this been put to rest?!)

    Complaining about ed oliver


    That is just the first page!


    Not to mention the complaining about dorsey and his 2nd most ypg and 4th most ppg offense


    Or the complaining about frazier and his 9th ranked ypg and 2 ranked ppg defense


    Or the complaining about mcd and 11-3 afc #1 seed with the highest strength of victory, incredibly difficult schedule, and handling a myriad of injuries.


    Some of you need to cheer the ***** up and move on from 13 seconds.  Sheesh.


    Totally agree, lots of first world whining going on here, these folk will be complaining about how we didn’t win the super bowl the way they wanted it won, its totally mind numbingly absurd.


    Go Bills!!!!

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  4. it is as if pretending to know something is enough…,  


     So yeah, let’s just release/cut every player on the D line that doesn’t have 15 sacks, or enough splash plays to make a few fans happy, and then continue to ignore the glaring needs on the O-line and at WR while we spend our draft capital and limited FA funding to replace that defensive front, just Brilliant…,  


    GO BILLS!!!

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  5. 13 hours ago, LOVEMESOMEBILLS said:


    This board is literally scared of every G*d damn thing known to man. I feel like I'm in the movie The Replacements.


     I guess I'll join in and give it a whirl..... Spiders. Anyone else scared of spiders?





    This right here^^^

    WTF is up with this fearing, worrying, concerned with, just about every GD thing this and every other team has ever had to contend with every single season since the inception of football? JFC let’s give this crap a rest for a couple of days, 


    let’s just beat the Bears and move on from there, that would be nice, wouldn’t it…, 


    Thanks in advance, yours truly Don 😂


    GO BILLS!!!

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