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  1. Hey in the jets fans defense they didn't know Darnold was gonna make out with some dude and miss a bunch of games lol.
  2. How many owners and coaches would happily trade 2 1st's a 4th and some cash for 6 superbowl victories. Sounds like a good deal to me Not to mention 9 afc championships
  3. Lets go there and throw dildos on the field instead . They can be red white or blue. That will really make a statement lol.
  4. They are an embarrassment to the league. If we could start thousands of people saying they were gonna boycott watching nfl if they dont punish the pats severely maybe they will. Kind of like the storm area 51 thing. How do we get that started . Maybe we should ask that kid who started that how.
  5. Its a long read but worth it . Ive been so pissed since i read it . I live amongst these cheater fans and deal with alot of bull#### supporting the bills. I wish someone would tweet this article out To the major nfl fans chats
  6. https://www.espn.com/espn/otl/story/_/id/13533995/split-nfl-new-england-patriots-apart everyone please read this it explains everything the pats do to cheat. Ex players coming out and ratting on them . You need to know who ernie adams is.
  7. This article explains how the patriots have been cheating all along . Ex players ratting them out . People need to see this i wish someone could tweet it out so alot of nfl fans could read also..https://www.espn.com/espn/otl/story/_/id/13533995/split-nfl-new-england-patriots-apart Its a long read but worth it
  8. I think our best defense against them will be our offense. Long sustained clock draining drives like against dallas we had a late drive that lasted over 7 mins. Keep there offense off the field and score td's not field goals and i think we have a legit shot to win
  9. Ya know Jim kelly had only a 60.1 comp% . I think that is very doable for josh over his career if not better
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