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  1. Two economists walk down the street and seeing a $20 bill lying on the sidewalk. The first economist says, "Look at that $20 bill." The second says, "That can't really be a $20 bill lying there, because if it were, someone would have picked it up already." So they walk on, leaving the $20 bill undisturbed.
  2. If that’s true, then how did Wilson complete less than 60% of his passes each of his first three years in college?
  3. de·prav·i·ty /dəˈpravədē/ noun moral corruption; wickedness.
  4. One very important data point is that Belichick has seen more of Stidham than anyone else, and thinks Stidham can get it done at the NFL level. Based on that I'd bet he is at least somewhat successful.
  5. I respect your right to this opinion, even though I think it is dumb.
  6. First they came for the alcohol, and I did not speak out— Because I did not drink alcohol.
  7. The combine order for throwing absolutely changed the perception of Fromm. Fromm threw right after Eason, who clocked in at 59mph and was the fastest thrower in the combine. Fromm clocked in at 53mph, which is reasonable for the NFL. Watson threw 45mph in comparison... Among the other top prospects this draft, only Herbert threw a little faster than Fromm (55/54mph). Here's what the data shows: Year: 2020 Jacob Eason Washington 59 (Left) 59 (Right) Jake Luton Oregon State 59 (Left) 56 (Right) Steven Montez Colorado 58 (Left) 59 (Right) Kevin Davidson Princeton 57 (Left) 56 (Right) Justin Herbert Oregon 55 (Left) 54 (Right) James Morgan Florida International 54 (Left) 54 (Right) Jordan Love Utah State 54 (Left) 53 (Right) Jalen Hurts Oklahoma 54 (Left) 51 (Right) Jake Fromm Georgia 53 (Left) 53 (Right) Nate Stanley Iowa 52 (Left) 54 (Right) Anthony Gordon Washington State 52 (Left) 51 (Right) Brian Lewerke Michigan State 51 (Left) 49 (Right) Cole McDonald Hawaii 51 (Left) 47 (Right) Shea Patterson Michigan 50 (Left) 51 (Right) Kelly Bryant Missouri 47 (Left) 45 (Right) Joe Burrow – did not throw Tua Tagovailoa – did not throw
  8. There were six starters last year, that Beane brought in as free agents: 1. Mitch Morse 2. Jon Feliciano 3. Quinton Spain 4. John Brown 5. Cole Beasley 6. Frank Gore (first half of the season) None of those free agent signings were from Carolina. In fact, when Beane has brought in Carolina players as free agents, they have tended to do worse here.
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