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  1. I'd guess he's one of the two Bills players above the average line, at ~255lb. Impressive that Kelce is noticeably faster at a slightly bigger size, though.
  2. I just saw an interesting post from NFL Next Gen Stats, showing the weight and top speed (MPH) for a number of offensive players in the NFL this year (credit: https://twitter.com/NextGenStats/status/1217540824809914368). From the graph you'll notice that a lot of the guys near the Pareto curve in size vs speed are among the most effective offensive players in the league (i.e. nobody as big is faster, or nobody as fast is bigger). Some standout names here are Derrick Henry, Saquon Barkley, Christian Mccaffrey, Travis Kelce, and Odell Beckham Jr. On the Bills, there's just a single player who's substantially above average for these metrics: Josh Allen. In fact, only two other Bills players are barely over the average line, and the rest are all below. For me, this is a clear indication that the Bills could benefit tremendously by adding top athletes to the offense.
  3. He tried out for the Kansas City MLS team back around 2011. This attempt at a cross pretty much sums up how it went: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhHNodHq5CU&feature=youtu.be&t=69
  4. You need to be locked in the day before a game. Let's see what players are listed: Cody Ford Jordan Philips Ed Oliver Shaq Lawson Vincent Taylor Did a single one of those guys have a good game??? Coincidence???
  5. The best case scenario is that the Bills draw the best teams possible, and shut them all down on their way to the SB.
  6. One good thing about Beane and McDermott, is that I trust their ability to assess a player's character. I'm no longer worried that we willl overpay for a player based on their contract year play, when in reality they aren't motivated and will regress. I expect they are completely sold on Phillips, will give him 10M per year, and he will continue to be great. I expect they will give Lawson an offer of ~5M per year and be outbid.
  7. I don't understand the premise of this thread. If you want to evaluate Brady's success against teams already establishing themselves as good through the course of the season, then you should obviously include the playoffs. With those, Brady probably has the most success of any NFL QB ever. If (and probably when) Brady fails to deliver against the Bills tomorrow, it will be due to the talent of the Bills pass defense, and to some extent Brady's own decline. He will not fail because he is unprepared or inexperienced going against good teams...
  8. In case any of you thought we were now being respected by the media, or that we should celebrate Tre's (well deserved) appearance as being enough, here you go. I throw together a quick graphic of win percentage vs pro bowl appearances by team. Guess who's the clear outlier in terms of under representation...
  9. There are lots, so we should be able to pick up someone pretty solid at the 32nd pick.
  10. It feels like he shouldn't be running designed runs period. The most effective scheme for him seems to be 5 receivers, with the RB peeling out downfield if it's not a pass play. Josh should be scrambling in place of a checkdown, as it seems to be a lot more effective so far. I hope the analytics department is tracking average yards on these plays to be sure, because as a casual viewer there seems to be a pretty big gap.
  11. 615% completion percentage is pretty damn good. Possibly unprecedented.
  12. I won't lie and say that I saw a lot of Cowboys games, but I maybe say 5-10 while he was there. Every damn time it was 3rd and long, and the other players all failed, they would pass to him, and almost never before. And on those third and longs he usually brought it in. He was absolutely ignored there. Even in the Bills offense, I think he has the capability to do a lot more. His work put in today could be his production every game.
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