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  1. My list: 1) Dolphins 2) Patriots 3) Cowboys 4) Giants 5) Redskins 6) Jets 7) Whoever we are playing that week.
  2. 1) A much better way to do a draft of all NFL players as free agents would be an auction draft. Use the salary cap as how much you can spend in the draft and draft your players. Why should Cincinnati be the only club with the option to get Mahomes? 2) This draft was performed by a bunch of homers for each of the teams they cover. I think some of them might have gotten confused with the final rule, "Each GM was asked to draft with intentions of winning a Super Bowl within five years." 3) Terrible 1st Round Picks if you are starting a NEW franchise. 6. L.A. Chargers: Ronnie Stanley, OT 8. Arizona: Drew Brees, QB 12. Las Vegas: Aaron Rodgers, QB 14. Tampa Bay: Tom Brady, QB 16. Atlanta: Matt Ryan, QB 18. Pittsburgh: Teddy Bridgewater, QB 25. Minnesota: Ryan Tannehill, QB 28. Baltimore: Matthew Stafford, QB
  3. Guys/Gals, I could go on with this banter, but I really come to this board to talk about the Bills. I'm going to bow out of this conversation now. Carry on.
  4. In my reply to you, I was saying why the issue of 'murder of black people' has become political, which is what Kaep was kneeling for... Antifa is using the current situation to incite violence. I do not think they really care about the real issue, "murder of black people". IMO, they are the ones that helped to incite rioting and destroying to businesses.
  5. Instead of just sending me a link, how about you actually tell me what you want to talk about... Dude, can you actually keep a singular thought... Who the F said that Antifa was about Kaep's kneeling... Keep up man...
  6. We are all for stopping the unnecessary violence towards blacks, whites, asians, hispanics, when in the custody of the police. The George Floyd incident has put 99.9% of everyone on the same side. The cop that did this should be put away for a LONG LONG time. It's a political issue because of different groups that have made this political. Black Lives Matter as a group is a far left group. Antifa is a WAY far left group. Both of these group have politicized this. I've seen many videos where Trump supporters wanted to come out and protest with all the other protestors, just to be shunned and ran out with the threat of violence.
  7. SDS, In any of these cities where all this brutality is happening, which Political party is in power? Who voted for Trump has nothing to do with this issue. Trump does not control the police force in Baltimore, NYC, Minneapolis, LA, Washington DC, Chicago. The other party controls ALL the levers of power in those cities. AND in most cases the other party has been in power there for MANY DECADES! Maybe you should look at Biden who signed and championed the Crime Bill that put in many black people into jails....
  8. Worst logic Logic. If Kaep wanted to produce a TV ad and play it during football games, I have no problem with that. Intentionally being provocative at work to produce a controversy while working AND disrespecting a good majority of the American public, which cost the NFL many millions of dollars. That is why Kaep will probably never be a QB again. Even during press conferences after games or press interviews to share his views would have been ok IMO. But out on the football field on Sunday in his teams uniform, I'm sorry I don't agree with it. Curious, why is the military and saluting military personnel political or a social issue? Dems/Repubs/Libertarians/Independents all participate in military service.
  9. You are correct, cities are allowed to spend their money any way they like. I have not heard the reason for the cuts is COVID-19. The only thing I have heard is they are going to move those monies to other initiatives.... so it is not lowering the budget. So it looks like a kneejerk reaction to the whole 'defund police' calls. So, it looks punitive.
  10. People are allowed to use their rights whenever you want to, but you have to accept the consequences of your actions (which includes the opinion of others). Just like I can say whatever I want, but depending on where I am, I could lose my job for comments when I am at work, or receive a backlash on this message board because of replying to you if people don't agree with me. Kapernick (sp?) decided to sit/take a knee when he was on the job. You are allowed to do that, but accept the consequences of your actions. He did it intentionally (just like the cops/pig socks at work) because he wanted to be provocative. Well, he brought a whole poopstorm down on the NFL and now he doesn't work there. Actions have consequences. If Kapernick held a press conference when not at work and wanted to express his grievances, that would have been more proper and he might still be on an NFL roster.
  11. IMO, this will be the first season where we can get a decent comparison between Dak and Josh Allen. Dak has had a very good offense around him his whole career, while this season will be the first where Josh Allen has all the pieces to create a good offense. Dak still has a better OLine, RB's. The WR's are close to a push, with the Cowboys with a slight advantage. So let's see how Josh and Dak look after the first 4-6 games this year...
  12. Can we do this with QB's too? Some run the football, some go out for passes... can we average their cost with those positions??? 😄
  13. Josh's rookie year, the offense talent on that team tied both of his hand behind his back... Last year, with a retooled Oline, a #2 WR as a #1, good slot receiver, and super green TE's, Josh showed very noticeable improvement and led us to the playoffs. Now, this year, the same Oline is back (after a year of gelling), WR is now a strength with a #1 WR coming in, minus Gore plus Moss will improve running game. I expect the continued improvement in Josh Allen this year. IMO, our offense will continue to improve with all the new weapons, which will open up everyone. Also, it looks like Josh is a great leader and the physicality to play QB at a high level (can run and cannon for arm). IMO, it all depends on how far this team progresses. We make it to a Superbowl and actually win , Josh can get anything he wants. If he shows that with a #1 WR the offense can be productive, he will get a good deal. Bold prediction: I think Buffalo is going to totally blow up some teams this year. With a big offense improvement and an already stout defense, I think we can see some 35-7 ballgames in our future. Bold Prediction2: I actually think that Josh Allen will resign with Buffalo and it will be a very favorable, cap friendly deal because I think Josh cares more about winning than the paycheck.
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