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  1. Alas, Beane will NOT return my phone calls, so I will live with the picks they make. As long as the pick is not a RB, I'll prob be ok with the pick as we are pretty loaded. I was estatic w/ the Josh Allen and Edmunds picks, not very happy w/ the Ed Oliver pick, and thought we paid a little too much for Diggs (compared to the Hopkins trade) but wanted to get Diggs. So I've been happy with most all our first round picks (or trade for that player). Yes, I trust this front office. With the draft and the bargain bin pickups that Beane have worked out.... this
  2. Someone who can cover the TE well: JOK A DT1 big fatty that sucks up blockers.
  3. 1. Trevor Lawrence QB, Clemson 2. Zach Wilson QB, BYU 3. Mac Jones QB, Alabama 4. Kyle Pitts TE, Florida 5. Ja'Marr Chase WR, LSU 6. Penei Sewell OT, Oregon 7. Rashawn Slater OT, Northwestern 8. Jaylen Waddle WR, Alabama 9. Trey Lance QB, North Dakota State 10. Patrick Surtain II CB, Alabama 11. DeVonta Smith WR, Alabama 12. Jaycee Horn CB, South Carolina 13. Christian Darrisaw OT, Virginia Tech 14. Justin Fields QB, Ohio State 15. Micah Parsons LB, Penn State 16. Alijah Vera-Tucker IOL, USC 17. Christian Barmore
  4. Well, since we are going to trade back into Round 2... Landon Dickerson / Creed Humphrey Alim McNeil / other big fatty 1T best CB avail w/ 3rd round pick 4th round pick (got in tradeback) .... Chubba Hubbard.
  5. I hope 3 RB's go before buffalo picks and 6 QBs...
  6. Next years draft will have TONS of talent... Lets trade back and obtain picks for next year.
  7. that would destroy every sport. you would have a couple of teams w all the talent.
  8. I think the biggest problem that we would face doing that would be how much of the future draft wise would we have to give up to get that 1 player... Now, if it's someone like Pitts, then I could make a case for that because that dude is a living mismatch and would fix our TE position and make our offense deadlier... NOW if you are going to do that, we would probably have to trade into the top 5-6 to do that... so that would take major draft capital to do that. He is the one exception. Anyone else, no, I don't think it's worth it UNLESS the capital to move up comes from this draft (or late r
  9. Well, at least the pick wasn't a RB. Ossai... ugh... Texas players are SOOO overrated.
  10. Now I know why Buffalo wasn't in on Clowney... 😆 8 MIL, up to 10 MIL w/ incentives... pass.
  11. Trade our first round pick for a 2nd and 3rd round pick??? Dallas - #44 and #75 OR Steelers - #42 and #87 OR Giants - #55 and #58
  12. With Knox in the fold and we traded away our best blocking TE, I would rather get a great blocking TE rather than focusing on another pass catching TE. I know I'd rather find one that does both (we all do), but if we want our running game to perform better, the OLine will probably need some real help, ie. a great blocking TE. I'm sure there is a good blocking TE somewhere in the draft or unsigned draft pick. As long as the dude can roll out 2-3 times a game and catch the ball, then every other time he is in there he is making a difference blocking for our RB's (or Josh
  13. I always overvalue our players. I guess if we could move our 3rd and singletary to get an early/mid 2nd round, that is probably a good trade. Buffalo's #93 pick is worth 128 pts. Lets say Arizona traded their 2nd round to us #49, it's worth 410. Diff is 282. 282 points is roughly equivalent to the bottom 2nd round pick, #62. So I guess that would mean that Singletary is equiv to a 2nd round pick in that scenario. I just don't see Beane trading away Singletary unless he gets at least a 3rd round pick, which is where he was drafted.
  14. IF we could trade Singletary and like a 6th round pick for a 2nd round pick, I think that would work. We could draft or sign another RB to cover that spot.
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