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  1. All right Beane! Now is the time to pounce! Give him a base of 15MIL/year and incentives to get to 19-20MIL/yr... 2-3 year deal.
  2. Tampa Bay surprised me. Switch out QB's and they have better odds than Buffalo...
  3. Wow! great roster breakdown. I think someone else said this, but I thought the new CBA expanded the roster size, active gameday roster size, and practice squad size.
  4. Well, it was just a throw away comment where I would give 3 #1 picks for Trevor, but I wouldn't for Burrow. Now, I think Burrow is going to be good, but from a Miami perspective, you got Tua and Herbert that are also very good and will probably be there at their pick (or at least one of them will). Trevor, IMO, is more of a Elway, Peyton, or Luck type of QB coming out of college. He looks like one of those top echelon QB talents that do not come along very often. So whoever gets the #1 pick NEXT year, is going to be a very lucky franchise, IMO. As of this moment, NO, I'm very happy with Josh Allen and we can / will win with him, so I would not try to go after Trevor next year. NOW, hypothetical (which I don't think will happen), IF Josh Allen really regressed and did not look good this year AND we ended with a terrible record which gives us a Top 5 pick...Yes, I think you seriously need to think about drafting Trevor. Trevor in 2 years in college has only been to 2 national championship games, won 1 of them (as a true freshman), and has only LOST 1 game in his college career...
  5. Nate Stanley...whoa. Was he even a good college QB?
  6. I doubt Mims makes it out of the top of the 2nd round... I'm sure Carolina will pick him in the second... Rhule.
  7. If they want a 3rd...pass. Like others have said, he's 32, hasn't played in 2 years and prob wants 15Mil +... pass. This conversation enlightens me that unless we could find a cheap other OT or another in the draft, Ford is our RT.
  8. hahahaha, is Wash seriously asking for Rosen??? That's a hell of a QB room. Then they draft Tua at #2? 😆
  9. Washington is kinda over a barrel here where he is demanding a trade or cut him... I'd give Wash a 4-5 round pick. Still need to negotiate w/ Williams too...
  10. Seriously, why could the draft NOT go on other than GMs can't evaluate players as thorough as they would like. Each teams war room... less than 10 ppl? Actual draft auditorium... 2 ppl per team, plus some extra ppl... less than 100 ppl spaced out... This can be done. Also, I like the idea of spreading out the draft. Do it over 5 days, Round 1, 2, 3, 4-5, 6-7
  11. Nice post. Ok, so we got Josh Allen for #1. With the addition of Diggs, it gives us a solid WR trio (plus singletary flaring out of the backfield) which will make it very hard for any defense to deal with. Last year, Brown was the #1... Can you imagine how much better he can do against the other teams #2 CB? Which then makes a better matchup for Beasley and the TE inside. Josh just needs to start trusting the WR's a little more and throw just a hair earlier. This will also let him not hold the ball for so long. #2 RB. This will probably be added via draft. #3 DE. I'm not sure this is going to happen... rushing beast DE's are usually not available in the 2nd round. So this addition would have to be thru FA or trade. For myself, I'd like a go at Clowney w/ a 2 year 'prove it deal' with a decently high base salary 12-15MIL/yr and performance bonuses that could get up to 20-22MIL. Getting Clowney would instantly upgrade our pass rush. I think he would give us the opportunity to just rush 4 and still get the same pressure as our 'creative' generated pass rush (which someone else coined in this thread). They we can play zone with 7 defenders behind the rush and make it very hard to find someone open. Clowney maximized our defensive potential IMO. Now, for some other 'minor' positions that need some TLC. #4 WR - It would be absolutely criminal if we did not take advantage of this amazing, deep WR class. we need at least 1 WR drafted and some draft free agents to provide depth behind the Big 3. #5 OT - It looks like we are really putting all our eggs in the Ford basket at RT. Hopefully he will improve after a year under his belt, more mind melting of the offensive line and an offseason of technique work. SUPER BOWL HERE WE COME!!!
  12. How many QB sacks does someone need to get to be worth $20MIL a year? I think you got to have an incentive based contract with him. Set a base salary of whatever, 12-15MIL/yr. then give him incentives that he can get up to 20-22mil a year. IF he plays all world, he gets all world money. Anything less, than we got a good DE that helps out the team for a 'reasonable' number.
  13. So we save at least a million with this release and resign???
  14. Ouch... Come on down Clowney with an incentive based 1 year prove it deal!
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