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  1. Fanspeak w/ Steve info. 22: R1P22 CB TREVON DIGGS ALABAMA 54: R2P22 DL NEVILLE GALLIMORE OKLAHOMA 86: R3P22 WR DENZEL MIMS BAYLOR 125: R4P22 WR K.J. HILL OHIO STATE 155: R5P9 LB JACOB PHILLIPS LSU 167: R5P21 RB ZACK MOSS UTAH 188: R6P9 TE JAKE BREELAND OREGON 201: R6P22 EDGE CHAUNCEY RIVERS MISSISSIPPI STATE 207: R6P28 RB AJ DILLON BOSTON COLLEGE I would say so-so for this draft. WR's were down to Higgins, so I passed. 2nd round WR's weren't good enough either, IMO. So went 3rd and 4th WR, which I think are serviceable. Got 2 RBs for the Herd! We should start calling our RB's "The Herd!".
  2. And look at what KC did to get up there because they thought Mahomes was 'the guy'. That guy just got them a superbowl. There were/ARE a lot of question marks still on Lamar Jackson, which is why he was there at the end of the first. Supreme speed/quickness. Hard to hit a moving target in Hawaii... Next year, teams will be more ready for Lamar and that offense. 3, 10, the number of the draft pick doesn't matter. If you think that QB is 'the guy' you should get them. A franchise QB will always keep your team in a game. Detroit is picking 3. If you think Tua, Herbert, etc... is going to be 'the guy', you draft them. that's what I was trying to say. Draft is a crap shoot.
  3. 1) Would Washington actually be dumb enough to let Chase Young slide thru their fingers? The dude is very good and will make their defense legit. 2) Detroit SHOULD look into the QB's. You are picking 3rd. If you can get the next Mahomes don't you have to look/draft that? Stafford isn't getting any younger and a bad back. 3) Hopefully Miami gets screwed in this. Ok, putting rumors of Stafford being shopped around will put more pressure on Miami IF they are locked in with Tua. Now, if Wash trades with Miami, they will NOT get Young. He will be long gone before their pick. So their best trade partner is Detroit. Only going down 1 pick. Here's what I want to happen: Detroit keeps putting on a pressure campaign on Miami about QB. Miami and Wash start discussing about trading picks. Detroit comes in and actually trades with Wash for the higher pick, giving up their 1st and 2nd round picks (as a previous poster said).... THEN Detroit drafts Chase Young. and totally screws Wash over. Would you trade an extra 2 to get Chase Young? I would.
  4. Thanks for sharing your insights on this. So if we are picking 22 and there are only 15 1st Round grades, what do you do when your 15 have been snatched up??? Do you try to trade down and out of the 1st round? Do you just take someone knowing they should be picked at least 1/2 a round later? What's the thought process? Thanks.
  5. half? More like 90% of the cost. I think if we are giving up 5-10MIL of the cap for a RB, then the return has to be heavily in our favor. I think we would have to swap 2nd round picks (moving up 18 spots) and bring a 6th up to a 3rd/4th round pick sounds like reasonable compensation for cap hit. IF we don't get exactly what we want from this trade, I say don't do it. Go w/ a rookie.
  6. Whoa! This is what I want right here! WR Position fixed.
  7. I'm good with an OT, DE, or WR with the first pick. Just as long as it's not a bonehead pick like RB... (I don't see Beane messing this up). Also, like others have said, if Simmons drops down into the teens, I hope Beane goes up and gets him. The dude is a beast.
  8. We should be drafting a new RB almost every single year to replenish the herd.
  9. If we can get them for the same price, I don't have a problem with that. I just don't want to sink more money into QB. Spend the money at other places.
  10. Dak is a glorified busdriver. He has a great OLine He has an elite RB behind him. He has a great WR corp. Dallas ends at 8-8... So why did they fail? Coach? Really. Buffalo totally destroyed them. Buffalo's DEF stopped their offense until we started playing prevent defense at the end of the game. SO when Dak get paid 37-40MIL and then they have to start cutting talent around him... Can he carry that offense??? NO, he can't. Now, If I was Dallas. I would try and trade Dak to Miami for 2 1st round draft picks + Josh Rosen. That way you can either bundle picks to get Tua or pick a different heir apparent AND you still have picks to help other positions.
  11. To be honest with you, I have no clue if Flores belongs in the hall, or jimmy, or cowher. All were great coaches in my opinion, but I think the reason why jimmy and cowher were chosen over the others is bc it was a publicity stunt for NFL 100. Which BTW worked out very well for the NFL. The surprise on their faces and their speechlessness was very heart tugging.
  12. CorkScrew was pretty much how I was thinking about this topic. 1. Josh Allen is our starter. We do not need anyone else behind him 'to be ready'. We will live and die with this production. 2. How much at a minimum are you going to pay your BACKUP QB? Nobody on that list is going to get less than 25MIL to play. So you basically want to suck up 25MIL for a QB that's going to sit on the bench! 3. Barkley's cap hit this year is 2MIL. He is a capable backup. 4. Let's use that 25MIL somewhere where's it actually needed... anywhere but QB...
  13. Pretty simple. The NFL in it's 100 year glory wanted to have coaches on each of the NFL pregame shows to get into the hall. They wanted it very open and for everyone to see. Basically a big NFL commercial in the middle of a pregame show.
  14. For players like this, I hope and pray the Bills have a talent department that evaluated current player talent level during the season. This way Beane already knows that Norman is washed up and not to waste any time on him... We don't need anymore DBs retiring at halftime...
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