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  1. What makes you think Mahomes or Watson would have had the same level of success if they came here, instead of KC and Houston?
  2. Scumbag BetaDawg is going to tear this thread apart!
  3. Except Mr. WEO would say that Belichick and the Patriots have EARNED the right to do this, whereas McDermott and the Bills have done NOTHING to deserve the right to take a break like this.
  4. Not according to Mr. WEO (or ScottLaw). To him, this is what mediocrity, softness and ill-prepared for competition looks like, and why the Patriots continue to dominate the division year after year after year.
  5. What would you have done differently, Coach?
  6. I gather Darnold is looking like Tom Brady in Jets camp against that defense?
  7. Call Cincinnati and find out what it would take to get AJ Green here.
  8. 1.) Why in God's name would Houston accept only a 2nd round pick and bringing in Shaq Lawson, who has done less than nothing, to replace a former 1st overall pick like Clowney? 2.) Clowney has been in the league since 2014 and has never gotten to 10 sacks in a season. By comparison, Mario had already exceeded 10 sacks twice before coming to Buffalo (in 2007 and 2008) and came close to 10 sacks again in 2009.
  9. Imagine giving Houston what could very well be a high 1st or 2nd round pick in 2020, while also watching Clowney turn into another Lazy Mario, once he gets his 100+ million contract.
  10. Maybe he's good friends with Laviska Shenault, Jr. and Beane wants to get some advance info on him
  11. They should have replaced him with ScottLaw or Mr. WEO.
  12. "If you were Lamar Jackson, I'd feel much better about our chances this year."
  13. Well, we can officially rule the Bills out in the Gerald McCoy sweepstakes: DT McCoy targeting contender: 'I want to win' http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26815384/want-win
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