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  1. Tell that to Ronin, ScottLaw, Mr. WEO and Zerovoltz
  2. Given that you feel Ed Oliver hasn't looked very good, would you be ok with Beane trading Oliver to Houston, as part of a deal for Clowney?
  3. If O'Brien was the Bills coach, we'd all be wearing red, white and blue DeShaun Watson jerseys on Sundays right now. A LOT of fans wanted Watson at 10 two years ago, and some still haven't forgiven McDermott for trading down and passing on him and Mahomes.
  4. I'd be willing to bet that most Bills fans wished O'Brien was our coach, instead of McDermott.
  5. WHAT IS BEANE WAITING FOR!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!??!?
  6. And, yet, you, and every other Bills fan, would give their soul to the Devil himself for Rodgers to be the QB, instead of Allen.
  7. @Alphadawg7 would kiss Brandon Beane on the lips, if he was able to get Clowney by getting rid of Zay Jones.
  8. "Prefers Seahawks, Eagles as potential destinations" Can't say I blame him. They have complete teams. The Bills don't; at least not yet.
  9. Mods, can we please close this thread for the time being? Beane is not trading for Clowney (certainly not a 1st or 2nd, and roster players), and it is beyond doubtful that Clowney would even be willing to accept a trade to come here.
  10. Imagine, a year from now, Tyree Jackson throwing 80 yard bombs to Laviska Shenault in Training Camp!
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