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  1. On the night of the draft not a Bills fan is stirring, not even daring to touch the remote. Then all of a sudden to our eyes it appears, McBeane makes a trade for a player to cheer. .....I hope.
  2. He's opening a driving school franchise "Marshawn's Hit-n-Run"
  3. With DL players Gary, which I wouldn't take at 9, and Sweat having physical concerns, the Bills are in a sense knocked out of the top 9 derby which would appear to include Oliver and possibly Hockensen. If so, no doubt, imo, as I play Captain Obvious, McBeane will be trying to move up or back.
  4. A similar reaction to how the Left are acting over their Green Plan ideas:
  5. "The agencies are currently looking for people who are female, between the ages of 24 and 55 and who speak German." .....they'd be shut down in this country for discrimination.
  6. Could it be that even immigrants don't like Cuomo given they pass through N.Y., where they'd be welcome with open arms and treated well, to go to Canada ?
  7. .....might be part of the new Green Deal being proposed.
  8. Lawson is not worth the money they'd have to pay him. He's a 1st round bust, like the coach who insisted on drafting him. (.....because his son was a bench player at Clemson at the time ?)
  9. Such piety. It is the "Curse of the Bambino" that forever puts the Red Sox in their rightful and eternal rear view mirror place forever behind the Yankees.
  10. Her escort service "mug shot" I'm guessing.
  11. They haven't practiced together yet. Outside of a know-it-all soothsayer, no one could formulate an intelligent serious opinion on the new O-line so soon. Unless one is throwing darts at this.
  12. Mock draftniks make a mockery of the draft and themselves.
  13. Problem is none of these FA's are thinking, "Yeah, get me to Buffalo". " But if they want to make me rich beyond my wildest dreams".....
  14. The Tinman, before he saw the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz, had more heart than Maybin.
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