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  1. Obviously you get your thrills in here. Just leave the young boys alone.
  2. Question: Are you confused as to if you are the ass or the hole ?
  3. The query should be are all absentee voters legal ?
  4. No, but no doubt, your bottle scavenging thru others recycle bins is paying your bills.
  5. Must suck not being able to go back to your chasing shopping carts job.
  6. You and your RV capers surely are deviant, just not easy to pin down your proclivities whilst in there.
  7. Tiberius among the little boys in Rome before he was beaten to death.
  8. com/articles/SB500014240527023043362045765831407964 Too bad it can't help your malevolence.
  9. Yes. Enlighten us about the chicken farmer during the Depression and how it correlates with the job Trump is doing today
  10. You're understanding the cow farmer during the Depression ? Fair to say, the manure part you have grasped.
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