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  1. That last couple years has sucked the life out of people everywhere, in general.
  2. Yes, but not the seismic kind. Gas prices, oddly, spiked.
  3. The regular season ride is always more enjoyable to reflect upon when able to board the post season train.
  4. …..I can’t. But Shakir be my hope to fill the Bill.
  5. My wife was mad that I went to bed after checking in/out around the house and saying the coast was clear. Didn’t talk to me till the afternoon, not long after her earthquake text and chat-a-thon had finally dwindled. Personally, I’d never complain about more of these little rumbles if it meant I never shovel my driveway again.
  6. 0-0 come September, but might change that prediction if Frazier is still the DC on opening day.
  7. Boy, someone has a thing for the local has been sports persons desperately hanging to be relevant at any level.
  8. Well, being you’re just a boy, I understand your behavior.
  9. There’s only one reason. Hate away haters, rev up your excuse machines….. …..it rings hollow to the countless who know he is simply the greatest.
  10. Wife heard something, said she thought I dropped over in the house, she had a funny look when she woke me. Got up and walk around inside and out, nothing, thought all is good here, went back to bed. No problems here.
  11. The pursuit of completely unattainable stratospheric salaried players and how to do so is alway humorous. Maybe this should be a permanent thread, since these brilliant fixes never end and definitely never run out.
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