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  1. Go there, be low key and when the Bills win go quietly back to your vehicle and party like it's 1999.
  2. Multi-millionraire athletes can do so much good for those up against it. .....and a lot of them do. Bless those who do.
  3. Be it 1 game a season or 16, when Gronkowski was on the field defenses were perplexed. Greatest TE ever.....so far.
  4. Gronk's retiring was a huge blow to their offense.
  5. I was a grunt/low man in a union shop. Never said no to anything. I out earned my wives. My back finally blew out at 54.Ten screws, 4 rods. But life is still good.
  6. I wish, but no, they wanted it. My 3rd. and present wonderful wife just completed 1 1/2 years of cancer treatment. They each have Bachelor degrees.
  7. What I wouldn't give to bowl a game once more. Carrying a football is like nothing comparatively.
  8. Women get TMJ like 4 or 5 times more than men. My two ex-wives and present wife all developed it. I don't know why.
  9. Moss was a pee pot player. Squirting a referee with a water bottle. He pouted when he was on a bad Raiders team too. But he was one of the best WR's ever. He cheapshotted Milano.
  10. All the praise heaped on Allen on Thanksgiving was negated yesterday. Daboll certainly is not a proven commodity either. That was a winnable game.
  11. Still hoping for that participation trophy for most comments in a forum ?
  12. A self portrait of ones own brain exploding, hope all is well.
  13. Bills O-line couldn't handle Ravens pressure. Some bad passes to be expected given that. The glaring drops aren't. Difference was Ravens touchdown on a turnover. The Bills had opportunities to win the game.
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