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  1. Just heard Thompson is playing. Sort of surprised. Going tonight. yeah
  2. At this point, the baby step approach regarding this season here on in is suffice for me. …..or as the oft repeated cliche’ goes, and is now appropriate, I’ll take it one game at a time”
  3. The 2x SB champ Chiefs are a great team, who, at 8-4, has “struggled” this season. Presently, they aren’t facing a team over .500 for the rest of the season. Twelve wins or more is expected for them. For other teams, that be a great season.
  4. What teams have, or have done, isn’t the big problem, in game gaffes and decisions are.
  5. Dear Dawson, Congratulations. Always a classy touch on one knee when proposing. Here’s wishing you a long, happy and prosperous marriage. Sincerely, A 3x kneeler.
  6. “Dom DiSandro enters his 25th season with the Philadelphia Eagles. He serves as the senior advisor to the general manager/chief security officer. DiSandro, who originally joined the Eagles in 1999, oversees all safety and security matters for players, coaches and executives. He also directs security at the team's training complex, and is responsible for security measures related to team travel and logistics and provides education on the NFL’s personal conduct policy “ So Dom just thought he was doing his job and giving a lesson at the same time…..?
  7. Player shoving matches are common and almost never go any further. Players, refs and coaches routinely break them up. Hoss there must of flash backed to his Ponderosa days and thought Little Joe was getting whooped. His actions will bring about more NFL oversight. He was in the wrong.
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