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  1. Present day WGR talking heads credibility benefited from goof balls of the past like Art Wander and Chuck Dickerson. Who they held in high regard cutting their teeth in the local sports talk radio business.
  2. Never been to either. But I love fried chicken. My wife will make it on command. Maybe I'd be doing her a favor if I bought it from them nearby than her messing up the kitchen.
  3. The guys (public servants) who plow my street and rarely leave any snow in my driveway apron. (Amazing what a yearly x-mas card with a couple $20's in it can get you.)
  4. Maybe it's time to send in the secret weapon.
  5. Greatest MTV Awards 5 second performance ever. Fast forward to the 2:58 mark in case you're unaware or impatient. .....they zoomed in after that. Too bad.
  6. They almost always say they have "used" such and such local sponsor personally that they plug. Would bet they get huge discounts. To get them for nothing is probably taboo. Which is fine, but yeah, 4 kids at once, Yikes ! Maybe he's from money or married rich. Again, though, Yikes.
  7. Was given free tickets to see Larry the Cable guy at Seneca Niagara. I pi$$ed and moaned about going. I never cared for that red neck comedy gang. But Dinner at the steak house was included and the people who gave them to us were family (gamblers). Also didn't know tickets would be 8th row center. Laughed my a$$ off.
  8. So expect less sports talk, like Schopp, who can't shut up about talking about his kids. That said, best wishes and good health to his wife and kids.
  9. I covered them with a post in here. Scroll back you might like it.
  10. Dont get where this came from given the sequence. But here I go Sugar Sugar ? Think thread just took a wrong turn. Unless someone can save it and straighten it out. I plead the 5th or 6th.
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