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  1. I am the egg man

    Mock Draft Watch

    Mock draftniks make a mockery of the draft and themselves.
  2. I am the egg man

    The Top 50 NFL Free Agents Of 2019

    Problem is none of these FA's are thinking, "Yeah, get me to Buffalo". " But if they want to make me rich beyond my wildest dreams".....
  3. I am the egg man

    Jachai Polite - your new edge?

    The Tinman, before he saw the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz, had more heart than Maybin.
  4. I am the egg man

    D'Pez Poopsie - RB - Ol Miss

    Middle name Spencer ?
  5. The Bounty Gate curse got 'em good.
  6. Can Allen Pass for 4000yds 30TDs and 1000 Rushing yds and 15TDs in the same season ? Easily, and on top of that he could moonlight as Superman:
  7. I am the egg man

    Chargers vs Ravens: Who will beat the Patriots?

    More likely it'll be the Chiefs.
  8. Not me, it was clear Marino was the real deal in the 9 games he started in his rookie year. His rookie passing stats blow away Josh Allen's.
  9. Another season, preferably a full one, is definitely needed to see if Allen is legit. So I guess that is a no.
  10. I am the egg man

    Clay told he will be released this offseason?

    Should of moved him and McCoy this year for whatever.....if anyone wanted them
  11. 1st & 3rd pay $15,000, Half pays $20,000 Final pays $50,000. It's $20 a week. I easily spend double that each week on FF and Draft.com.
  12. Makes me feel better about my $1000 Super Bowl square that only hit for the 1st quarter once in the 17 years I've been playing it. (that it drives my wife nuts that I continue to play it makes it worth it)
  13. I am the egg man

    The Bills, Penalties, TOP and Birthday Facts

    Good thing Hank Bullough stunk as a HC.
  14. I am the egg man

    Josh Allen #45 on Bills career rushing list

    ......and if that isn't enough to tickle your Bills fancy how about this: Sean McDermott is 10th all-time in wins among Bills head coaches.