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  1. Josh Allen still looks like a rookie. What was the question ?
  2. Bills offense is clearly a work in progress. Game should have been over at halftime.
  3. Still stumped why Nestle's stopped selling plain old chocolate candy bars stateside. Hershey's is waxy imo.
  4. I call when they say it's 7 from the top. Still not sure what to get with all my S&H green stamps.
  5. Tre is funny, enjoying it here, very good and a Buffalo ambassador. Make the young man an offer too keep him here, KimTerry, before he can get offers and is gone.
  6. People routinely make beyond stupid driving decisions during M-F morning rush hours to get into Tim Horton's.
  7. Oh, this Bills team is for real. They're live on TV every time they play in case you have doubt.
  8. You the one who gave the Enquirer/ Supermarket checkout rag that cashed in on Elvis morgue pics ? (got the Elvis has left the building)
  9. Bob Backlund Jr. ? Which means it's old school best 2 out of 3 !
  10. Yeah, but we had a travel rack Graceland brochure with a crude map of Memphis with a big star over most of it showing us how to get there. Constantly got lost all over the country for those 18 months. A Yankee asking for directions in smaller towns in the deep South in the late '70's was not always fun.
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