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  1. Second day of training camp and conjecture about what's gonna happen next season. .....my, how the season flies by.
  2. After a game at the intersection of Abbott and Willett/Reserve. No one hurt, cars were drivable, exchanged info, neither asked if either were drinking, got out of there ASAP.
  3. Haven't felt like this about training camp since like 1970. I had my autograph book and we went to Niagara University to watch the Bills training camp. Seemed like it took forever to get there.
  4. That's putting it mildly. Wish I had Ridgeway's Wheel of Fortune to display some letters and then guess the rest.
  5. Welcome to Buffalo. One bit of advice I must impart....don't buy a house from a guy named Bucky.
  6. Agree, like them as is, nothing else required. With drums, I need 1 blue cheese per two drums. I have to wait till when no one's looking at parties if eating them to snag a blue cheese to myself and wander off. Like a mouse with cheese.
  7. Pretty much any Genesis song with Peter Gabriel.
  8. With many pizzerias printing new menus every few months because of soaring prices, wonder how long before prices for pizza and wings will be listed as "call for market prices"? 😒
  9. I caught a train, I met a dame She was a hepster and a real gone dame She was pretty from New York City And we trucked on down that old fair lane With a heave and a ho Well i just couldn't let her go
  10. Compare Jackson to Allen? An apples to oranges debate. Josh being the apple, of course. 😁
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