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  1. Schumer yesterday in Buffalo touting PPP, from Buffalo News: No mask nor social distancing as he breathes openly. Chuck the total hypocrite.
  2. The media is unglued about Trumps rally, where attendees temperatures were taken, provided hand sanitizer and masks. That's where their crowd spreading covid concerns begin and end. Crickets on unprotected protesters rioters and looters, herding together like cattle spreading covid. Same with their destruction, not a peep.
  3. Another example of the Left never condemning flagrant negligence of those on their side. Hundreds of thousands of maskless protesters is okay to them. But if Trump not wearing one, who is monitored constantly, is the one being irresponsible.
  4. Yeah, when Joe is plagiarizing or repeating what he's told to say He doesn't have an original thought in his head.
  5. Pelosi would have pulled the levers to fire up the ovens up at Aushwitz on command, no questions asked. She's a dutiful soldier for the LW cause, regardless of the outcome of her actions, nor how heinous it is.
  6. .....yeah, persecuted for thousands of years throughout Arabia, Europe, Russia, and of course, culminating in a genocide by Desean Jackson's favorite guy to accidentally quote, Hitler.
  7. Reverse the situation, popular Jew quotes a past crude remark about African Americans..... .....headline news for weeks and a national cry for his banishment. Just saying.
  8. Ummmm...cops won't be picking them up. A maintenance crew will. No doubt, a smart bunch these protesters. .....and compassionate, putting their destruction on the backs of innocents.
  9. Protesters congregate at the Hollywood and Highland intersection as demonstrations continue over the killing of George Floyd despite the dangers of the widening coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on June 7, 2020 in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles, California. David McNew/Getty Images
  10. That black African tribe rulers, starting in the 1600's, "traded" captured black tribes with white men, mainly European, for hundreds of years, are never deemed responsible for black slavery. .....nor as accountable for reparations. Just saying.
  11. No doubt, 45 clearly is more concerned and willing to help Chicago more than 44 was or is now.
  12. Loved backyard birding for years. Have a 4 acre lot that backs up to a creek. In a residential neighborhood. It was a joy learning what to feed to draw beautiful birds. Spent a nice chunk at Wild Birds Unlimited yearly. Then the big blue totes came to town. Which were clearly merited, as the rats, which I never had, found my feeders not long after. I will never do backyard birding again....but I still get a wonderful variety, but they're on their own.
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