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  1. My son and daughter in law went there a couple years back. Told us about the hot springs hotel like places they went to. Wasn't cheap. Typical cheapskate me, missed the part about volcanoes there, because got thrown by how much they paid just to go into the springs. .....but, they had a great time there.
  2. It's not disproportionate. They just didn't make football helmets big enough for all high school kids. Had to buy my own. If you're ever in Buffalo near the waterfront, you should be able to pick me out of the crowd, the helmet still fits.
  3. "What habit have you ever broken?" .....a nuns, I couldn't take the rubber tip stick jabbing anymore. Public school for life afterwards and it was all downhill from there.
  4. "Jets' draft ammo is crazy right now" .....cost of ammo is crazy everywhere, I hear. 😁
  5. My grandfather's family fought for the south out Perry, Georgia. .....just saying.
  6. Being this thread is in the Stadium Wall, commenting on the Governor.....weather is looking spectacular for the next few days.
  7. Never had much more money than enough to make ends meets into my 50's. But then the kids were gone, along with their tuition we took on to help them and our mortgage. Last 8 years, well, we're sort of surprised at what we saved. Hope Joe and his cohorts don't eff that up for us.
  8. Use to be a chronic, main reason for my divorces. Straightened up, best I knew how, remarried. Smoked a joint with others on a Cleveland baseball weekend after not touching the stuff for near a decade, around 2005. I was in paranoid orbit. Haven't smoked it since. Can't imagine how strong this stuff is now.
  9. Price of a kilo be more apropos? Do I have to get someone to do an aisle check?
  10. Never seen so many teams spinning the QB spinning wheel as this off-season. Appears teams will keep spinning it right up to opening day. So nice the Bills are not in line waiting for a turn at it.
  11. 49'ers overpaying to move up screwed up moving up draft value. Bills staying put makes sense.
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