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  1. Agreed, even though his wife thought he could be a little hard on the Beaver.
  2. Sorry O.J. for clothes pinning your rookie card on my bicycle front tire between the spokes..... .....but you stunk as a rookie and the card seemed useless back then. How was I to know you'd need it to live on 50 years later.
  3. Well, the Left in this country think Trump is trying to start a war with Iran for no other reason than to help get re-elected. They also supported the previous President's rewarding Iran $400 million +, and okaying their restarting of nuclear power, for peaceful purposes, of course. So I guess there's quite a lot of people in this country who Iran can fool.
  4. Playing in front of 2 Heisman winning QB's can help an OL's resume'., or is it the other way around ? That said, too soon to label Ford anything more than a rookie.
  5. I'd be happy to find a pair of comfy Bills Zuba'z with deep pockets that don't make me look silly. Though, they really only looked good on the fired Bills cheerleaders.
  6. Are the New Jersey Devils evil ? .....gladly take their Stanley Cups.
  7. Sounds like someone is in an awkward situation. Maybe his brother should slap his bro's behind.....
  8. So now foreplay can be construed as a criminal act.
  9. Cynical, snide and the high school class valedictorian. Hope that's not the best 5 minutes in her life.
  10. ROR pee'd on his teammates in Buffalo. He's a self serving crying urinator.
  11. Yeah, it's all bravado. Getting a 10 pack of front row seats for Sabres this year. Will be feeling pretty tough hiding behind the glass next season.
  12. Me ? Romantic ? Just a ***** to be honest.
  13. I've felt tempted to maim an opponent as a fan. .....hand to hand combat, of course.
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