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  1. Your avatar is perplexing. Hope it's meant to honor someone.
  2. So now TBD is being targeted by foreign foes for its political content ? Wonder who the whistle blower is ?
  3. Tigers vs Tigers Wonder if any players caught this: .....looks like a tighty whitey underwear waste band headband on Nugent.
  4. Wouldn't have to. It's included with the ticket.
  5. Never realized numbers weren't really numbers. Given that, a gold, silver, red or blue star rating system would be more convincing.
  6. The march of the LW laughingstock. Two Nancy pens for them.
  7. Kudos to you, and others, who've shown civility towards Tibsteria.
  8. Exhibit A for the Defense. Quid pro quo at its most obvious. .....of course Dems and the Left act like a bunch of Mr. Magoo's regarding Joe bullying the Ukraine.
  9. Never realized how tough locker clean out day can be.
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