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  1. Was sort of hoping for more of a Darby theme.
  2. Losing to the Steelers would be a much bitter pill than the Miami loss regardless of injuries.
  3. The amount of daily local and national radio/TV/podcast sports shows are beyond oversaturation. Very few of them are even worth regular listening or viewing.
  4. Beasley cut his hair? Where have I heard this before about lost locks affecting oneself. …..or was it an injured Achilles.
  5. This has been a valuable thread. Nice to know where I can get a decent sub when I’m vacationing near a Publix.
  6. Great season by Judge. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Let’s see what he can do postseason before anointing him a Yankee great…..or bailout.
  7. Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Berra, Mantle, Stengel, Maris, Ford, Jackson, Martin, Jeter, Rivera. Judge could possibly join that list if he re-ups with Yankees……or wins the Series this year.
  8. Are Josh weenies coming soon. Buffalo will never be the same.
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