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  1. 36 minutes ago, BillsFanNC said:


    Oh if he gets elected it would definitely happen, but there's no way Trump is getting elected. If the police state doesn't stop him, fortifying the election will.


    Trump claimed all this garbage the first time, and he literally did none of it.  It's all a ploy to try to get elected.  He is a corrupt and deviant as the rest of DC, but somehow everyone believes he is there to "clear the swamp."  

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  2. 5 hours ago, Wacka said:

    Why so zealous in pursuing Trump yet so passive about Hillary or Hunter?


    Because the dems are commies.


    This works both ways, right?  Kushner and Ivanka Trump received a $2 BILLION dollar investment from the Saudis within months of leaving office and somehow Republicans don't seem to care at all. 


    The parties are the same.  They have been for years and years now.  The issue at this point is everyone is so stupidly arguing against each other that they ignore the blatant and rampant corruption on both sides because they are too busy pointing fingers. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, Big Blitz said:



    As we have discussed previously, I do think the trans movement is going to far, especially with treatment for young children.  What people decide to do as an adult is their business, but young children shouldn't be making those kinds of permanent decisions, with or without their parents.


    That being said, just because these kinds of groups try to include themselves in the LGBTQ community does not mean that they are supported by LBGTQ.  I am sure there are some outliers, but a few years ago MAPS (minor attracted persons, ie pedophiles) tried to include themselves and were for the most part pushed away.  


    Right now there is a tiny group of people who somehow think it is ok to come out and admit they are pedophiles, and then they try to include themselves in larger acceptance groups, but that doesn't mean they are accepted by the groups.  The difference between LGBTQ and pedophiles is all about consent and harm.  Minors cannot consent to sexual acts, and therefore the acts can do them harm.  As long as the acts are between consenting adults, it's not our business.

  4. 42 minutes ago, BillsFanNC said:

    Hillary created her own private server in her home therby bypassing the security measures in place on official government servers.


    But don't worry, she was just careless and there was no intent when she intentionally created her own private unsecured server in her home in order to bypass secure government servers.

    You people are friggin clowns.




    Then prosecute her too.  By all means they should if they can convince a jury to convict.  


    ANYONE, regardless of party/position/whatever that breaks the law and abuses their position should be prosecuted.  

  5. 50 minutes ago, LeviF said:

    This is false. But you probably believe the same regarding murder, rape, robbery, etc. 


    What is false? Are you claiming that homosexuals abuse children more than heterosexual males? Because that is 100% not true. I mean, that's what I believe you were insinuating previously. 

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  6. 2 hours ago, LeviF said:

    Well if you consider the context in which minors are never identified in news stories or photos (that is, rub a brain cell or two together), you start to get a really clear picture about what’s wrong here. 



    Yeah, these 2 are pieces of crap.  They deserve the worst.


    Do you post every story like this, or only the "gay" ones?  Because there is no larger group of pedophiles than straight white men.


    Also, tons of new stories leave out the faces of children for a variety of reasons, not solely because they were victims of a crime.

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  7. 5 minutes ago, BillsFanNC said:

    30 court cases?


    What court cases?


    Nothing ever made it to where evidence was presented to judge or jury.


    Do you understand how our court system works?  Only cases with evidence get to go forward to a jury.  State and federal judges, some even appointed by Trump, dismissed over 50 cases of "fraud."  So the evidence was so little that it didn't even make it past the stage of Trump and his allies trying to file the case.

  8. 1 hour ago, leh-nerd skin-erd said:

    The question wasn’t directed to me, but you change  “rigged election”  to “illegitimate election”, “30+ court cases” to “one massive, expensive, open-ended and hostile Special Counsel report that ruled out collusion” and you could be talking about dem voters 2015-present.  

    There are no new games at the fair, just different styles of carnival barkers. 


    I don't disagree.  Both parties are hot garbage.  They're essentially the same at this point.  Even posters on here are so one sided its disgusting.  


    I admit I tend to lean liberal, but it's only for certain things.  Fiscally, I lean conservative, but "conservatives" today are anything but conservative.  Socially I lean liberal, though I think certain parts of the liberal side are completely overboard at this point too.  It's pure mayhem at this point, no matter who is in charge.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, Rocky Landing said:

    Cleveland showing interest, apparently. Not sure how Hopkins feels about DeSean Watson, but the dude can sling the ball. And Cleveland does have more cap space than us.


    Cleveland doesn't have much cap space either, but Watson and Hopkins were amazing together for a few years.  Not sure how he fits with Cleveland signing/drafting a lot of receivers this offseason.  I think they've added 4 receivers this offseason.

  10. On 5/27/2023 at 8:56 PM, BillsFanNC said:

    1. Tell them to ***** off and shun them (tag and ignore). 


    2. Get to work stepping on their throats to bring about their destruction.


    This is the only path forward with commies. 


    Wash, rinse, repeat.




    I have a question.  What do you call people who keep claiming "rigged election" with no evidence, and who were denied in over 30+ court cases across the country?  You call everyone else commies, but what do you call those people?

  11. 30 minutes ago, BillsFanThru-N-Thru said:

    Fun is relatively speaking. I just get a hoot outta it with it's projections and stats.  Most of the time I ran it James Cook ends up with at least 13 totals TDS and 1400 total yds.  I like the concept but it's default algorithms are poor and the capabilities to not adjust lineups sucks.  


    Yeah, I ran it twice with Cleveland.  Once Chubb had 1500 yards.  The next time he has 2200 yards rushing and 850 yards receiving.  Lead the team in receptions too.

  12. 23 minutes ago, Big Blitz said:

    16.6 million views of this in 16 hours.  




    The most authentic, presidential sounding President since Reagan. 

    And inherits the exact same chaotic and lost country as Reagan did.


    Reagan created far more problems than he helped solve, so that isn't exactly a ringing endorsement.

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  13. 22 minutes ago, BillsFanNC said:


    If you can't see the commies who have taken over the left then I can't help you.


    And again, you may not be a card carrying commie, but when you support leftist commie crap you are a useful idiot for commies.


    Just as bad. Sorry, not sorry.


    You're not sorry that you literally can't quote anything I've said that makes me a commie?  Again, not agreeing with you isn't enough reason.  Also, I don't think you fully grasp what it means to be a "commie."  Most "commies" didn't have a choice, and were murdered or starved.


    Like I said, I fully agree that the "woke" portion of things has gone way too far.  But people should be allowed to do or be as they please as long as they aren't hurting someone else.  And there are consequences to that as well.  It's just like the freedom of speech.  You can generally say anything you want, but that doesn't mean that people can't treat you differently because of the things you say.  


    You also accuse others of trolling, but tagging people and drawing attention to yourself is the biggest troll job on here right now.

  14. 3 minutes ago, BillsFanNC said:


    Says the commie!


    Anyway more commie madness..




    Please, show me any of my "commie" posts.  You just call anyone who disagrees with you at all a commie.  


    For the record, I think the whole trans push is ridiculous.  I feel people can do and be anyone they want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.  In saying that, I don't agree that everyone has to accept it.  Not advocating violence or anything of that sort, but it also doesn't mean you have to be inclusionary just because people say you do.  


    But again, please quote any of my "commie" posts, or admit that you just call everyone who disagrees with you a commie.

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  15. 2 hours ago, Mr. WEO said:

    This guy is ridiculous, given how he has titled his article.


    He has SF at #3 "Most complete", despite a QB room filled with Purdy, Lance and Darnold


    He has Dallas at #5....yet for the Offense, he leads with "there are at least depth concerns at almost every spot".  The O-line is "unsolved".  Every WR other than newly acquired Cooks, needs to "step up".  "RB took a hit".  Also, they "need to find a Kicker".


    At #7, the Ravens "fortunes changed dramatically".....by re-signing their QB--a guy who hasn't made it past 12 games in 2 years nor passed for 3000 yards in 4 years. Their "reimagined" WR room features journeymen OBJ and Agholor, a rookie and Rashod Bateman! And RB?  "They certainly could use some more insurance".  On D--"they still have a few boxes to check...a lot of question marks....more is needed"---and that's just the secondary!


    This guy is a straight up dope. 




    Purdy wasn't elite by any means,  but he was extremely good,  especially for a rookie late rounder.  There is no guarantee he improves,  but there is also no reason to think he wouldn't.  They are pretty much elite everywhere else. 

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  16. 53 minutes ago, AlfaBill said:

    49ers with no QB at number 3 is laughable. And the Ravens at 7 is comical. 


    The 49ers have a top tier roster, with the only question mark really being QB, and they had a great rookie QB, so I get where they are coming from.   I agree with Baltimore being high.  They have names are WR, but no one that has produced in 2-3 years +.  Their defense is good, but their secondary is aging.  

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  17. 22 minutes ago, Chris farley said:

    So There is no change, and they can and are supposed to register at the land crossing.


    And the Biden move would move him out of alignment with the WEF, UN and the EU if it does pass. 


    but its like a lot of topics, its pushed into partisan sides.


    And people run with headlines vs the details.











    No, the change would be to register at the border, that isn't how it is currently.  Right now they can go in however and then apply once in the US.  The new rule Biden proposed would be to have them register at the border crossings for at least the next 2 years.  Like I said, it appears to have at least gone into a trial effect, but I couldn't find that out for sure.  Which would make Biden's proposal more stringent than the previous rules.

  18. On 5/19/2023 at 11:29 AM, Chris farley said:

    Our port of calls/entry no longer accepts asylum seekers.  when did that start?


    As of May 2023:


    Under U.S. immigration law, migrants fleeing persecution can request asylum regardless of how they arrive on U.S. soil. President Joe Biden’s rule, which could become active in May and expire after two years, would presume asylum ineligibility for those who enter illegally. The penalty would make it easier for the government to deport border-crossers who express a fear of harm, potentially reducing the number who are allowed into the United States pending a hearing in swamped U.S. immigration courts.


    The trial had until May 11th to go into a 30-day effect, and I couldn't see if it did or not.  So I am not sure if this is in order now, or just in the works.


    It's kind of amazing because Biden has essentially just kept all of Trump's policies on the border in tact, and even added tougher laws in some spots like this, and is still accused of "open borders."  Not saying they are doing a great job or anything, but most of the outrage is made up.

  19. On 5/16/2023 at 10:14 AM, B-Man said:



    American Consumer Debt Hits Record Level, Rises Nearly $3 Trillion Since Lockdowns.









    And you're ignoring that a majority of that debt is mortgage debt fueled by low interest rates. Rates are up now, but this lists from the lockdowns. It was more affordable at that point to buy homes than rent, or plenty of people upgraded homes due to the rates.

  20. On 5/15/2023 at 3:01 PM, BillsFanNC said:

    Is @Roundybout a Miller Lite or Bud Light drinker?


    Don't care.



    I do know that he/she/they is/are a commie.



















    You're a broken record at this point.  Calling people commies is like 90% if your posts.  

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  21. 6 minutes ago, SCBills said:

    So your second paragraph just told me that they can’t exactly move into “the next target”…. So which is it?


    Well, if everyone just walks away as suggested and gives away Crimea and such, Putin would just focus on his next target.  He's not going to just say thanks and sit down. He's proven that already.  


    The point being that they can't fight the current war forever as suggested. But if everyone just gives in,  there's nothing to suggest it would stop there. 


    And I do believe that Putin is going to try to solve this with more and more bodies.  That doesn't mean it's going to work. 

  22. 51 minutes ago, SCBills said:

    I did not say their supplies were state of the art.  Their supplies are trash.  


    However .. They have oil.  They can always get more supplies.


    They have an almost infinite amount of fighting age men to throw at Ukraine. 

    Look at what they did to the Chechen’s.. we’re heading down the same path.  Putin doesn’t care how many lives it costs, because to him, humans are

    bullets, and he will keep firing them along with the bombs until years goes by and there’s nothing but rubble. 


    You do understand that if Putin is just given Crimea and the Donbas, that he will just move on to his next target? He thinks all the old USSR territories are rightly his/Russia's.


    Russia cannot just keep throwing bodies at the issue like they used to.  Their equipment is junk.  They're using WW2 guns in a lot of places. They are running out of planes to deliver the bombs.  

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