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  1. On 11/3/2023 at 2:37 AM, bigduke6 said:

    if you know the other teams plays,  know when they run them,  its an order of magnitude easier to stop them or take advantage of them.  end of story.   talent matters yes,  but knowing another teams plays ahead of time so you can easily counter them and give your players a huge advantage is not in the spirit of any game.   in the very least,  its extremely unsportsmanlike,  and it cheapens what happens on the field by the players.   when you cheapen what occurs on the field,  it cheapens the game as a whole,  and people will stop taking it seriously as fans.


    for example.  if, hypothetically, there was a QB who plays amazing in college,  everybody wants him,  gets to the NFL and suddenly cant do anything close to what he did in college when it comes to reading the field.  people dig and find out his college coaches knew the opposing defenses plays,  allowing that QB to know exactly where and when to throw with relative ease and safety,  thats a player who is a FRAUD!!!!.  Fraud player goes on to cost others their jobs,  money,  reputation,  etc because he isnt what they thought he was.


    we assume as fans that every game is a somewhat level playing field rules wise.  you take that away and you become "professional" wrestling.

    if yer not cheating,  yer not trying hard enough,   is not a valid excuse at the amateur level,  and frankly,  the pro level as well.


    how some cant seem to grasp this boggles the mind.


    Which recent Michigan draft pick has been a major bust?  Not all have panned out, but most are very good to at least above average, and those that aren't are mostly late rounders.  So which are frauds?  Hutchinson?  Kwity Paye?  Dax Hill? DJ Turner? Mazi Smith?  The only somewhat high pick that i would say has disappointed has been Luke Schoonmaker, but he is a backup TE in his first year.

  2. I am not sure why this is surprising to anyone. Allen is what he is:  Supremely talented, and a top tier QB.  But he has always been somewhat careless with the ball.  Trusts his arm a bit too much, and can make boneheaded plays at times.  You get the bad with the good sometimes.  And he runs more than most QBs, so he has more opportunities to fumble, and he really doesn't avoid contact either. 


    He has improved his accuracy since being in the NFL, and most of his INTs that I have seen aren't poor accuracy, but more poor decision making.  

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  3. 4 minutes ago, ngbills said:

    Contracts are prorated and the cap hit is lower after signing bonuses are taken into account. 


    Yeah, I understand that.  The website I saw mentioned he had a base salary of $12M, which generally isn't including the bonuses.  I see now that it is on the site.  Jewell does have a base salary of $4.49M plus roster bonuses by game.  

  4. 3 minutes ago, Utah John said:

    I'm pretty sure the NFLPA agreement is that draftees salaries are predetermined.  All in dollars, not in property.  This is going nowhere.


    Williams won the Heisman last year.  This year there are at least two QBs in the PAC-12 alone who are better.  Wiliams is by no means a lock on the first overall pick, or to be the first QB taken.  Chicago has the first two picks next spring, unless it or Carolina starts winning, and may still be clinging to Justin Fields as the future, in which case either they'll trade one of those picks, or not picks a QB at all.



    I see no way that after his 3rd season, if Chicago ends up at #1 or #2 pick that they can stick with Fields.  He has improved some this year, but if they are still that bad it would at least be in part because he isn't that good.  

  5. 1 hour ago, BillsUberAlles said:

    Purdy has been exposed. Looks like the party is over.


    Bit early for that.  The dude is now 12-2 in his career, and his playoff loss is when he was already hurt. He's 6 games into his second year.  Everyone has a bad game from time to time,  and Cleveland's defense is legit.  

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  6. 57 minutes ago, Over 29 years of fanhood said:

    Hamas is a terrorist group. they are beheading children while laughing about it, babies!, raping and killing women, then parading their dead bodies around the streets, burning elderly women alive, and then posting the ***** on social media. This isn’t collateral damage from unfortunate warfare it’s mid-evil barbarism and genocide.


    they busted in, invaded Israel and kidnapped and killed hundreds and hundreds of civilians. 

    listen to their propaganda- it’s not free our selves or claim some land back, it’s kill every last Jew on the planet. They have no purpose other than to kill or be killed. 

    these people are the most cruel violent and savage actors we have seen. 

    They deserve what’s coming now. 


    Right, I honestly don't disagree with anything you said.  Hamas will hopefully get what's coming to them, and I am almost certain they will. 


    My point being, while heinous, Israel has been doing similar things to Palestine for decades.  Maybe not to such extremes, but they have killed thousands and thousands of Palestinians, so I can at least understand why people would join Hamas in that region.  Now, how they can then commit some of the atrocities I have no idea, specially to civilians, and children.  Wanting revenge I think is almost a basic human emotion.  But to commit that revenge in such an extreme way against people who individually have nothing to do with the atrocities, I have no idea how anyone ever gets to that level of extremism.

  7. 44 minutes ago, Over 29 years of fanhood said:

    Now Omar is ramping it up will calls to defund Israel accusing them of war crimes..  so in short a Hamas sympathizer, a terrorist sympathizer. 


    That's not entirely true.  I in no way support Hamas and their attacks.  They are targeting civilians, and among them many women and children.  That's awful, and the completely wrong way to go about trying to fight for their freedom.


    My issue is that both sides of this are committing war crimes, but here in the US, we only call out Palestinians for it.  Israel has been murdering civilians for decades, imprisoning people indefinitely, and lobbing bombs across the border and killing whoever may be in the area.  Both sides are awful here, and have been for years.

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  8. 3 minutes ago, CincyBillsFan said:

    Has any team blown the high 1st round pick for QB while in the same draft getting the steal of the decade?  What an incredible turn of events for Lynch and the 49's. 


    One thing SF has to do though is redo BP's contract soon before the end of this year if they can.  Right now he is the most underpaid player in the NFL. 




    Washington took RG3 and Cousins in the same draft.  Cousins gets flack now,  but he was a steal for where he was picked.  


    And I don't believe they can negotiate with Purdy until after next season. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, benderbender said:

    Knox’s play after such a huge contract makes him a chess piece.


    What kind of cap hit would it be though?  All his guaranteed money goes onto the cap immediately.

  10. 7 minutes ago, Aussie Joe said:

    They are going to get another trophy soon .. if not this year 


    How you add a likely Top 10 QB, in his second year, with th elast pick in the draft is beyond me.  Especially after dropping 3 first and more on a bust in Trey Lance.  

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  11. 17 minutes ago, BillsfaninChicago said:

    The thing is there is no debate BB is a good coach BUT if people are going to argue that he played a more pivotal role in the Patriot’s success over the years that just doesn’t add up. A lot of what ifs but if he didn’t take that backup from Michigan with pick 199 in 2000 I have my doubts he would have done any better than his previous stint in Cleveland. 



    Yes, we will never know for sure what either Brady or Belicheck would be without the other.  Brady won another Super Bowl in Tampa, but I really doubt he gets that or the other 6 without Belicheck.  And Belicheck doesn't get 6 without Brady.  But both are among the best ever at the jobs.

  12. 57 minutes ago, BillsfaninChicago said:

    And who was QB for that 20 years and as a follow up when did the said “rebuild” begin?


    Yes, obviously Brady was a huge part of it.  After losing the best QB in NFL history, every team is going to take a step back.  They had to hit the reset button and basically start over.  They were an old team, and signed a lot of players chasing a Super Bowl.  Now a lot are retired, or moved on once Brady left.  


    And, they're now in QB purgatory.  The same as every other team in the NFL until they happen upon "the guy."  They were a middle of the road team the last few years with a hot garbage roster.

  13. 16 minutes ago, BillsfaninChicago said:

    People actually debated whether it was Belichick or Brady…


    They were top of the league for 20 years.  Every team rebuilds at some point.  It's not like Belicheck suddenly can't coach.  

  14. 1 minute ago, Georgia Bill said:

    Thanks for the "home game" NFL.  And giving the Jags the huge two weeks in London advantage.  Would have been a different story if in Buffalo where it should have been.  Have to wonder if the injuries also were contributed to by virtue of brain not fully in gear.


    Every team is getting "home" games in London,  until they officially move Jacksonville there.  Just the way it works. With the 17 game schedule,  done teams get 9 home games and some get 8. It rotates every year.  

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