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  1. 23 hours ago, arcane said:

    There were enough isolated things I saw to think this is still a good team. This was the Jets super bowl, and it looked just like this game did last year. Josh was beyond stupid, but he does that a few times a year. The schedule gives us a chance to put this game in the distant recesses of our memories, we don't see a defense remotely as good until we play the jets one last time



    How was this their Super Bowl?  They came in with big hopes for the year and then they were dashed almost instantly.  But they had Super Bowl hopes for the season, and given the defense and the potential of Rodgers, it was probably legit hope.  


    Don't try to pin this game as less important to the Bills than the Jets.

  2. 11 hours ago, warrior9 said:

    When will people realize you do NOT win football games / Super Bowls by paying running backs? This board is OBSESSED with RBs.


    No team who has won the Super Bowl in the last 15 years has paid a starting RB over 2.5M 


    You don't win by paying an RB, these are world class athletes. You win by putting an OL on the field .. the RB is irrelevant. 


    JT was GREAT his rookie year with the best OL in the NFL.. last year, they weren't as good and neither was he. As the OL goes, the RB goes. 


    Leonard Fournette in Tampa made way more than $2.5M

  3. 40 minutes ago, Chris farley said:

    The war mongers are still trying to push the narrative Elon is some bad guy.  


    Just ignoring the fact that would have been a huge escalation.




    Hill has journalistic integrity of buzzfeed BTW




    Why are we worried about Ukrainian "escalation," but not at all worried about Russia killing ten of thousands of Ukrainian civilians, likely hundreds of thousands, and purposefully burning crops and the like?  Attacking Russia's fleet is out of bounds escalation, but Russia literally murdering thousands and thousands isn't "escalation?"

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  4. 54 minutes ago, leh-nerd skin-erd said:

    What always fascinates me about the Ashlii Babbitt shooting is that it's one of the few times you see liberal politicians (and by extension, liberal voters) side with the police in a fatal shooting, or general discharge of a weapon.


    We know with certainty that she didn't have a weapon, didn't wave around a handgun, didn't attack the officer with a knife, or even physically attack him. Contrast that treatment by dems/liberals when a guy like Michael Brown was shot after attempting to beat an officer and steal his weapon. 


    It's weird...no calls for warning shots or shooting her in the leg here. 


    You understand that your point is 2 sided, right? This is one of the few times the right doesn't "back the blue" and turned on the officer immediately.  


    You have to take these situations case to case.  Police shoot an unarmed woman through a wall in her apartment while looking for her boyfriend? Bad policing, and murder.  Woman entering a window of a barricaded door while being ordered not to,  and with tons of people behind.  To me,  that's more understandable, especially when they're was no way to tell if she was armed or not.  


  5. 3 minutes ago, BillsFanNC said:



    Quack MD.


    Doors were opened in some cases from the inside at the Capitol on J6. People streamed in, single file right past Capitol police officers and continued between the velvet ropes.


    We have a guy blaring from a megaphone at the top of scaffolding exhorting people to first "move forward" and then "we're in, cmon, we need your help, let's fill up the Capitol!"


    Strangely enough the FBI has no interest in this character whatsoever. I wonder why?


    Don't tell us...Qanon!


    Ray Epps himself used the defense that he thought the Capitol was open on J6 as to why he was encouraging people to go INTO the Capitol that day.


    Curious why he told hundreds of others that WE need to go into the Capitol, that he thought was open, but then he never did?


    If the I thought the Capitol was open defense is good enough for Epps, why not for others? 


    Officers standing by letting people in might give one the impression that the Capitol was indeed open, no?






    So you're ok with the Ashlii Babbit shooting then?  Because that area was locked and people still tried pushing through and broke the window that she then climbed through all while being ordered not to.  


    I honestly don't know what the policies are involving the Capitol being open to the public day to day, but I'd assume that normally during the certification of an election, it is closed.  I may be wrong.  But even if people were let in, the actions by some of the people after that caused problems.  if I have a party, and have people inside, and 3 of the 15 people invited start causing problems and breaking things in my house, everyone is out.  And those that then refuse are now there illegally, whether they came in invited or not.


    And I'm not agreeing if people were "let it" or not.  I have no idea as I wasn't there.  Just showing that even if they were "let in", that doesn't give them free reign, or establish that they continued to be peaceful once inside.

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  6. 50 minutes ago, AuntieEm said:


    That will happen when you stick your foot in your mouth talking about your teammates contract situation.



    Did anyone actually watch the podcast where Kelce talked about it?  He was joking.  People are acting like he was bad mouthing Jones and he wasn't, at all.  He was laughing, and then said he should get what he can get because he deserves it.  

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  7. 16 hours ago, EmotionallyUnstable said:

    I was surprised there wasn’t more of Hernandez in this…but I guess they didn’t want to pull from the focus of the team 


    Netflix also has a separate series on Hernandez from 2020, so I'm guessing that is part of it too.  

  8. 5 minutes ago, BuffaninSarasota said:

    So are you suggesting the burden is on Allen to elevate those around him because of a lack of talent?


    Yes and no.  Allen has to elevate those around him.  Mahomes lost Hill and won a SB. His leading tailback was a rookie 7th rounder. Yes, he has Kelce.  Allen has Diggs. 


    With the huge QB contacts,  no team can be loaded offensively unless their QB is elite on a rookie deal.  Burrow will very soon have the same issues. He has 2 top tier WR, and another good WR in Boyd. No way the keep them all.  He'll have to start elevating those around him.  Help develop average WRs into capable NFL WRs. 

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  9. 3 hours ago, SoCal Deek said:

    What these morons simply don’t understand is that Biden was doing it BEFORE Trump even ran for President. As is often said….useful idiots! 


    And tons here claim Trump is different. He's fighting the establishment.  He's for the People. He's for the working class.  And instead,  he was more of the same. 

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  10. 49 minutes ago, BuffaninSarasota said:

    Not sure carrying the team isn’t a form of elevating the guys around him. His talent allows their skills to shine. He finds anyone, anytime, anywhere on the field.


    Brady did it for a very long time. Allen is just getting started .


    My point being,  people keep blaming the lack of talent around Allen as the reason,  when every team loses players,  or has missed draft picks,  etc.  


    Brady had new receivers every couple years. Deon Branch, Edelman,  Welker, David Givens, David Patton, Chris Hogan, Brandon LaFell.  Only Moss and Gronk would remotely be considered elite.  


    I'm not trying to put down Allen. He's top 5, probably top 3 in the NFL right now.  He's immensely talented. But all QBs have new hurdles every year.  

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  11. 5 hours ago, HaldimandBills said:

    Josh Allen goes to bed dreaming about Brady's oline during those Patriot Superbowl years.


    Josh Allen goes to bed dreaming about having those Patriot run games that weren't blown up 5 yards in the backfield and a successful run is gaining 1 yard. Our starting RB last year is a back up this year on a bottom three offensive roster...


    Josh Allen goes to sleep dreaming of having a 3rd receiver better than Isiah Mckenzie. A guy who couldn't even make the Colts roster. Another bottom 3 roster for offensive talent.


    Josh Allen goes to sleep dreaming of having better redzone threats than no separation off the line Gabe Davis, no recievers who can block to help the run game, Isiah Mckenzie as your third target being 5 foot 7 with no ability to beat a zone defense. Dawson Knox being forced to help Spencer Brown because Brown is consistently beat by undrafted rookies. 


    Let's blame Josh Allen though. Tell me you can't analyze football, without telling me you can't analyze football.


    Brady twice took undrafted WRs, one a converted QB from Kent State, and helped turn them into some of the best slot receivers in the NFL. QBs have to help elevate their offense as well. 


    Allen is elite, but saying that he had no help isn't true. He has to help elevate guys too. 

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  12. 7 hours ago, maddenboy said:

    usually, players dont do this to other players.


    so, maybe kelce spoke to Chris Jones.   Maybe jones wants to come back but he needs some cover.  "I woulda stayed gone.  But i cant leave my 'brothers' hangin'.


    so maybe Jones is cool with it.  beforehand.


    It was a joke.  It was during a podcast, and Travis was jokingly "begging" Jones to come back.  Travis and Jason Kelce were laughing.  

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