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  1. I hope Dahlin doesn't need Risto to wreck someone and takes care of his own business.
  2. https://www.outkick.com/david-chao-md-what-i-think-happened-to-patrick-mahomes-why-he-will-be-fine-play-to-sunday/
  3. My sympathy for what you went through but they showed Mahomes running back into the locker room. Do you really think he's seriously injured or just got a neck stinger of some sort ?
  4. I'd like to thank Chad Kelly for all of the help with the Colts playbook.
  5. I'm not defending anyone - just calling a spade a spade. As for freethinkers, chopping up baby parts for resale does not require any thought.
  6. Who's everyone ? Those infected with severe liberalism ?
  7. Sorry you are too dumb and arrogant to keep posting here.
  8. If you hurry, you might be able to get the last few doses of TDS medication at your local Walgreens. That is if you have $ left after the corpse raises your taxes.
  9. Watch out - your head is up Pelosi's ass - your party is the reason for the moral decline in this country - a real life full term abortion. Tell us in 4 years how your life has improved numbnuts.
  10. Your amoral POS party won't last long - we shall see won't we ? Are you stuck in dreary Buffalo ? Should get out more ...
  11. And you suffer from the terminal disease of liberalism that is rotting you from the inside out.
  12. Really ? Who financed all of their activities and what side of the fence is Soros on ? Effing hypocrites ... As are most liberal responses - not one Dem leader ever condemned any of their actions.
  13. Why didn't the Dems call back their mindless BLM and Antifa hordes during all of the violence, looting and thuggery a few months back ?
  14. Who's gonna seek prison time for Biden selling out to the Chinese with his crackhead son and brother ?
  15. And who TF are you ? Free board - quote who I want.
  16. We're really skeered - after 4 years of Biden and w/Newsom in CA, you might lose CA as well.
  17. Nice generic answer - care to elaborate ? How has your life been worse the last 4 years other than the pandemic ?
  18. Since you found my last post funny, how about answering my last question ? What do you really want besides no Trump ?
  19. Sure he has a big ego - so does Biden and most other politicians and he cares about $ as well. As I said earlier, I don't love Trump but he was the better choice to me over Biden who lined his own pockets with foreign money and has a crackhead loser for a son.
  20. I don't love Trump but he is a patriot and a nationalist. He's done more for black America than Obama ever did and he was 1/2 black. It's a mystery to me what you guys actually want.
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