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  1. Spielman

    Is Dion Dawkins better at LT or LG

    Yes, you're right he did play tackle (most of the time), but he was the second guard taken (and listed as such) in the NFL draft and moved to guard in the Senior Bowl. I consider him a guard coming out of college.
  2. Spielman

    Is Dion Dawkins better at LT or LG

    Dawkins should be at guard. He was a guard in college. He’s an average nfl LT at best.
  3. Spielman

    Could the Bill's end up with 2 first rounders?

    Forgot about Holyfield.....agreed.
  4. Spielman

    Could the Bill's end up with 2 first rounders?

    I like this- my picks would be: #24 - Cody Ford/Dalton Risner - G #27 - Hakeem Butler, WR #35 - Josh Jacobs, RB #66 - Andy Isabella, WR #75 - Kaden Smith, TE
  5. Spielman

    Could the Bill's end up with 2 first rounders?

    In this draft, I'd much rather have the 24th and 27th.
  6. Spielman

    Predict the 1st WR drafted

    Hands and route running are excellent. Some actually compare him to Tyreek Hill. Hill is 5"10", 185 with similar speed. I'd take anything close to Hill.
  7. Spielman

    Predict the 1st WR drafted

    Isabella was a track star in high school. Ran the fastest 60 meter time in the country at 6.72 secs. He said that he ran a 4.26 recently while training with Randy Moss in FL. That 60 meter time is more impressive..... I would love to see the bills draft Butler and Isabella...what a great mix of YOUNG wide-outs: Butler - 6/'6" 219 Isabella - 5'8" 185 Foster Jones McKenzie Williams
  8. Spielman

    Predict the 1st WR drafted

    Going out on a limb and will say Butler. A great combine will boost his stock. And Isabella will go late second round after he runs sub- 4.35
  9. Butler is better than any of them.
  10. Spielman

    TJ Hockenson & Hakeem Butler

    Yup..Butler is going day 1. Maybe first WR taken.
  11. Spielman

    Draftniks: Name your 2019 Draft "Crush"

    Butler is gonna be a great pro. If he runs sub-4.50 at the combine, look out. He might end a first rounder. Great size, great hands, route running....looks fast to me..
  12. Spielman

    Re-purposing Shady McCoy in the passing offense

    My thoughts exactly . Or Montgomery
  13. Spielman

    AlphaMock V1 - 4 round mock (pre combine)

    I would like to see Hakeem Butler and Andy Isabella. Butler looks faster than Harry (the combine will tell). Also, no way Ford last until round 2. I also like Risner, Deebo Samuel, and Terrell Hanks (Hanks in the 4th)
  14. Spielman

    Draft Prospects in play for Buffalo at #9

    The more I watch Metcalf, he's a nice player, but not at 9. He's looks robotic and plays stiff (in my view anyway). I like Hakeem Butler. He has it all.....I don't think he will last until round 2.
  15. Jacobs has first round talent. He runs with power and is nasty. Also has good hands and speed - he should run well at combine. On tape, he runs away from DB's. I consider him the best back in the draft. Keep in mind, Alabama has so many good backs, Saban spreads it around and gives his seniors their share of touches (D. Harris). Jacobs should go top 20. I'd have no problem with this pick for the Bills ...so sick of Shady and tackles for loss.