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  1. I predict these experts sit at their computers thinking of BS to write to make themselves feel relevant and important daily. . .well, not predict, just know.
  2. Yao Ming was forced to retire because of foot issues too.
  3. So, after saying that the Bills had a good off season and a great draft, the "experts" are predicting the Bills to do WORSE than last year.
  4. 1: Pick it up? 2: Let him play and then re-up him if it warrants it? 3: Let him play and then say good luck with your career? 4: Cut him/try to trade? He's been a mixed bag but seemed to start to gel last year. I still believe he's worth it and it's only 24.
  5. Just because you are behind a computer screen doesn't mean you need to be flip and rude. Amazing how the internet has turned people into animals simply because they can be snide, rude, and flip from the safety of their homes. I guarantee you acted like this to someone's face, you'd pull back a smile that's all gums.
  6. It appears, with the Spain signing, the Bills are going ALL-IN on defense in the draft. While I love the additions at TE and WR, I still think a glaring hole is missing in the WR corp: A 6'4" or taller WR that could do fade routes in the endzone, or jump balls there too. Since most DBs are shorter, I believe a tall, physical receiver would add depth to the WR corp. I know. The Bills tried that with James Hardy (RIP) and that 6'5" sack of snot KB. . .but I believe Beane and McD have their plan and if they pull the trigger it won't be a bust. Speed is great getting down the field. In close red zone (inside the 10), I like tall WRs and TEs that are hard to bring down.
  7. If you bothered to read anything other than the OP, I said this is good they are addressing all weaknesses of the team, since ST seems to something glossed over. Is there a reason for your highly aggressive sounding response? Are you looking to argue and fight with someone you will never meet in your life?
  8. Everything weak needs to be addressed. I'm glad ODB isn't neglecting this part of the game in pursuit of higher WR and OL talent. I like bringing in ST proficient people. They can help train technique as well to the talent McD and the staff have pegged solely as ST players.
  9. Yes I do. But I also know that ST normal has that. And giving up huge returns and stupid flags on ST plays is completely inexcusable. I was on shoutcast here during games. People on this site were screaming for Crossman's head with good reason.
  10. If they get him, maybe Deuce Allen will develop a huge man-crush following like Josh has already. Josh earned it. . .hopefully, if he's drafted, Deuce Allen (Josh Allen #2, hence Deuce) will earn it too. This is Buffalo. . .you can be sub-average in talent, but give your all and love the city and sometimes we can look passed the talent issues. But Deuce has massive talent.
  11. One from a person who loathes rude and believes in two things: The Golden Rule, and not turning the other cheek. I won't apologize. . .well, I will. I'm sorry their words and actions made me act in a way that is how I normally act. They really need to work on that.I l I wonder how people back home in the States teach their children manners, civility, and tact, when, from what I see living overseas and what I get online, there isn't any anymore. I'm glad I'm live in a place where there is still shame. If my thread is something you don't like, just ignore it. A simple "yeah, you're right" was all that was warranted, not snide responses. One more thing. . .don't give me "it's just the internet." There is a pathology in behavior like this. They know they are safe behind a computer screen. If they said or acted this way in public, they'd probably get a fist in the teeth.
  12. No need to be flip or rude, buddy. Commenting how positive signings to help one of our weakest areas is fail. Okay then. More flippant internet responses because people are locked safely behind a computer screen. Yes. . .because that's what a message board is for. Sorry it doesn't rise to your level of brilliance, but I left my Hooked on Phonics and Crayons back in second grade. Care to do the same and respond with maturity closer to your age and not your shoe size?
  13. The team seems to be hosting and signing things to plug up that hole. Remember, everyone wanted Crossman's head. The ST last year was BRUTAL!
  14. When I was five, I asked my mother why everyone around us claimed to be NYers and loved the Jets and Giants, who called themselves NY teams, but played in Jersey. I then asked if there were any teams that played in NY. She said the Buffalo Bills and I instantly became a fan.
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