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  1. Call me a little old fashioned, but I still think Gore should start for a few games and work Devin into the starting role. If he were like Barkley, I would say all in. But I'm always nervous about a Darren Sproles sized RB on this league.
  2. The Mets are still paying Bobby Bonilla.
  3. Way to support the team. Amazing.
  4. No, but if you predict the Bills stinking up the joint against a vastly inferior team, I do begin to question your commitment. Your predictions of his performance is very Tyrod Taylor-ish.
  5. If your predicting sound like you're crapping all over the team on a website designed to support the team, then no, I wouldn't send those emojis. I would tell you that the Patriots supporting website is that way. --------------------------->
  6. Love how "fans" love to throw the team under the bus. Unless there are 52 pro bowlers of course.
  7. Better to build a team up winning even if the games are meaningless than trying to do it 0-4 or 1-3.
  8. Jets (Just End The Season) in a week. How optimistic do we feel here at TBD? If the Bills come out and wipe out the Jets, will the Bills be ready to turn the corner? I still think 10-6 with playoffs is possible.
  9. Oh, your lips to God's ears if Daboll can get this production out of Allen this year. I would have an even bigger man-crush on Allen than I do now.
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed it.
  11. That's true. I love his work ethic too. He is 100% team first. Again, against eighth stringers or not, it flashed talent and talent always needs to be noticed.
  12. I'm not knocking him. Good rugby instincts not to lose the ball. He took the handoff like he was playing on the pitch and ran with it like he was on the pitch and clear. Dude did great and I was impressed with his raw skill and talent for a different sport. I want this guy to be successful. I am solidly a fan of Wade and want him on the team.
  13. I can see Singletary being the speed back and Wade being a power back with speed. Add a fullback and I'm with you 100% percent.
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