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  1. We’ve got 9 picks. Trade for oj Howard, they never use him and he’s got potentially 2 years and would be huge. Trade for Trent Williams and his contract if he still wants out. I’ll be happy with whatever else they do Exactly. Offset the spending as much as possible, we’re really good now just think long term
  2. This sir is a masterpiece. It all hinges on getting Trent Williams. Even with a new coach he hates the org so I’d take on his big contract if he’s definitely leaving. Idc what other directions we spend on, stock up that o line!
  3. Probably wrong but I feel like every single game except the eagles was within one td. We gotta stop playing to level of our competition. We shoulda closed the game out 8 times Sunday. Also why tf is lee smith still on th is team
  4. Him and kyle back to back seasons. Tough way to go out but hey
  5. I mean you see how much he fumbles right? At least the picks are down. Tough to put it on one dude but i remember back to back plays they rushed 3 and 4 and blew the doors off us. I was flabbergasted
  6. Seriously. I’ll take them gambling and going for the kill over playing not to lose a million times
  7. Tyrod Taylor mentality. I can’t even count how many times we’ve taken a lead sat on it only for NE to shoot back. The absolute worst
  8. Would be the greatest moment of my mediocre life. Gotta love that kid
  9. Seriously, love what the teams doing but I did not feel confident in any of our games so far. And we have played the bottom of the barrel . Only reason we won the Jets game is because Mosley got hurt and the kicker shanked like 3 field goals. Too many people are watching through labatt colored lenses. Im not saying the bills are bad either, just concerning*
  10. I dont think any intelligent fan would pragmatically say they expect perfection. We all knew where they would be last year, but for the most part the plugged the holes they needed to. If you look any deeper than just the W you should be concerned we were tested by the worst team in football history, at home, after a bye week. Outside of the defense I havent seen us be a noticably better team than anyone we've played so far. And that should be concerning
  11. Agreed, and idk what it means but that just shows we play to the level of our competition. Not that we dont have an identity but it just seems like they havent figured it out yet. Also, im pretty sure all the boo'ing before half time was becasue we were losing and they called a draw play on like 3 & 18 after a couple other bad plays. If we are legit like our 5-1 record, coming off a bye we should have demolished them
  12. Gotta disagree, not to be that guy but I am concerned and the picture is bigger than just 5-1. 2 games were definitley aided by the other teams kickers, we should have lost the jets and titans games but got lucky. The giants game we barely pulled that out too, yesterday we just squeaked by possibly the worst team in history. Its like the bills play to the level of thier competition for 3.5 quarters then turn it on if thier losing. They seem too reactionary and not in control enough.
  13. Oakland was in a complete rebuild and knew Mack wouldnt re-sign in a contract year, AB and OBJ FORCED their way out. Giants didnt sign OBJ to a huge contact if they wanted to trade him. Miami is a complete fire sale and havent been competative for 2 decades. Id say CMC and LK are the faces of the franchise now, they wouldnt get traded for a Ricky Williams level haul. Good job trolling though, I bit
  14. I cant tell if you're trolling or not with these takes. No organization in thier right mind would trade 2 of thier franchises most important players no matter what. Just let it die dude
  15. Trent Williams has been to 7 straight pro bowls, 2 years left (?) on his contract id give up a 1st for him. OJ Howard id give a second for, I think he could be a Jerry Hughes of the offense kinda trade. I dont like trades but whatever they can do to help JA grow im all in for. Dont think a WR will make nerly as big an impact
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