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  1. Oakland was in a complete rebuild and knew Mack wouldnt re-sign in a contract year, AB and OBJ FORCED their way out. Giants didnt sign OBJ to a huge contact if they wanted to trade him. Miami is a complete fire sale and havent been competative for 2 decades. Id say CMC and LK are the faces of the franchise now, they wouldnt get traded for a Ricky Williams level haul. Good job trolling though, I bit
  2. I cant tell if you're trolling or not with these takes. No organization in thier right mind would trade 2 of thier franchises most important players no matter what. Just let it die dude
  3. Trent Williams has been to 7 straight pro bowls, 2 years left (?) on his contract id give up a 1st for him. OJ Howard id give a second for, I think he could be a Jerry Hughes of the offense kinda trade. I dont like trades but whatever they can do to help JA grow im all in for. Dont think a WR will make nerly as big an impact
  4. That appears to be a landfill-fire. Eagles are the only team that really scares me
  5. No I came to this tread to read and discuss this topic. You came solely to complain with nothing to add besides your bad attitude. Bad try
  6. Ya the only thing more annoying is people complaing in the comment section when they could very easily just move on. News flash, its a discussion board. Not " what does pop gun want to talk about today", other people want to discuss too
  7. I posted this in another thread. But hypothetically, would you rather have Zay or Devante Parker? Im wondering what it would take to pry him from the phins
  8. Super glad Zay is gone. Hypothetically speaking would you guys rather have Zay or Devante Parker? Havent watched many of his games but
  9. Completely agree, nothing I hate more than a scared qb playing not to lose. But I see him everytime I think of my greatest moment as a fan. We're moving in the right direction for sure
  10. You say what you want about Tyrod and you're not wrong. But lets not forget that man was the QB that took us to the playoffs. For better or worse
  11. Here’s a brain buster. If pat mahomes had 3 zay Jones’s at WR. What would his numbers look like?
  12. Had to double check this wasnt a post from 5 years ago. Time is a flat circle
  13. Eh maybe so, but he still lost Hill and no one else is even close to as talented as him, Kelce helps also. Mahomes could put up 350 yards with my short self catching balls. But not even Diggs could save JA from some of these god awful passes hes throwing.
  14. All things considered, I think he would do better actually. He's still on a record setting pace without Hill all season. When a good WR goes to a bad team just to get paid thier productions falls off. Basically every WR that has come through pittsburgh for example, my opinion the QB makes the WR, not the other way around. (Sans Mike Evans/Money Manziel lol)
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