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  1. BillsMafia13

    DE, Brian Burns Should Be the Pick

    Well if somebody here thinks hes worth the pick at 9 why not? Unless we're only going off your big board
  2. BillsMafia13

    Is Kelvin Benjamin's career over?

    Careful, he might take a bite and eat the fork too What do you guys think he would run a 40 in today?
  3. BillsMafia13

    Buffalo Bills 2018 MVP... Whitney Mercilus

    There are absolutely scenarios where a qb going to a different team/situation would have changed the qbs career path. Not saying they would turn in HOF'ers but if you dont think orgs, coaches, environment doesnt play a factor in your first year at the most difficult position in sports you're kidding yourself. No player is "destined" to become anything
  4. We just signed 2 startable cb's and wallace is looking great. Isnt Murphy like the 3 rated cb too? We have at least 6 bigger needs than another db
  5. BillsMafia13

    Buffalo Bills 2018 MVP... Whitney Mercilus

    Nobody said need. Having an experienced co-worker mentor you is not the same as having a direct boss. Side note, if tanking ever hits the NFL like hockey or basketball Peterman will get a 100m contract
  6. BillsMafia13

    Buffalo Bills 2018 MVP... Whitney Mercilus

    100% with you bud. Throwing a raw rookie into the fire with a trash oline and no talent is the perfect way to ruin a player. The first 5 games he played gave him a feel, the next however many he sat let him evaluate what he absorbed, after that was his ascension. The number of rookie qbs who have been ruined vs. the Roders/Mahomes isnt even close.
  7. I just wish the bills could spot a top 5 guy like ever. I love SJ13 but we havent had jack since moulds
  8. See this is what im wondering. We have added so much depth talented players are going to get cut all over the place. How many draft picks are we going to walk away with after the draft? Im hoping we move a ton and move up for some quality players vs depth. So exciting
  9. hasnt gone below 83/1400 in over 5 years. 113/1700 last year, what at all makes you think hes slowing down.
  10. BillsMafia13

    Unpopular Take. The Bills should trade for Rosen

    Now I think this idea is absolutely awful and give it no mind. But is there any merit to trading, say a 3rd rounder for him and using him like Kirk Cousins? Idk if Rosen is even salvageable but if anyone thinks that can fix him they could flip him later on. Would also eff up the dynamic here but hey
  11. BillsMafia13

    Nate Oats heading to Alabama

    Look you can use all the facts you want. I refuse to acknowledge Notes moved on to greener pastures, and my ignorance of CBB makes me undefeated. UB cutting the nets down next year while Bama and Zona have major recruiting scandals.*
  12. BillsMafia13

    Rochester mayor to announce 6th round pick

    Not sure if sarcastic...... But it was the ugliest thing ive ever seen, and I did my civic duty to ruin that interview so I feel accomplished.
  13. BillsMafia13

    Nate Oats heading to Alabama

    LSU usually always has talent but they hardly move the needle. I dont follow basketball much either, pretty sure Sexton lead his team to beat Minn. or somebody playing 3V5 in a game. Dont ask how that worked, im just as confused
  14. BillsMafia13

    Nate Oats heading to Alabama

    Ya that Sexton kid who I really like. I get UB is small in name but Bama bball just seems like the little red headed step brother no one ever liked. No offense to red heads
  15. BillsMafia13

    Nate Oats heading to Alabama

    I hope he goes down there and we stomp Bama like we did Bobby Hurley this year. Has Bama ever even had a basketball team worth mentioning?