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  1. What happened to him? He’s plan seems to be to run into the closest guard in the backfield. He’s blowing it
  2. Was there any better feeling than hitting someone clean out of bounds in the street?
  3. I don’t disagree but idk how bills fans can say that after one above average season. I bet the redskins were thinking the same thing with RG3. I have complete confidence in mcbeanes decision making but we haven’t been good in 30 years. I can’t just dive into that hype until we actually win something substantial
  4. Love this line up. We’re playing a lot of teams with aging/won’t be there next year qbs. Lotta teams with overall pointing down
  5. Can you imagine these two, that would be incredible for Josh, fitz, and the fans
  6. The dolphins would have to win that game and would throw everything they had at our back ups only to play them at home right after. I’ll take rested starters and their game plan vs jackson getting hot in the playoffs. Not a good look but it’s definitely smart
  7. I really don’t think Big Ben can hold up. Bye week 4 and some tough defenses down the schedule. They’re one medium hit from being sunk the rest of the season. Which means hopefully 2nd seed or playing them
  8. Or how every player has to have a big signal when they get a first down. Come on
  9. Even if they works out good luck keeping people from breaking the rules. Should be interesting
  10. Might be a blessing in disguise. Steelers bye was week 4, they’ve been jerked around by other teams COVID situation 2x, old qb, and we play them week 14. Let’s pray the cookies crumble just right for us
  11. Every single qb run I scream why TF are we doing this! Seriously how necessary are these to dabolls game plan. This is a joke and I hope he get caught in a polar vortex on the way home
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