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  1. Bingo, ik im contradicting myself but "I" would pay that any day for another shot at a championship. As a fellow mets fan thank god the bills will cover their stink this year
  2. Cespedes is the shining example why these guys shouldnt get paid or demand an extension like this. The Mets paid Ces 110 million (27.5/yr) for 60 games in 2015 and a good season after that. He hasnt done diddly since then and re-injured his heals riding a horse. Im being cynical but that 110 mil was not earned and id be hesitant to shell out money, especially for Ramsey who seems like a quitter.
  3. Who would win in a pizza eating contest. Lacy or Benjamin?
  4. Wow never would have imagined those were his stats last year.
  5. I saw this on a fake/joke instagram page like a week ago. This is a bad joke that needs to stop gathering momentum. If anybody has found anything of substance please correct me
  6. Hey im a fan of him now. 6-10 with a lot of good additions, no real losses, and the most stability outside the untouchable patriots. No pressure on Josh now
  7. Gotta go with Mitch Morse, havent been this excited about a FA since Takeo Spikes. I think learning in chaos, plus a year of development, plus Morse is going to make a world of difference for JA
  8. All that typing for this? EJ Manuel was less of a bust
  9. Even though it is small that should be considered some kind of assault, which even surprises me to say. Zeke clearly imposed his size, walked him down and kept advancing til the guy ran out of room. Its not striking in the face but the guy held his ground and Zeke crossed the line where the guy had no where else to go. If he fell over the barricade and broke an ankle would that be different?
  10. Absolutely right, and I dont even knock the picks at the time. LWill dropped so they couldnt pass him up, but if the player doesnt pan out your stuck in a hole 2x as deep
  11. I love it. The Bills built around JA with great OL, and good WR/RB signings this offseason. The Jets added big ticket free agents like Mosley(after Barr walked right out the door), Bell (who Gase doesnt even want), and Q Williams (blesses himself after he sneezes). I like Q, but the jets and giants are duking it out for dumbest org in football rn.
  12. So the GM who had a hand in bringing in almost every player on the team is gone, and the HC who players have regularly hated stays on. Thank god for the jets.
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