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  1. BillsMafia13

    Best/Worst QB - Kelly/Van Pelt?

    I’m with ya man, tbh I was kind of embarrassed to say everything you threw out. I’ve never had the feeling, watching EJ every play, that a qb was so unnatural in the pocket. Like a slow motion car crash unfolding. Peterman=worst career. EJ=worst player
  2. BillsMafia13

    Bills fans and why the love of Blue Collar teams?

    Dude idk just hypothetical, don’t mean to sound like a dick sorry. Love JA but it’s like going from working at apple to flipping burgers at McDonald’s. And you gave it to mrs McDonald. Bills fans love blue color cuz Kwilliams is god
  3. BillsMafia13

    Bills fans and why the love of Blue Collar teams?

    Again, culture and reputation isnt the issue, you need to get off that. How about after 3 weeks AB only has 12 receptions for 190 yards and the bills are 0-3. If you think he would smile, put his nose down and work even harder you're delusional. The issue isnt reputation, its quitting on your own team. How long until he throws JA under the bus and requests a trade?
  4. BillsMafia13

    Bills fans and why the love of Blue Collar teams?

    Setting all the subjective stuff aside, if AB straight up quit on his team, week 17 fighting for the playoffs, in a kushy situation like Pittsburgh. You think anything at all will stop him from quitting here? One of the few situations character actually does matter. Its not a bad attitude, its completely giving up on the entire org.
  5. BillsMafia13

    Bills fans and why the love of Blue Collar teams?

    Your 3 points each had "arguably, arguably, and sounds like" but im the one speculating? Money is the only aspect I would tolerate , let alone the locker room issue (imaginary locker room issues?) This is the real world not madden
  6. BillsMafia13

    Bills fans and why the love of Blue Collar teams?

    -He would not even be close to the best WR in the league where, how much pressure is taken off him with a good Oline, JuJu and a good qb. -See above - Guarantee he would not come to Buffalo, win 6 games with 90 receptions and walk out smiling every game. -XX million dollars/whatever we would have to trade for him - He smashed Poyers CURRENT wife. If anyone things a locker room can function with this you're delusional. AB should not be discussed on this board anymore.
  7. BillsMafia13

    Would you trade a high 2020 draft choice for AB?

    The perfect gif to the perfect comment. /Thread Funny how him and Bell both said it was never about the money.
  8. BillsMafia13

    Hearing Broncos will let Matt Paradis test FA

    Now theyve got 40 mil invested in 2 average qbs they are gonna need to shed/avoid money. Flacco is a blessing I guess
  9. BillsMafia13

    Could the Bill's end up with 2 first rounders?

    Im with ya man but look at the last 2 we had. 2014 was Sammy at 4, 12-13 next picks all went on to be pro bowlers, a couple more scattered late in the round. 2011 Dareus was the worst non-qb pick in the top 11. Then Spiller and Maybin the 2 years prior, yikes. All situational but I trust McBeane to fill out the roster with talent later on. Except WRs of course.
  10. BillsMafia13

    Would you trade a high 2020 draft choice for AB?

    It doesnt matter if the Steelers offered AB for Nate Peterman, unless we get rid of Poyer I see no way those two can share a locker room. Brown shouldnt even be mentioned by us as a possible trade target, it wont happen
  11. I dont get how people use this argument. They say Arizona lost so much of their oline due to injuries, we just lost all ours before the season started. We also didnt have Kirk, Fitz, or DJ so im not buying it.
  12. BillsMafia13

    2019 Season Starts Now

    Would anyone trade for Laquon Treadwell? I get he hasnt produced at all in Minn and I think they deactivated him near the end of the season. He wont get any touches with Diggs and Theilen, would he be worth a super late round pick?
  13. BillsMafia13

    My Hypothetical Julio Jones Trade....Yes or No?

    I dont know if its worth the trade whatever values and numbers are presented, but saying Julio isnt worth it because of talent and age is foolish. Since Megatron retired Julio is the best in the leage and hasnt shown any signs of slowing up after 8 seasons or whatever. Just imagine what a security blanket like JJ would mean for Allens development.
  14. BillsMafia13

    Would you swap picks with Pittsburgh in trade down

    Idk if this is reasonable but I hope they trade and get as many future picks as possible to offset the contracts coming up. Hopefully they can spread them out well with the handful of future all-pros we've drafted the last 3 years Well theres probably +/- a million examples of why that doesnt work also. Look at the RGIII pick, awful trade and it set Wash back years. You have to have faith McBeane can identify talent for all the holes (except WR, I dont trust them there)
  15. BillsMafia13

    Saquon Barkley wins Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year

    Josh Allen>Bakermania. Cant change my mind