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  1. One thing on smokescreens is that typically, the news you hear early in draft season is often closer to the truth than what you hear close to the draft. Smokescreen season hasn't technically started yet and you kind of see that pick up after the combine. This early report and the way it is framed actually seems pretty possible. Just my 2 cents. 


    Plus remember, this is according to NFL sources. We did have Brain Gaine leave and Lake Dawson go on some interviews, so when you have your front office people out and about around the league, sometimes news can be spread around a bit. 

  2. Rosen has gotten his butt kicked playing football and still keeps playing. He's a rich kid who doesn't need football and still keeps playing. He could be doing a million other things but chooses to play football. 


    To me, that means he loves football. Some guys play for the money, or a chance to make it out of the hood. What is he playing for? He must love it because football is hard and dangerous. 


    Calling him a self-centered jerk is lazy. The things he said about college football, he was really trying to make a statement for those less fortunate than him. He was sticking up for the poor guys who play college football and get chewed up and spit out with nothing to show for it. He is in a position to speak for those who have less than him. I think he can come off as smug because he is intelligent and confident. 


    Take the time to read some of his interviews. He is a really smart kid, who loves football, sticks up for his teammates, and it seems like guys love him from everything I've read. Pretty much everything he said about school, Trump, etc was all about sticking up for the little guy. I love this attitude for a quarterback. A guy who is willing to take the blame and will stick up for teammates. 


    I would very very happy about a trade up. The injuries are a concern, but he's a perfect fit and we would be set for the next fifteen years. Take the time to look into those controversial interviews and make your own assessment. 

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  3. The one thing I will say about the Cousins situation is that if you look back at the few times Carolina played Washington over the years, McDermott's defense pretty much shut him down. He had 315 passing yards on MNF a couple of years ago, but also had some bad turnovers. I can't imagine he was super impressed on the other side. 


    Or perhaps they had to work hard to gameplan for him. McDermott's opinion on him is going to drive this situation.


    Guys who ripped apart the Panthers over the years are guys like Brees, Rivers, Rodgers, Eli. 

  4. I think Cordy Glenn could be moved as part of a trade up with either the Giants or Colts. In fact the NY media is already talking about Cordy Glenn as a potential trade target for the Giants. 


    No no one will trade for Tyrod imo.

    2 minutes ago, Ittakestime said:


    Enough of this dead money. Just play Glenn at guard or RT. This cutting players for the sake of saving nothing in cap space is getting ridiculous. 


    Every team does this all of the time. If a player doesn't fit the plan they move on and take the cap space. This is normal procedure in the NFL. 

  5. 8 hours ago, NastyNateSoldiers said:

    I was looking at the free agents list at QB and 1 name stuck out to me the most as a possible bridge type QB it was Derek Anderson.  DA is 35yrs old has alot of experience and won't come with hefty price tag i can see the Bills signing him to a 2yr deal worth up to 20mil based on playing time.  Basically if he starts he'll get 10 mil per season if he's the bkup anywhere from 5 to 7.5 that's pretty much the going rate for experienced bkups . 


    Why does he fit? 

    First off he's the prototype QB Beane has been talking bout he's 6'5 and has a big arm has been reasonably successful over his career . DA brings alot of experience to the table and can be a mentor to the QB we draft . There's also that familiarity he has with McBeane with them all coming from Carolina . Being a quality bkup for the latter part of his career DA wouldn't have any prbs with his role as a mentor and he probably would embrace the opportunity to start for a yr or however long it takes for our young QB to develop. 


    Don't get me wrong I'm not saying i like this move.  I'm just surprised no one has brought up this player as a darkhorse candidate for the Bills. He can very much be the guy there looking for based on our cap situation and the need to bring in a young QB. 

    Everyone is attacking this idea but it makes sense. I think Anderson is in a group on cheap vets who could be 4-8 game starters while the high end rookie gets ready. Guys like Anderson, Matt Moore make sense there. I think it's a possibility if we trade up for Rosen-Darnold-Allen. Any other prospect will require a better bridge imo. Why pay Tyrod Taylor 18 million to start a couple of games. 


    No matter what there will be a veteran quarterback in the position room and on this team. It will either be a high end guy who will be our starter or a low end guy like this who will keep the seat warm for a high end rookie. 

  6. 22 minutes ago, Alphadawg7 said:

    If Sammy goes to SF he will put up 1400+ yards and 10+ TDs next season as Jimmy G’s top target and I think that’s where he lands if he leaves Rams.



    Great call. I could also see him going to the Jets with Kirk Cousins

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  7. 3 hours ago, OldTimeAFLGuy said:


    ...LMAO....lesser of TWO evils........then again, The Cutlet hijacking the Bears for $54 mil guaranteed in better than ANY Brinks robbery in history.( close to Flacco's 52 mil though)..............poor Halas rolled over 67 times....


    And Kirk Cousins about to outdo both of them! 

    1 minute ago, jrober38 said:

    All I'm reading here is that whatever QB you like is the guy we shouldn't want. 


    Nothing but colossal busts on that list. 


    Well I mean I really liked top guys like Big Ben, Rivers, Eli, Mariota, Winston, Wentz, Cam, Vick, but a lot of those guys were out of reach. That wasn't the point of the excercise, but I see where you are coming from. 

  8. 56 minutes ago, OldTimeAFLGuy said:


    ...if I remember correctly, Modrak had Leinart graded out as a 3rd due to arm strength in Bflo weather......Cutler and Young were in that draft as well, but don't remember where Modrak had them......if QB's were not the choice, Wiffner over Ngata was............you know the rest.............


    I believe there are stories that Tom Modrak was banging the table for Jay Cutler and got overruled for Whitner. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Buffalo03 said:

    He was on GMFB this morning and he currently isn't on a team and it got me thinking, since Eric Wood's career is over with, why not bring in Mangold to be a bridge center for a couple years? I get he is older but he was also one of the top centers in the NFL for pretty much his entire career


    I wouldn't hate it if he's healthy. The age doesn't bother me. Center is one of those positions where guys can play for awhile. 

  10. I thought it might be a fun exercise for us look at some of our hits and misses over the years. We all have opinions about all of the quarterbacks in this draft, but I'm sure we have all been wrong at times over the years.  Pretty much every year I fall in love with a quarterback, sometimes those guys have turned out to be pretty good and other times they’ve been awful. My earliest draft memories probably start at the 93 draft as an 11 year old. I’ve been watching and obsessing over the draft ever since. 


    93: Drew Bledsoe was my second football love after Jim Kelly. I thought he was going to be awesome and went on to have a pretty good career. I was ecstatic when we acquired Bledsoe, even though he was thirty at that point. 


    94: Heath Shuler: I thought he was going to be the man. So athletic and watching his games at Tennessee I thought he would be the real deal. 


    95: I was a big PSU fan because my uncle went there and I really liked Kerry Collins. I did not think McNair was going to be good as a small school guy. Kerry Collins was ok but I was definitely wrong on McNair. We drafted Todd Collins in the second.  


    96: This might be the worst QB drafts of all time. First guy off the board was Tony Banks in the second. I don’t recall liking any QBs in this draft. I remember really wanted Terry Glenn and being disappointed with Moulds. 


    97: Loved Jake Plummer but I thought Jim Druckenmiller was going to be the better pro. 


    98: Peyton Manning was obvious, but I thought Leaf was going to be good too. I feel like that was a fair debate at the time. 


    99: Cade McNown was my favorite. He was a lefty and really athletic and fun. I thought Couch would be good too. I wasn't sold on McNabb or Akili Smith. I remember really wanting Andy Katzenmoyer, like a lot and being disappointed when we passed on him for Antoine Winfield. 


    2000: Nobody special came out of this draft…....but I loved Giovanni Carmazzi. Steve Mariucci ruined him. 


    2001: I really wanted Drew Brees. I was basically obsessed with him at Purdue. 


    2002: I badly wanted Joey Harrington and he went one pick before ours. I really think Mariucci ruined him too and he should have  had a better career. I thought we might grab Patrick Ramsey in the  2nd. I thought he’d be good too. 


    2003: Kyle Boller was my guy in this draft. Huge arm. 


    2004: I felt the top guys were out of reach, so I was actually okay with JP Losman. I did not like the trade up though. I think we could have waited until the second. Still the wrong pick though. 


    2005: That trade up cost us a shot at Aaron Rodgers, who I thought was really good. 


    2006: I liked Vince Young in this draft. 


    2007: I loved Brady Quinn, but really wanted Patrick Willis. I didn't love the Marshawn selection. I did not think there was any way Quinn would bust. 


    2008: I loved Brian Brohm and felt really good about Colt Brennan. 


    2009: I did not like anyone, but certainly did not want Aaron Maybin.


    2010: A lot of rumors had us loving Tim Tebow so I convinced myself to like him. I really wanted Jimmy Clausen. I could not believe we passed on him in the second. 


    2011: This one I am not proud of. I thought Cam was out of reach and I loved Blaine Gabbert, Absolutely loved him. He was like the prototype for me. I was upset when we passed on him, but I understood the Dareus pick. After the first day I convinced myself we were going to draft Colin Kaepernick, and I was ecstatic, then we drafted Aaron Williams and I was super pissed. 


    2012: I spent the entire offseason dreaming of trade ups for Luck that obviously didn't happen. After him I wanted Brock Osweiler late. 


    2013: I wanted Matt Barkley. Hated the EJ pick. Still surprised Barkley never amounted to anything and shocked he went in the 4th. 


    2014: I was hoping Teddy Bridgewater would somehow slip to us in the 2nd. 


    2015: I liked Bryce Petty and I thought Brett Hundley would be good as well. 


    2016: I wanted Christian Hackenberg. I thought he had the pedigree as a prospect and was just really young for the draft. 


    2017: I was intrigued by Mahomes, but was okay with the trade down. 


    So for me it's a lot of hit or miss. I really loved prospects like Joey Harrington and Blaine Gabbert and was banging the table for Brady Quinn, but also had a couple of hits like Drew Brees. But I have been pretty wrong a lot. Just putting it all out there as fun. 


    This year I am all in on Josh Rosen. 


    It’s all a crapshoot. Who are some of your hits and embarrassing misses over the years? 

  11. 52 minutes ago, Dalton said:

    Is Allen your first choice based on that order?  Why Allen over Mayfield?


    I guess I value production over potential - Allen is a high bust factor IMO.  Mayfield may have a slightly lower ceiling but a much higher floor.

    My order is Rosen-Darnold-Allen-Mayfield-Jackson. I very badly want Rosen in a trade up. I love everything about his game and I actually like his confidence a lot. 


    Allen and Mayfield are close for me but I just have to give the size factor to Allen. They both showed similar strengths and weakness, have footwork issues etc etc. if I have a guy who needs a lot of work I'd just rather have the 6-5 guy over the 6-0 guy. I also take the higher ceiling because we have not had a true top quarterback in a very long time. It's just a better long term investment. Can Mayfield be a top 15 guy? Sure. He's grown on me a lot. But Allen could be a top 5 type of guy. I'm going with higher potential. I'll gladly take either one honestly. I'd be ok with any of the top 5. After that I'm probably skipping on this draft. 

  12. 7 minutes ago, BigBuff423 said:


    And you may very well be right...for me, and if I had to make that decision, he just wouldn't be worth that kind of risk. Luck would have been, but he was a senior and had developed as far as he was going to in college. Rosen may be the best QB to come out in a long time, but some information - not sure of its veracity - indicates he doesn't "love" football to the extent he's willing to put all of his hours, heart and soul into becoming the best he possibly become. If the Bills were to get that kind of vibe from him during Combine interviews, that would definitely make me NOT want to move up to top 3 for that. JMO, but I do respect yours and I can't argue hard against doing everything to get that guy....I'm just not sure I'm sold on anyone being worth that kind of sacrifice in this year's Draft with the roster in its current state.


    I appreciate that. I see a kid who got asked some tough questions and responded honestly. He may be a jerk, or it may be something the media is saying because they don't like his opinions. Everything that has come out of that actual locker room has been positive. I think he is an extremely intelligent guy and is standing up for those less fortunate than him. I loved this quote from Jim Mora, who was his coach. This was after Rosen made comments about college taking advantage of athletes etc.: 


    "Well, I think it's important to know this about Josh Rosen: He's very, very well respected by his coaches and his teammates because we see on a daily basis his commitment, his work ethic, his attitude, his passion for football. We also know that he's an incredibly intelligent young man that does have opinions. Often times those opinions are conveyed to others because he is trying to bring attention to some that are maybe less fortunate or have less than he does. At times that maybe he feels are taken advantage of. The message to Josh is that it's OK to have opinions. As a 20-year-old, you're going to have opinions now that maybe you don't have when you're 22, 23, 30, 50, 60 that are maybe different than when you were 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. But when you express those opinions in a public forum - and he expressed those opinions way back in the spring. This is not a recent interview. But when you express opinions, you create perceptions. You create controversy. There are those who agree with you and those who won't agree with you. And you have to be willing to live with the consequences."


    Now I would recommend reading this interview with Bleacher Report where he made some of those comments: 



    Here is another interview where the interviewer brings up Trump for some reason: 

    https://www.theplayerstribune.com/josh-rosen-conor-mcdermott-ucla/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Sept 30 AM&utm_content=Sept 30 AM+CID_cf5de8385d01b4393dd30813efc2329e&utm_source=newsletter&utm_term=Everything Under the Sun


    He was asked about Trump and said this: 

    "Well, I think it’s no secret that I’m not a large fan of Donald Trump — from a policy standpoint and from a human-being standpoint. I think it’s cowardly to run a campaign based on demagoguery and bigotry, and to incite fear so you can rally support for personal gain. He’s feeding off of racial tension and a lack of religious understanding, and a lack of sympathy and empathy for people who are different from him. I think it’s sad that he’s not even trying to understand important issues and propose legitimate policies to make the country a better place. It seems like he just wants to be president … so he can be president. There’s so much I don’t like. I don’t like his policy positions, and I really don’t like him making racially charged statements to people who don’t know better or understand what it’s like to come from poverty or different backgrounds."


    BTW, the other guy in that interview is Conor McDermott, who is on our team and loves Rosen. We have Rosen's teammate at left tackle for two years in our building, so if we want to know what teammates think of Rosen, we can just ask Conor. (I also think he is in the mix at RT this year)


    I see Rosen as a really intelligent guy who is a little misunderstood (because the general public is really dumb). I think the bad teammate stuff and doesn't love football stuff is nonsense. He's the guy IMO. 

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