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  1. I was losing 6-0 in the fourth and came back. Threw a fade to KB over Bouye for the TD, but missed the XP. Then played a disguised coverage and Bortles threw a pick to Leon Johnson. Shady did the rest. 13-6. I really struggled stopping the run and throwing the ball, but did just enough. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, suorangefan4 said:

    I still have no idea why he was drafted in the late second round. 


    He had great intangibles. Accurate passer with a quick release and scans the field well. Good pocket presence too. I was mad back then when we didn't draft him.

    I think it was mostly small school bias and a smallish  frame with small hands. He looked tiny at teh Senior Bowl and East-West game. His numbers were ridiculous, but he was kind of under the radar. That 2014 draft was strange with Bortles going early, Manziel going, Bridgewater and Carr going late. 


    Good thing we got Cyrus Kouandjio in that second round though. 



    On acquiring Jimmy G, I think the only scenario where this is possible is if they give him the non exclusive franchise tag, and we made him an offer that they would not match. Then you are giving up the two  first round picks, which I would totally do. 


    I just don't see why the 49ers would let him get away. It would have to be a huge overpay for a team to pry him away.  


    If you are SF would you prefer Jimmy G. or Kirk Cousins and 2 first round picks? 

  3. 4 minutes ago, YoloinOhio said:

    Would be surprised if Darnold didn’t return to school at this point. He doesn’t look ready. But if he does declare, he will go high.


    This report does make some sense. Both of these guys, like Rosen, are only 20 years old. ButI think Darnold is crazy if he goes back. He is pretty much guaranteed to be a top 5 pick. Jackson I buy. Going back would actually probably help his cause more than hurt it. 


    This would probably make guys like Drew Lock and Jarrett Stidham declare now.  

  4. Yes definitely!


    I know it sounds corny, but I am really excited about this "process." We saw a lot of changes, but I think we are going to see a lot more in year two. I think we will see an almost full makeover of the offensive and defensive lines and the line backing crew. I think the rebuilt secondary was really the biggest change and had the most impact, but I feel like Beane and McDermott are just getting started. I am curious to see what McDermott and Beane can do with a full off-season, some cap space, and a lot of draft picks. 


    I guess my point is that this team has not turned over completely. McDermott and Beane have begun building this roster the way they want it to be as they have made the changes they could in a short time. The job is only half way complete, and we still made the playoffs.  

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  5. 3 minutes ago, Domdab99 said:

    OMFG you people...


    Dalton is a mid-tier QB, just like Tyrod. Sure, he'as a different kind of QB, but all you'd be doing is trading apples for oranges. Do you really want to trade a QB who can't anticipate very well for one who throws a lot of picks at inopportune times?


    I mean...this place, sometimes... 


    Yes, he made a great throw the other day AFTER nearly getting picked off THREE times in the same drive. 


    Agreed. Dalton is a slightly better Tyrod. He is two years older and 1 inch taller. He also takes many more risks and therefore throws more picks. 


    Their style of play is actually pretty similar. Tyrod is obviously faster, but Dalton can run a bit too. 

  6. 10 minutes ago, PIZ said:


    What does this mean?


    "Potential Out: 2018, 4 yr, $49,286,027; $2,400,000 dead cap".


    It would be legendary to get him, after he secured the Bills playoff spot.



    It basically means that 2018 would be the first year they can get out of the contract under reasonable terms. Most of the guaranteed money has been paid out, so if they cut him this year there is just a 2.4 million cap hit. If they've had cut him in 2017 they would have taken on a 18 million dollar dead cap hit. 

  7. He's under contract until 2021, but he has a 16 million dollar cap number next year. The Bengals could cut him and save about 14 million in cap, with just 2 million in dead money. It certainly seems possible, but unlikely in my opinion. 


    They'd have to want to move on to AJ McCarron, but his status as a RFA or UDA is up in the air. 

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  8. I think we go DE and QB. It's way too early to tell who might be there, but I'm guessing something like Sam Hubbard and Josh Allen. I think we could go OL/DL or CB with one pick. I think the other pick is reserved for a QB. I think a trade up with the Giants is possible, but it is going to take a lot. 



    1 hour ago, bobobonators said:

    100% agree. 


    We need to build both lines. 


    The Oline is average and Incognito is already 35. We need at least 1 more OL, preferrably 2. 


    The Dline isnt disruptive enough. We need 1 edge passer and 1 DT to take over for KW. 


    Thats at least 3 starting players total. With all the picks we have it can be done. Also FA, though i expect McBeane to use FA to fill in depth/role players not obtain studs. 

     I honestly think we sign a guy like guard Andrew Norwell and I think we will be in on Star Lotulelei. I think we draft a DE. 

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  9. On 12/25/2017 at 2:29 PM, NewEraBills said:

    I'm a Luke Falk fan.  He has some questions about arm strength but there is one trait that he has that is actually more refined than most of the guys in this draft.  He goes through his reads and progressions faster than just about anyone in the draft.  When you turn on the tape watch his helmet at the snap.  His head is on a swivel.  Most of the time the football is out of his hands.  He likes throwing over the middle of the field.  Now sometimes he holds onto the football too long but I think a lot of his issues can be easily corrected except for arm strength.  That's the question mark.


    Falk is tough for me to grade.  I see him as a 2nd -4th round guy with a lot of talent.  And I definitely think he can be a special QB.


    I really like Falk for the reasons you mentioned. He sees the field and goes through progressions. I think he is a guy who has the potential to become a "Tom Brady." I'm not saying he will be the GOAT, but he is an undervalued guy who lacks arm strength and athleticism. I think he can build arm strength. He has been amazing at times and truly AWFUL at other times. My biggest thing is that his accuracy is really hard to ignore. The bottom line is that I think he is a system quarterback. I think he'd be a great fit in any West Coast offense.  He could be the next Tom Brady, or the next Kellen Moore. 

  10. 19 minutes ago, BigBuff423 said:

    The thing is, the ‘83 Draft class is considered to be one of the best ever, and 2004 is in believed to be of similar value and each had 3 high quality QBs. But every year there are QBs believed to be “can’t miss” and franchise caliber, but wind up being a bust. And then there are the Daks, Russell Wilsons and Kirk Cousins or Tony Romos and Kurt Warners in almost every Draft (notice I didn’t mention Brady)....


    My point is that to me, is just as much about coaching the young man as it is about identifying the raw potential of any of these QBs. So, yes the Bills need to identify and be able to Draft the right QB, but just as much - they need to be able to develop him and coach him and give him an honest opportunity to grow and make Rookie type mistakes so he CAN get better. 


    With th all of the top billing guys there are also guys like Ryan Finley and Luke Falk who probably have the basic tools to be a good NFL QB, but need to be coached and trained properly to mature into their QB of the future.

    I see Falk as a major sleeper. He's definitely a system QB but extremely accurate. His physical traits sound like Brady coming out, slight frame, lack arm strength etc. I could see him being the next Garopollo type, Brady backup. You can't teach his accuracy, 

  11. 18 minutes ago, BillsFan4 said:

    Huh. I would say exactly the opposite...


    IMO I thought he struggled in preseason and early in the year.

    And I don't know if you remember, but at that time Humber was playing really well. It's hard to say that Milano earned the job over Humber early in the year.


    I thought Milano developed as the year went on, and did very well filling in for Humber when he got injured. Then Humber came back and didn't play nearly as well as he had earlier in the year, while Milano continued to improve. So he was then given the starting job. 


    I think things went exactly as they should. Why should Milano, a late round rookie, have been handed a starting job to start the year when it was pretty clear to everyone that Humber earned it? 

    But when it became clear that Milano should be starting, he was named the starter. Isn't that how things should work? A rookie shouldn't just be handed a starting job he hasn't earned just because he was a draft pick of the new regime. 


    So, I'd say that first, it was a great evaluation move to snag Milano late in the draft. And then I'd say it was a good evaluation/personnel move to let him develop and name him starter when he had truly earned it. 


    I definitely done see this as some quesrionable move to comp,win about, that for sure... 



    Agree with everything you said here. My only issue has been the subbing of Humber in random spots. Ramon looks like a clear down grade when he is in there. 

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