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  1. He says it was common knowledge among the "rank and file" people in the know. Not the general public. I suppose he feels it wasn't newsworthy to report on until this point. It would be almost inappropriate for them to report that Russ was having an inappropriate, yet consensual sexual relationship with an employee. It almost crosses into libel or defamation. Now that he has  resigned, it is newsworthy, but up until this point it really wasn't. 

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  2. 31 minutes ago, OldTimeAFLGuy said:



    ...seriously?....wait until Allen's FIRST miscue in Bflo.......the NYC media will look like lambs compared to the TBD pundits.............


    Haha lol. TBD can be heartless and demanding, but is nothing compared to NY media. Their illogical fans and ridiculous Daily News writers are just going to destroy the kid. 

  3. I was  huge Allen fan at last year's draft. I was happy the Bills passed on that class. I thought we would tank and wind up with my dream #1 pick, Josh Allen. I wasn't sure if it was possible, but I loved his upside. To me he was the quarterback we've needed for such a long time. I'm old school a bit. I believe in size, strength, speed, arm strength, hand size and all of that stuff. I think the wind, more than cold, is a factor in Buffalo and I think this guy was made to play here. 


    Fast forward around 6-8 months and I really fell in love with Rosen. With the hire of Daboll, I thought he would be the perfect person to operate that system. Alas he wasn't the pick. Deep down I felt I was almost cheating on Allen. 


    I was dissapointed for a second, then I realized they picked the guy I really wanted in the first place. My buddy was like...trust your gut dude. So that's where I am. I would have been happy with any of Darnold, Rosen or Allen. 


    Bottom line, I got my real true love and I couldn't be happier. 

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  4. 2 minutes ago, JohnC said:

    We just don't know how Rudolph was rated by the organization. If the Bills rated him as a second round prospect from a value standpoint but were determined to come out of this draft with a qb then it isn't crazy to believe that they  would have taken him with their second first round pick out of fear that he wouldn't be available in the second round. We now know that Rudolph was taken in the third round but most prognosticators pegged him as very likely to be taken in the second round. 


    Agreed, but I would not feel good about the idea that all of the other teams in the league determined he was a third round pick (despite what the Steelers are telling us). 

  5. Just now, IgotBILLStopay said:



    I thought Edmunds has as good a shot as any at DROY - given the whole at ILB and how easy it will be to plug and play him.

    Quite frankly, despite my Bills tinted glasses, I was surprised at Josh Allen's odds for OROY -



    kinda surprised that Darnold aint ahead of him ..


    I really don't like the Darnold fit with the Jets. NY will tear him apart like ElI, but he doesn't have that family name to fall back on. I do like Darnold a lot. I just think he would have been better off here or even in Denver or Cleveland. I don't see it working out. 

  6. 1 minute ago, jrober38 said:


    I have no issue with the Steelers having picked Rudolph in round 3. 

    That's exactly where he should have been picked.


    It's the talk on this board of us picking him 22nd, or in some extremely stupid cases 12th overall that was completely insane. 


    I would post the "he's right" Morgan Freeman meme if I knew what I was doing. But yes. That is the issue. There has to be something to getting good value and those who wanted to draft this guy at 12 or 22 and are still clinging to the idea that he should have been picked in the first are just being illogical. 

  7. 8 minutes ago, thebandit27 said:


    By that same logic, you'd have been appalled at a team selecting Dak Prescott in the 1st round too--and you'd have been wrong.


    I think Dak is very overrated, but still a lot better than Rudolph. I don't think he is a first round quarterback, but I would have taken him in the second or third. Rudolph is a 3-4 to me. I posted this a couple weeks ago: 


    Popular thought is that Dak is really good. He really isn't. He is ok. He is totally reliant on having a good supporting cast and can't really make plays when he is the man. I think he does still have some upside because he has the physical ability. If he doesn't make a huge jump, the Cowboys will be drafting another in a couple of years. 





  8. 13 minutes ago, Blokestradamus said:

    If you (or anyone else) wants to have faith that the team is doing the best it can, you do you. Just tread carefully about sounding like you're invalidating the opinions of others, especially if they happen to conflict with yours. I'm not the enemy, I just don't like the damn pick :)


    Good deal and great post. I suppose my point is that I feel like people who have never met this kid and did not get to talk to him about all of the mistakes he made and things of that nature can only offer a very limited review of his play. It is an incomplete grade. It is based on a very limited amount of information. 


    I'm a teacher and I have to grade my student's writing. If someone came in and graded my students on their papers, the grade would probably be much different than mine. I know the kid, I know the question I posed, I know the expectation and requirement that I put forth, I know resources they had to work with, I know if they have struggled with a particular process, I know if they did the best that they could because they have single mom who dropped out of high school and can't afford a tutor. My point is that it would be unfair for some outsider to come in and grade that paper, when all they are looking at is the result. 


    It is an incomplete and uninformed grade imo. Even the Mayock's and the Jeremiahs of the world know these kids very well. 

  9. 1 minute ago, 26CornerBlitz said:

    The crusade by TBD to discredit any draft analyst who offers criticism of Allen based on technical and mental processing deficiencies in his game is beyond sad. Anyone who actually listened to the interview would realize Marino acknowledges that he could be wrong, but the critiques he offered are well considered. I get that people want Allen to succeed as we all should, but to act as if Marino or anyone else who's opinion is based on film study that clearly exposed holes in his game is nothing more than Bills' fan bunker mentality.  He's not going to unsee what Allen showed and change his opinion just because some are in full Allen support mode with a refusal to acknowledge legitimate objective analysis. 




    I dismiss it because it is incomplete. He does not have access to the information, the coaches, the players etc etc etc that I stated above. He is watching film and nitpicking. That to me, is incomplete analysis and not a trustworthy source. To me, this analysis is interesting, but meaningless. It is impossible for this guy to know what Allen was supposed to do on a particular play, what was discussed in practice that week, what checks there were etc. He also can't talk to Allen about what he is thinking on a particular play. Now if we had an NFL team come out and say he was a third round pick, that would be interesting.  

  10. 1 minute ago, Blokestradamus said:


    Hi, it's me here. Guy that never played a down at any level and had Allen as a 3rd round talent.


    Huge difference between where he WILL go and where people feel he SHOULD go.



    Listen I respect what you do, and I'm not trying to be a dick, but if all these experts were experts, wouldn't they be working for an NFL team? Why is it that, basically, the entire NFL had him as a top ten pick and yet a few internet "scouts" are claiming he is a third rounder? I'm sorry but I'm not taking the word of the guy at his computer. I'm going with the NFL people.


    These people watch every single down of every single play. They understand the passing concepts and what the player was tasked to do on a particular play. They get to sit down with the kid, one on one, and talk to him about what he was thinking on a particular play. They are able to project how the player makes reads and throws that they will need him to make that are specific to their offensive scheme. They talk to players, coaches, everyone around the kid. They know stuff on a much deeper level than you or anyone else who grades these guys as a hobby or for a draft service. 


    I guess my point is, that anyone who give sthis guy a "grade" who does not have access to all of the information above, really are giving an incomplete grade. 

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  11. Joe Marino=Chris Trapasso?


    It is just comical that these guys are sticking to their "grades." A bunch of nerds who probably never played football before, when the entire league and scouting community pretty much feel that Allen was a top ten pick. Oh and by the way, if he came out last year, would have been the #1 pick. I get that not everybody love steh pick, but these losers are not taking projection into account and are hitching themselves to their guy. I should definitely trust some nerd at a computer over scouts, GMs and pro personnel people who have been doing this for a million years. ;)


  12. The Panthers North narrative is getting kind of old and ridiculous. And honestly...who cares? The Panthers are perennial contenders since they bottomed out and got Cam. They have a franchise quarterback and a really strong defense and wound up in the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. Why is this a problem? Every coach and GM add his people...people he can trust and who speak the same language. Standard operating procedure. 

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  13. Mason Rudolph should pay attention. 


    Anyway, I don't think the Jets will cut Hackenberg yet. He just turned 23 and they really haven't seen him play at all. I think they will give it one more shot and see what he has in training camp. Perhaps a team like the Chargers or Redskins who don't might throw a 7th their way. Blaine Gabbert was traded for a sixth. Cardale Jones netted a 7th.  

  14. I thought Edmunds would look awesome in 59, I was wondering who took it. But 49 is cool too. 



    39 minutes ago, bufrock j said:

    51 is a great number  who the heck is stanford ?

    Really fast, super athletic linebacker who has some upside. Jets fans thought he had a lot of abilty an dthought he got a raw deal becuase of politics. I think that means he is better than Darron Lee, but they played Lee instead. Instantly a special teams star and will push Milano at Will and can play Mie as well. I think we gave him a bit too much money, but he is a player with some upside. 




    I believe these were his pro day numbers: 


    Measurable Measurement %tile
    Height 6' 1¼"* 42
    Weight 228 lbs* 11
    10 Yard Split 1.44s* 99
    40 Yard Dash 4.51s* 92
    Vertical Jump 42½"* 98
    Broad Jump 128"* 93
    3-Cone Drill 6.59s* 99
    20 Yard Shuttle 4.02s* 96
    Bench Press 27 reps*        86
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  15. Just now, GunnerBill said:

    I just don't see the NFL as a run and go deep league anymore. I suppose if you want a nice catchy way of encapsulating my thoughts it would be that this is now a Pat Schurmer league not a Norv Turner league. 


    Gotcha. I think it is a little bit of both. I think when you draft a guy who can throw it 80 yards, you should certainly include elements of the Norv turner stuff. I also think Allen will be able to drive the ball into those small windows. I think Daboll seems like the type of guy who will implement a lot of different stuff, so I am happy about that. 

  16. 18 minutes ago, GunnerBill said:


    Hmmm. I'm not sold. I think the NFL is now all about match ups and those matchup advantages for an offense are often in those short and intermediate zones and by getting the ball into the hands of playmakers horizontally. Your backs, slot receivers and tight ends against linebackers. Of course you need a vertical threat but I don't think you can win in the modern NFL with the vertical game as the key base of your offense. Part of that is undoubtedly protection issues due to the overall poor standard of offensive line play. It's about getting the ball out of the Quarterback's hands quickly and into the hands of playmakers in space wherever that space may be.  


    I tend to disagree. The Patriots have won over the years without amazing receivers and such. They run a very specific passing game with complicated route trees and things of that nature. They have the GOAT basically, who excels at making good decisions in that scheme. Yeah sometimes they isolate Gronk and take a shot, but that isn't their offense. I think that is what wins football games consistently, finding holes in the defense. I don't want my entire offense built on matchups, because when your stud receiver is hurt, you are left with no offense.  I think you look for mismatches and matchups pre snap and take advantage accordingly. I feel a lot better with an E-P passing attack that utilizes play action and such over an RPO offense in which the quarterback looks at one guy and makes a simple decision based on that one read. That works in the short term...RG3, Kaepernick, Watson. Tyrod...Mayfield. But defenses catch up. The game is designed to go vertical. Defenses use the sideline to scheme all of the time. You simply run out of room going sideways. 

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