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  1. 6 minutes ago, PIZ said:


    Is he a better prospect than EJ was?  I am one that thinks Rudolph will go in the 1st.

    I think he certainly has better film than EJ. He doesn't have the physical upside that EJ did. Obviously he failed, but he was overdrafted and was really a third or fourth round pick. EJ had much higher potential with a lower floor. Rudolph is very average to below average physically but has some good college tape. If you want a solid backup he's your guy. If you want a possible high upside starter he is not. 


    We we need a true franchise quarterback and that is why this guy just doesn't move the needle imo. 

  2. 8 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


    First round, maybe not.  But why do you put him at 3rd or 4th?  He played against a high level of competition, and he did a lot of good things.


    A few others have said it, but I just see Bryce Petty. He isn't special and just doesn't move the needle for me at all. I don't see upside, or high level starter. Average arm and little athleticism. I don't really understand the love for him. I see a guy along the lines of a slightly bigger Matt Moore. 


    I like Rosen. I get why people like Darnold. I get why people like Mayfield. I can see the upside of an Allen or Jackson. For me Rudolph is in the third tier of QBs in this draft with Falk and White etc. I just can't believe people are mocking him in the first. 

  3. 1 hour ago, ndirish1978 said:


    Cushing is an injury liability. I'd like to get younger at the position, not older. 


    1 hour ago, Dr. Fong said:

    A 31 year old LB with two strikes? Kind of a risky pickup.


    I'm thinking that a guy like Cushing or Freeman or even Derrick Johnson could be nice transitional players as a starter in front of whoever we draft. Depth or low cost starter for a year. 


    Besides the suspensions, Cushing pretty much oozes process and all that stuff. Hard worker, leader etc etc. Just sayin. Plus they wouldn't count for comp picks. 

  4. I  think DiMarco is back. He played for Daboll for one season in Kansas City early in his career, so he will be familiar with what Daboll is going to do.


    Over the years Daboll has used a true fullback like Lawrence Vickers and DiMarco and also made use of H back types like Charles Clay and Lex Hilliard in Miami. He also had Peyton Hillis in Cleveland and in KC. If you look at New England they pretty much always have a fullback on the roster. I see DiMarco, Clay, and O'Leary all being really good fits for what Daboll will want to do. 

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  5. 4 hours ago, jahnyc said:

    Do we know if Rosen will want to play for the Bills?  Seems like he had issues with the Browns.

    This is what Rosen actually said:

    "I'd rather be a lower pick at the right team than a higher at the wrong team." 


    Obviously this implies he doesn't want to go to the Browns, but the media really twisted this making him sound like a big jerk. With Buffalo coming off a playof berth and some newfound stability, I don't see why we would be an issue. 

  6. 4 hours ago, YoloinOhio said:

    I’m not advocating for signing him, but the Bengals are a very risk-averse organization. He never was competing with Dalton for the starting job. He would not have been named starter no matter how good he looked. Dalton is their starter and he’s “good enough” for Mike Brown just like Marvin is “good enough” 


    This is a great point.

  7. 5 minutes ago, Alphadawg7 said:


    Ah...ok...for some reason I though he had not seen the field other than to just close out a game once it was decided.  That at least makes a little more sense then even though 6 TD's in 4 games isn't exactly world beating, but at least there is some tape on him when it matters with moderate success.


    He had a playoff game against the Steelers won that year and then Burfict went nuts and the Hill fumble happened. He doesn't have a lot of experience, but has playoff experience and has been developed. He deserves a chance. I don't think he is a great fit here, but he deserves a chance somewhere. 

  8. 2 minutes ago, PolishDave said:


    If Cleveland gets average or better QB play, even without upgrading the rest of their roster, they could already be an above average team.   There are obviously more variables at play here.   But I think Cleveland is about to take one of the biggest steps in NFL history as far as going from bad to good.    Depends on how they handle the QB situation in my opinion.   If they actually get a guy with eliteness in him, they are going to rocket to the top of their division in 2 years maybe 1 year.   And everybody will be like WTF?


    Of course, just my opinion and I could be 180 degrees wrong - as I have been before.

    I agree with you, but I think we are just looking at it differently. 


    This is kind of why I am on the McCarron to the Browns train. You don't have to go through the growing pains of developing a guy who is already developed. Plus he was developed by Hue Jackson and Ken Zampese, who are both on the Browns staff. I thought he played really well for the Bengals and had that playoff game won a couple of years ago. If they go sign AJ and say draft Barkley and Quinton Nelson, and sign a free agent reciever their offense will be stacked. They can upgrade their defense in the second round and free agency. They have a ton of cap and two top five picks. If they talk themselves out of picking a quarterback, I think they have a real opportunity to be good this year. 

  9. 25 minutes ago, apuszczalowski said:

    Lol, so i know the browns are a joke, but you think after all they have been through, they are going to pass on a franchise QB (by the way people talk about the top QBs around here im surprised generational talent isnt used more) and go with someone with less than a handful of career starts to go along with 2 other wasted pick and that many think have been ruined by them?


    The Browns are not passing on the top QB in the draft again. If McCaron signs there it's to fill the role of bridge QB for whomever they draft 1st overall. I doubt he signs there knowing this if he has other options. If the browns sign a QB not named Cousins, its to fill the catetaker/bridge/backup role.


    I didn't say it was what they are definitely going to do, I'm just saying that if they believe in McCarron and sign him, it gives them a ton of flexibility to upgrade their roster with two top four picks. I think it makes sense. Drafting Darnold, Allen, Rosen, Mayfield will only lead to more losing for them, and in two years they will be doing this again. They could be the Vikings this year, good line, good defense, ok quarterback. That is their quickest route to contention in my opinion.  


    Drafting a young guy will really just lead to another season like what they just had with Kizer. 

  10. 3 minutes ago, thebandit27 said:


    Players like familiarity, and he played for Hue Jackson for 2 seasons in Cincinnati.


    Cleveland also has a ridiculous amount of cap room, and can afford to give him a front-loaded deal that doesn't hurt them down the road if they cut ties with him.


    Plus, he'd have a great opportunity to start.


    Additionally, adding McCarron lets them do something like draft Barkley 1 and Chubb or Nelson at 4. Now you are getting two elite blue chip prospects. They have a really good offensive line as well. They also have Kizer to develop in the background who they seem to like. 


    Now that team doesn't look so bad. Sign a receiver like Sammy Watkins or Jarvis Landry and some defensive players in free agency and they are in business. 


    Drafting a young quarterback pretty much guarantees Hue Jackson loses his job in two years. I think he will be banging the table for McCarron and Dorsey will go for it because it allows them to get two top 5 position players in this draft. 

  11. 1 hour ago, NewEraBills said:

    Signing him to a big contract is very risky.  There's no body of work to look at.  I'd be overly cautious.


    Agreed. The one team it isn't risky for is Cleveland, because Hue Jackson knows what he is getting and Ken Zampese is there as well as QB coach. For anyone else, it is a big leap of faith. 


    Although he would have won a playoff game vs the Steelers if it weren't for Vontaze Burfict going nuts and Jeremy Hill's fumble.  

  12. 25 minutes ago, BigBuff423 said:


    I am one of Tyrod's most outspoken detractors (accuracy, inability to make reads / audibles on Defenses, can't anticipate a guy open / throw him open, etc.), but if Mike Glennon got $15 million for his resume and to be a back-up, Tyrod's 18 million is basically right on par. Because he adds a dimension Glennon does not, doesn't turn the ball over, and throws a better deep ball - all the other things are still true of Tyrod which is why I don't want him starting for the Bills and because of his history with them I don't want him on the team at all, to avoid controversy and the darn Tyrod debate that has raged for 3 years, but if I were say, the Cards or Browns who both will probably Draft a QB, he would be well worth the money and trade capital for that team since it won't take a 3rd and probably just a 4th to get it done. 


    Great points. That Glennon contract was clearly a mistake, but I think they thought they were getting a guy who still had some potential, just in case they could not trade up in the draft. They were signing him to be their starter at the time, not their backup, they fell in love with Trubisky and made the trade up. Tyrod is what he is. I think the Browns are much more likely to sign McCarron and there is 0% chance that Arizona is going to give Larry Fitzgerald a Tyrod Taylor for his last couple of years. Thanks for your service Larry...here's a guy he won't throw you the ball...


    I would be shocked if we are able to acquire any compensation for him. I think he goes and backs up a guy like Tannehill, Rivers, or even Prescott in Dallas and gets a contract like Brian Hoyer's 2 year 12 million dollar deal with San Fran. 

  13. 13 hours ago, 26CornerBlitz said:



    I think there has to be some truth to this. I think Foles trade destinations will be limited. He doesn't seem like a guy who would want to go Cleveland or like the NY Jets. It would have to be a great fit. Obviously, he can't control where he goes, but he could just retire if he doesn't like the fit. I think Arizona, Buffalo, Minnesota probably make sense. I'm not sure Denver is a great fit with Elway breathing down his neck. I think we make sense with the Andy Reid connection with David Culley on staff as well.  




  14. With all of the quarterbacks on the market, no one will trade for this guy. It just doesn't make any sense. As a free agent, he would not make anything near the 18 million he is scheduled to make. I could see him going somewhere as a backup insurance policy type. Maybe to Miami to compete with Tannehill, or San Diego to backup Rivers and reunite with Anthony Lynn.  

  15. I like Teddy Bridgewater to the Cardinals. I think he is a nice fit for the intermediate passing game and can get the ball to Larry Fitzgerald. Plus he looks pretty good with a Cardinal on the side of his helmet.  


    Keenum makes some sense as well but I think he ultimately goes back to Minnesota. In that same vein, I could see Bradford being the quarterback of choice here. I think they go the vet route with Fitz in the twilight of his career. Teddy is still young and gives them a chance to play for now and the future. Lastly, if Andrew Luck is healthy, I could see them trying to make a trade for Jacoby Brissett  


    Making a play for Tyrod would just completely waste Fitzgerald's last year. It won't happen. 

  16. 9 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


    Interesting!  I did not know that!  Last I saw he'd been drafted by the Pats.


    We claimed him on waivers early in the season and he was on the roster throughout most of the year. He was active for a few games. I don't think he saw any real action besides the field goal team. He does have some potential as a possible RT down the line.  But he does give us great insight into Rosen. 

  17. 6 minutes ago, BuffaloHokie13 said:

    That's an awfully definitive statement. How long have you know Rosen?


    Agreed! And, I've mentioned this in another thread but his left tackle for two years (LT and QB relationship can be a close one) Conor McDermott is on our roster and loves Rosen from everything I've read.  How Conor feels about Rosen as a friend and teammate should be, at least, a part of the evaluation of Rosen.


    While there are other UCLA players on rosters in the NFL, having a guy like Conor McDermott on our roster gives us some very special insight into how teammates feel about Rosen and what type of leader and person he is. Dude was in the offensive huddle with him for two years. This fact should not be overlooked.   

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