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  1. Wow. Definitely didn’t expect this. Neck injuries are always tricky, but it didn’t even look like a big or awkward hit on the replay. At least from what I recall watching live. He was clearly shaken up. Hopefully it isn’t anything that costs him his season or worse (long term/off the field). 🙏
  2. Agreed. No delays please! Didn’t we miss Diggs first TD as a Bill against Miami because weather knocked out the feed? Someone in Bills PR created that silly sketch to “show us” what happened. Between that sketch, the dots, and grainy cell phone footage from someone in the stands, that’s all we got of that play.
  3. Strange that the Charlotte area is getting Jags and Chargers for the early game, but the Bills game is the rest of the state. Must be for Trevor Lawrence.
  4. Just keep running the ball, keep the clock running, and get the hell outta here.
  5. Cook has not looked impressive. Yes, I know it’s early on him.
  6. Groot has developed nicely coming into year 2. Pass rush is coming along and already appears to be an elite run defender.
  7. What’s incredible about that throw was that it wasn’t even a bomb for Allen. Was relatively flat. Pretty much a dart. Guy is unreal.
  8. Tremaine with an unnecessary hit. He was going down from Danes tackle.
  9. That seconds game is literally available on another channel if you want to watch. Stop going split screen!
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