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  1. And if he blows an ACL or ends up in a Damar Hamlin situation, what then?
  2. I want every game to be played at 1PM and I want to watch while in the comfort of my own home. NO MORE OF THESE NIGHT GAMES. As an old man I shake my fist at the NFL for interrupting my sleep schedule. Now get off my lawn.
  3. It’s even worse during the regular season. Coming to this place after a loss is brutal.
  4. I think Buffalo has three WR2 type of receivers on the roster. Nobody elite like Diggs but guys who fall into that 65-70 recs and 750-800yds range (Samuel, Shakir and Coleman). Not saying it’s necessarily a bad thing, Kincaid will probably be our most targeted player when it’s all said and done.
  5. Who says it will be Trump or Biden? I could just as easily see it be Gavin Newsom or Kamala Harris.
  6. I don’t think he should have worn the bandage out in public, I would have shown the world what the Deep State had done to me if I was him.
  7. Antonio Brown (Biggest douche of all time.) Tom Brady (He always hated us doubly for no reason, even more so than the Jets and Phins.) Jarvis Landry (Ended Aaron Williams career on a cheap shot.) Stephon Gilmore (Never liked him, I wasn’t surprised to see him defect to the Patriots.)
  8. The Bills have a 1st, 2nd, 2nd in next year’s Draft, so I’ll give you my top 3. In no order: 1.) Elite WR prospect 2.) Elite DT prospect that can play Nose. 3.) OT prospect (If we re-sign Brown this will no longer be a need and I’d go DE here.)
  9. Ironically Addison had 911 yards in his rookie season.
  10. I really do believe in my heart of hearts that they will try again.
  11. Deporting 15M illegal immigrants is unrealistic. Deporting illegals with an extensive rap sheet or mental illnesses makes sense though. Exceptions should be made for folks who are highly productive like business owners, hard workers and skilled workers etc.
  12. I’m not really a Trump guy, nor am I a Biden guy. I am a Conservative that favors certain Libertarian ideologies like (Free healthcare, SSD, SSI etc). The problem isn’t that I’m a Conservative or that you’re a Democrat. The problem is the hostility we share and the refusal to meet in the middle in a diplomatic way. Politics are waaay to polarizing right now. Part of that is the fault of the MSM.
  13. I disagree with your synopsis. So in what sense are you saying that Jesus is the Son of God then?
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