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  1. Trade Idea: AJ Klein

    I like the thought. I think we should definitely be aggressive in the trade market soon.
  2. Why do we still not have cap numbers for Star?

    They remember when bread was a nickel and forget about the ever rising cap and inflation.
  3. Pump the brakes...

    Pessimism is a disease
  4. Wait a second...What About Shaq Lawson????

    No he is not almost as good against the run. Why do you think Trent Murphy is here? Because he can rush the passer while Lawson plays the run.
  5. Linebacker

    They will still have plenty of picks even if they trade up to 2.
  6. Wait a second...What About Shaq Lawson????

    I record games and watch them twice. I've seen him play plenty. Look at the plays he made in the run game.
  7. Wait a second...What About Shaq Lawson????

    On pace for 6-7 sacks and was miles better against the run than Capi. Lawson can improve in pass rush but he's already solid against the run. Not every DE that is good gets 10 plus sacks. It's not all about how many sacks a guy gets.
  8. Wait a second...What About Shaq Lawson????

    Nope not even close If Lawson would have played out the full year last year, he was on pace for around 50 tackles and 6-7 sacks...
  9. Wait a second...What About Shaq Lawson????

    Charles Johnson, Kewonn Short and all those carolina boys were on a rotation as well and they played fine. Kept them fresh.
  10. Linebacker

    And Milano played really well last year. So what if he's a 5th round pick. Who cares... We have draft capital that we can spend on linebackers. Not even worried in the slightest. I'd rather not overpay for any of those guys. Don't need big name free agents to fill every need.
  11. Wait a second...What About Shaq Lawson????

    Lawson's solid against the run and now they just picked up a guy who can pass rush. Rotation rotation rotation. Also, Shaq Lawson wasn't the number one overall pick.
  12. Bills traded for Giants second pick? Question

    It's a mock draft trade. I'm really trying not to be rude here but it's pretty obvious. If we traded up wouldn't you think you'd hear it from somewhere besides a mock draft
  13. Likely Next Move - Trade 22nd and 12th

    The problem with using sarcasm in on a written post in these boards is you can't tell, especially with all the 100% serious posts that are absolute dumpster fires. Bunch of dumb threads/posts and some sarcastic posts thrown in...which is which. I just call them all dumb.
  14. Why havent we heard anything about Deonte?

    We are trying to improve the WR position, not be exactly the same as last years...
  15. LB Market

    Draft the LBs. Nice draft to get one or even two.