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  1. Nassim Haramein is a physicist researching the unified universe. Modern day scientist.
  2. Science is stupid? Philosophy is stupid? Knowledge is stupid? Quiet your left brain and let your right brain lead. Got me there. My intentions here are not to be a salesman. I have no personal gain from this. My intuition told me to post it so someone else could awaken from this. It may not be you and that’s ok. The left brain is hard to silence.
  3. As mentioned in another comment by another poster, Tesla may have had the answer long ago but didn’t complete it. And now we have Haramein. The modern earth is being built and the universe is using him as it’s conduit. Zero point energy will dramatically change the Earth if he completes his work. I’m not a salesman. Watch and you may learn. Meditate and look within and you will learn more.
  4. Very good question. First off, old patterns are difficult to walk away from, especially when you are around people that bring you back into old habits and boundaries aren’t created to separate yourself from that negative energy that brings you down. My family is consumed and has been their whole lives. They don’t live, life happens to them. Secondly, I haven’t been here that much over the past 2 years after understanding this. If you watch the videos, especially the 4 steps of spiritual awakening, it may help you understand. Learn about the culturescape and what it entails. When you break free from the “brules” you will start to understand. It’s a long journey. I wrote this because my intuition told me to. Meditation clears out the loud left brain ego and allows the right brain to speak. That’s our intuition leading us on our path. The answers are not external but internal. The universe is not outside you but inside. We are all just an extension like a leaf on a tree to the universe. Eastern countries like Tibet, native tribes, some Chinese, India and others have understood the connection and oneness with the universe. They have great spiritual connections to the energy frequencies And have music, crystals and essential oils and other healing techniques to help people reconnect with their true selves.
  5. No. I don’t expect you to understand me. Have a great day 👍🏻
  6. Have a nice day 👍🏻
  7. Most older folks have been caught up in the culturescape and don’t understand us young folk at all who are connected with the universe and explore it in ways they can’t wrap their melons around. The future is bright!
  8. A plant that is naturally grown from the earth and used all over the eastern world but is illegal in most states in the US because of its natural healing abilities which would effect the profit of big pharma, yes I do. Not all the time. Only when I feel it is necessary. Also, naturally produced fungi which help to pull us out of the illusory world, help to let go of past problems and connect us to the universe and other dimensions of energy that people who are stuck in the culturescape would not understand. They are starting to become legal finally but the majority of people are still not educated on what they do for us.
  9. He scientifically suggests that the cosmos, which is ever growing, is all connected. This would mean that everything in it is also connected. Space was believed to be empty, he is saying that it is not and that it is made up of energy that connects everything. I pointed you to his foundation so you could get the information from the source.
  10. Many scientists including Nassim Haramein are studying and suggesting the possibility that we are in a hologram connected by energy. Hard to prove though
  11. Check out the resonance foundation with Nassim Haramein
  12. Here is another video to check out...
  13. Money is man made and indoctrinated in us that we require it and need a lot of it to survive. We don’t. My money goes towards building the business however and creating a space that supports and unified community. Also, if you watch the video with Nassim Haramein, he discusses zero point energy. If you understand the concept, it implies that we will no longer need to pay for energy in future years (still a bit away). It will be endless. We will no longer need the system in place which has been attached directly to greed and control.
  14. Currently, working as an organic farmer and selling solar for a company. Implementing mushrooms of many kinds, vegetables, planted fruit trees, expanded fruit bushes so far. Have plans to expand the business outside of just food and implementing healing experiences for people when they come stay on the farm. The goal is to provide a place for people to connect with themselves and look deeper. Alternative massage, music frequency healing, meditation, yoga, providing people with creative tools to find their creativity and truly connect with themselves and others. I have bigger goals manifesting as well but that would take a while to explain. (City planning) I am also working with a non-profit to share the unity message and plant trees in the county in which I live. Fruit trees on school grounds and trees in other wasted open spaces by way of planting events to connect people back to what is real. Also, creating a community earth flag was an idea that came to me this morning which I am working on right now. Astronomy is the foundation for astrology
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