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  1. There are other ways to reap the benefits of marijuana without smoking it. No need to inhale smoke into your lungs at all. More people need to think outside of the box. Also, CBD is very beneficial to our bodies and minds without the effects of THC. You can find it in stores and even at farmer’s markets. Learn more about the issue before spreading negativity 👍🏻, have a great day!
  2. I am a farmer haha. Technically I grow microgreens. You can try smoking them haha. Actually looking to get into hemp/mushroom growing. My Dad has an autoimmune disease and since then, I have been constantly looking for natural cures. Both CBD oil and certain mushroom extracts have helped him be free of his struggle. Medicinal marijuana is also a topic of interest for the future when it legalizes. 🌱
  3. I became a 3 sport athlete...training/practice was very time consuming. Everyone’s experience is different. Just giving a different perspective.
  4. Look, I’m not telling you what to do. I’d never do that. I’m simply showing you an example of someone who was in your son’s position before and wished his Dad didn’t push sports on him. It pulled me away from reality my entire childhood. I was so ignorant growing up because my Dad told me to care about “pleasures.” These pleasures left little time for me to learn and develop a greater knowledge base. I took off the virtual reality glasses later to see the world’s problems and America’s appauling problems but I feel so protected and blinded my whole life because of sports. A saying goes something like, “if someone doesn’t have a deeper sense of meaning in life they rely on pleasures to distract themselves.” I feel more myself than i’ve ever been because I broke free of it’s distraction. I feel like I have a deeper meaning now. I love my Dad but I would be better off today if he hadn’t brought me to all of those sporting events and cheered me into joining them. I just wanted to make him happy. I was 8 and loved my Dad. I look back and wish he’d let me explore as I wanted to. Maybe my high school years wouldn’t have been so depressing. Just giving you a different perspective from a young adult’s point of view. Have a great day 😁
  5. I’m just giving the gentleman a different perspective from someone who had the same thing done to him.
  6. No need for therapy thank you. The more we indulge in meaningless things in this life, the further we are from reality.
  7. Don’t allow the kid to invest himself into something that matters not to the real issues of the world. I grew up being taught by my Dad and while I love his intention, it gave me a late start on focusing on the real issues in life. Every second that I had free, I was looking up highlights and stats and watching old Super Bowls. I had such passion. I ask myself every day now, how much further ahead I would be as a caring person if I would have used that energy to learn more of the things that actually matter. I’ve disconnected from sports and taken those video game glasses off as well. Stopped listening to news channels and found the world to be a hot mess. If you want to hide your child from the world, then I suggest you do as you please. If you want to prepare them for the world, let them be creative and explore their inner artist (great way to express yourself). Let them stay curious and be scientific! It will only help them prepare for their future problems. Wish you and your son well!
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