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  1. Starting to feel like a come back down to Earth kind of game.
  2. Takes our entire team to tackle Jordan Howard.
  3. We can't even complete a deep ball against this team.
  4. The refs just don't want football to be played today.
  5. Calm down, still a lot of football left.
  6. Probably not going to be a pretty game if the weather predictions are accurate. I hope Frank Gore is ready to run today.
  7. Big prove it game here. Get the W and heal up during the bye week.
  8. My heart breaks for them. I was tearing up listening to Jeremy explain the process on-air. They are truly strong people and I hope they can find some peace in this awful time.
  9. Well at least Mike Schopp likes the team today. I'm not sure if he can be more transparent. 🤣
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