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  1. McNubbins

    GDT: NE**** at KC 6:40 on CBS

    A bit off topic here, but if you put Josh Allen in KC do you think they're in the game with everything else the same?
  2. I'm not that excited. I'm anticipating one or two mid-tier signings on the offensive side of the ball.
  3. McNubbins

    GDT: NFC Championship Game Rams at Saints on FOX

    Am I the only one that gets a little jealous when a QB has all day to throw? Either the Rams have an amazing oline or the Saints dline isn't very good. Perhaps both.
  4. So let me get this straight, you score to win in football? 🤔
  5. McNubbins

    Tre White Deleted Bills Photos from IG

    Well sure. McBeane are so thirsty to draft and sign players on defense. Gotta feed that dragon somehow.
  6. McNubbins

    Arians expected to be TB HC tomorrow

    Who is Sheena Quick1?
  7. McNubbins

    Team Identity when they move

    I think it has to do with the fans. I know Houston football fans that still want the Oilers back. Imagine if the Bills had left Buffalo and we didn't have a team, then got a new one. Would we still not think fondly on the days of Jim Kelly?
  8. McNubbins

    [Incomplete Title] 1 year ago today...

    What a trash game it was.
  9. Yeah and what if he didn't make it? It'd be a black mark on Kyle's last game.
  10. McNubbins

    Antonio Brown Trade Value

    It would be so contradictory to their whole methodology.
  11. McNubbins

    Buffalo needs a complete rebuild on Offense

    The hardest and most important aspect is the line.
  12. McNubbins

    Would you trade Wentz?

    No. Keep Wentz for the regular season, Foles for post season = dynasty.
  13. My thoughts are, with all those draft picks and all that cap space they better make the moves required to get us back into the playoffs next year.
  14. McNubbins

    Post-game perorations - Put ‘em Here

    I wanted them to win for Kyle. Today was about him, and I'm happy for that.