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  1. I tend to agree. I appreciate what he's done here but he's not getting any younger. This season will be telling, if he doesn't to produce now with the revamped oline it's bye-bye IMO.
  2. Makes sense to me. Introduce them to the people of the city they play for, rather than the city's attractions that they can go see on their own time.
  3. Mr. Murphy is a big old question mark. He needs to make good on the commitment this year or it's curtains.
  4. It's better than Playoff Caliber. Every team in the NFL has the chance to be in the playoffs, I always thought it sounded dumb. "We're an NFL football team!"
  5. I thought the same thing. Rough game to choose to get married during unless they're already confident they'll win? 🤔
  6. We're not anything yet. Show and prove, kill the conjecture.
  7. We're talking about PRACTICE. Not the game, practice. I tend to agree that we all need to pump the brakes a bit.
  8. And what a shambles that was lol, so many 10 second drives.
  9. I feel like his time has passed. It's a shame really. Imagine if he had kept his head on straight and developed his game these past couple years. It would be a long-shot for him to become what he could have been.
  10. If he's out 3-4 months what shape is he going to come back in? Also injuries have been an issue in the past. One of those high-risk high-reward signings that doesn't look like it's panning out...
  11. I wouldn't love it if we overpaid for a player in a position we just drafted at in the first round.
  12. The Bills ones are ghastly but we're already close to perfection with the throwbacks so it's difficult to improve from that. The cheesehead helmet for the Packers is intriguing.
  13. Let's bring back TO too.
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