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  1. Coaching Carousel in Cleveland continues. Browns recent coaching history: Eric Mangini, 2 years, Pat Shurmur, 2 years, Rob Chudzinski, 1 year, Mike Pettine, 2 years, Hue Jackson, 2.5 years, Freddie Kitchens, 1 year. Isn't this the definition of insanity?
  2. The top 5 players in passing yards this season did not make the play-offs. Not sure what it means, but I thought it was very interesting. (I would argue that if Brees doesn't get injured, he would have been top 5 but he was injured.)
  3. I don't know much about him but would anyone have interest in bringing Freddie here if Daboll were to leave for whatever reason? Would he be better than Dabo?
  4. Would have liked to see more blitzing from us but, honestly the Pats offense was throwing everything they could at us to keep us off balance. We missed too many tackles today, that was the difference for me.
  5. The way this will likely play out, we go to Houston as the 5 seed. I think we can and will win that game. Which would more than likely mean we have to go to Baltimore in the next round. While NE will probably host KC. If we beat Baltimore we will travel to the winner of the KC/NE game. It would be like winning the Super Bowl to me if we could go into NE and knock them out of the play-offs.
  6. Of course that would change things but I was trying to explore worst case scenario type results from all the other teams. We could lose every one of these last 4 games and still make it if the stars align. But the point is, if we beat Pittsburgh it seems we may be all but guaranteed a playoff spot.
  7. I just spent a large portion of the evening playing around on espn’s playoff machine. And it seems that as long as we beat the Steelers we could lose the rest of our games and still get in at 10-6. In fact there is a scenario where both us and the Steelers make it if there is a tie at 10-6 with Buffalo, Tennessee, Houston, Indy and Pitt. Now there are probably still some scenarios I didn’t get but believe me I covered plenty. I also never explored ties but as far as getting in goes, we need to beat Pittsburgh. If they get the tiebreaker over it's going to be much more difficult to get in.
  8. Uhg.... My family is mostly Cowboys fans. Been listening to their crap since the 90’s. Man would it be great to watch the Bills beat them on Thanksgiving!
  9. I thought so too but I’m glad to see that both if these players have stepped up there game the last few weeks.
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