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  1. I wonder ow many teardrops are gonna fall tonight? I wonder how many heartaches can a woman have in one life I lost a lover, I lost a friend, I'm through with love I just can't win I'm a three time loser, three time loser
  2. just lovely. Stevie is iconic for a reason.
  3. this thread is somber but relevant to life. which includes loss as a part of it. heartfelt for sure
  4. You just call out my name And you know, wherever I am I'll come runnin' To see you again Winter, spring, summer or fall All you have to do is call And I'll be there You've got a friend
  5. this is a great post Leo. Which is why I value your thoughts. and we have fruitful discussions. for me anyway. 🙂 Thanks.
  6. I'm GLAD it is to be taken lightly. For some of us it isn't that obvious it is a joke though just saying. Such media as that I only see here and it to me was striking that's all. it could have been ANY analogy the creator of that piece would choose. The fact is and remains (I'm pretty sure about this) that my thoughts regarding politics in general come from a place of distrust and fear. Humor is stress relief. The political climate is Nasty. It's bad Both ways. I am equally appalled at our countries political climate. so there 🙂
  7. greetings . I think to myself when I read in PPP the bottom line is the topics in general are soooo Dramatic and as I've mentioned soap opera esque. You will forgive me if I read here with so much sheer snark and Laughter amigo. Because to do otherwise just makes me depressed. You know I am a cup half full kind of person. The rhetoric bantered here is BEYOND theater to me. I unlike all you politicos am almost at a loss of words. we cannot possibly be as ***** up as what I read here. Lord have mercy. STYLE? that is not even cute to say is it? Was he sporting dementia chic or something? lmao see what I mean? I'll see myself out 🙂
  8. You thrill me, you delight me You please me, you excite me You're all that I've been yearning for I love you, I adore you I lay my life before you I only want you more and more
  9. straight from muppys basement in batavia circa early 70's . I played this record 100's of times. @-}}---}}}}---------
  10. oh my gosh this is Cold lol geez
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