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  1. I know you wanna leave me But I refuse to let you go If I have to beg and plead for your sympathy I don't mind, 'cause you mean that much to me Ain't too proud to beg and you know it (sweet darlin') Please don't leave me girl (don't you go) Ain't too proud to plead, baby, baby Please don't leave me, girl (don't you go)
  2. I want to run, I want to hide I wanna tear down the walls that hold me inside I wanna reach out and touch the flame Where the streets have no name, ha, ha, ha I wanna feel sunlight on my face I see that dust cloud disappear without a trace I wanna take shelter from the poison rain Where the streets have no name, oh, oh Where the streets have no name
  3. I was born long ago I am the chosen, I'm the one I have come to save the day And I won't leave until I'm done So that's why you've got to try You got to breathe and have some fun Though I'm not paid, I play this game And I won't stop until I'm done But what I really want to know is Are you gonna go my way? And I got to, got to know
  4. as devils advocate I will answer. The answer is his past laurels . AKA winning seasons, playoff appearances and and the concept of "The Process" being a winning formula. Fear of regression with a new coach. Im not saying I agree with all of that. For me personally it is time for Beane to find a new head coach. and as fergy stated, evaluation of all personnel position will be done.
  5. Can a team play undisciplined sloppy football and still be jobbed the referees? YES I think that is what I saw today more than anything were some of the penalties valid? Yes. Were some calls missed and some baloney? YES it leaves a hollow pit in my stomach. Because we coulda shoulda woulda won that game if, if if....ACKKKKKKKK /vent
  6. I feel like a took a medicine ball shot to the grill mike. OUCH.
  7. ............................................................
  8. Im wrung out. Defense I hope you can finish this game somehow. POR FAVOR
  9. my stomach is knots. Mercy me people. this team ages a person
  10. exhales. Oh My here we go..............the kick is ************* good
  11. Lord have mercy. Is this a prevent defense? ACK
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