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  1. I'd set the first 5 weeks in stone with just 1 chosen game. Gotta give teams a chance to fall apart before you change the matchups. I don't think there is MNF in week 17, so that would just leave 11 weeks to deal with. Minimize the impact.
  2. Most shows seem to, they don't want empty seats and most people aren't looking for singles. Sometimes it's amazing what shows up if you drop the ticket number from 2 to 1. We've been to shows where we sit one in front of the other for a fraction of the price. When I say 'singles' it's when say seats 1, 2, 4, and 5 have sold. Seat 3 is basically an orphan seat now, no one seems to look for the solo seat.
  3. Scooped up 2 singles in the 200 level, both aisle seats and across from each other for only... $94 each. My wife and I have been able to get tickets this way for lots of shows lately.
  4. Just spotted 2 days ago! https://katu.com/news/local/wsdot-camera-captures-images-of-figure-that-might-be-sasquatch
  5. Yep. Most of the opponents are known well in advance, for instance most of the 2021 opponents and locations are already known https://fbschedules.com/nfl-2021/team/buffalo-bills
  6. San Francisco, I want them to get their 6th Superbowl with the QB the pats didn't keep.
  7. How many Super Bowls have they already won: 5 - San Francisco 4 - Green Bay 1 - Kansas City 0 - Tennessee I kind of want San Francisco to get to 6 so the pats 6 win club is bigger and the QB they ditched has success the year Brady fades. Can't route for Tennessee, need the 0 win club to stay as it is until the Bills win one
  8. Like you I left early. I even walked past a couple of guys stuck in the mud. A few years back we helped out a stuck car, on the one condition that the driver went easy on the gas pedal and didn't stomp it. Needless to say he stomped on it, the wheels spun, and we got covered in mud. I'm never pushing a car stuck in the mud again 🙂
  9. I plan on tailgating, walking in late, wishing the people around me happy new year, and going home by halftime. After a season of close games decided late and heavy traffic leaving this is a nice spot to be in.
  10. I just want to be able to tailgate on the 29th knowing there's a chance. Plus I'd love to be in the stadium if the out of town scoreboard highlights popped up and it showed the Dolphins getting the first touchdown. New Era would go insane... and I'd like to experience it.
  11. More or less agree, but: Buffalo to Houston is a 23 hour drive (flights are expensive) Buffalo to Nashville is a 11 hour drive Can see a lot more fans making it to Nashville
  12. Does yelling out "Why lord, why?!" count as crapping my pants? If so, yes I did.
  13. I'm not usually like this, but I'd love to see Brady paid back for the concussion Josh received in the first match up. Cheating bastards.
  14. Love that commentary, they're wearing the Patriot defense down, they are used to 3 and outs, they are not used to this.
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