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  1. I feel like Cam will have these thoughts of being benched, performing poorly, and just a lot of overall pressure. I think he continues his poor play with this being one of his worst games.
  2. Unfortunately I can vouch for this... but I will comment, even they have been really quiet as of late 😁
  3. 1986 Steelers @ Bills. We were living in Southern Maryland and I was 9. My dad, being from Western PA was a diehard fan. I decided that day to heckle and talk sh*t to him that the Bills were going to win, and they did. I had to go back and lookup the score, 16-12 for the good guys. Ever since that day I have been hooked. As a side note, I'm probably like the only one who's been a fan for so long yet have never stepped foot in the state of NY.. 🤔 Go Bills! Edit: My dad was a diehard Steelers fan. Just to clarify.
  4. I've thought about this as well and the only thing I can really come up with is that they're doing it to build the team through the draft. Letting the young guys take their lumps so to speak. I have no doubt that the short term goal is to win games, but the long term goal of continued success revolves around building for the future, with the young guys. Just my opinion of course.
  5. Could've swore that bills pulled back from hitting PM cuz he was going oob...wtf
  6. Allen's arm may be stronger, but I wouldn't put any money on that being a factor. PM has a strong arm as well and I would think that the little bit of difference between them isn't enough to decide. Just my .02
  7. The irony of this post is awesome....😆 🤣
  8. I'd be careful coughing... you wouldn't want to have to isolate yourself from TBD due to the corona netvirus symptoms...lol
  9. Not to change the subject, but does anyone know what Ramsey's final stat line was? TIA
  10. Ya know, completely off topic but, it would really, and I mean really suck to go through life with your main weapon of defending yourself is to fall down and then lie in wait hoping nothing eats your a**.
  11. It's such a relief to be reading articles about the Bills QB finally having games like this and all the positivity. Years past and it was always reading about which QB was the next great thing and how we could have had him with X pick in the draft. I fully expect bad games still, but seeing these last 2 performances gives a lot of optimism for the future. GO BILLS!
  12. Agreed, guess I should've clarified. Josh's emergence to top 5 QB this year. That's my bold prediction.
  13. Don't want to jinx the Bills (if you're the superstitious type) by saying this, but it just feels different this year. I think we're witnessing a Cinderella season unfolding before our eyes. I am stoked for the future.
  14. OMFG!!! I know it's the Jets and they're not that good. But I am perplexed at the fundamental football that I am not really used to seeing.... /s This is what good teams do.... F YEAH!!!
  15. I kinda thought the same thing. It just didn't remind me of JA17
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