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  1. Haha, not sure who #11 is from the Jets, but that dude wanted no part of trying to bring JP down. Edit @starrymessenger. Apologies, didn't see your post when I posted. Was my first thought after watching the video too... can't say I blame the guy for diving at his feet...JP would've steamrolled that guy.
  2. I know losing sucks, but isn't this a little extreme? 🤣
  3. Thought that maybe it'd spark some conversation, bring some attention to the news/articles/blogs wrt to the Bills so that Bills fans could discuss it. Didn't see it posted anywhere or being discussed and wanted to share it with my fellow Bills fans. Guess we're not all as blessed with common sense as some, my apologies.
  4. This article popped up on me involving the Rams and three possible trade targets from the Bills. After reading it, it seems as though it's just someone's "could it happen? " type of article. Not sure if it has been posted yet, if so my apologies and please delete or merge if needed. The 3 players that are suggested that the Rams go after 1. Dean Marlowe S 2. Julian Stanford LB 3. Levi Wallace CB I doubt the Bills would be willing to part with any of them but I was pretty surprised to read Levi Wallace's name come up. https://ramblinfan.com/2019/10/19/los-angeles-rams-trade-targets-buffalo-bills-2019-deadline/amp/1/
  5. Ed gets his sack on Defense pitches a shutout Hyde and Poyer rock
  6. 66 (11 TD total) points by way of touchdowns, 10 inside the RZ. 18 (6 FG) points from FG, 10 XP converted. The TD's are almost double the FG's. While the plays may not be explosive, they are touchdowns none the less. I tend to think this trend will continue against the squids... just my .02
  7. I believe the Bills are 10/14 on RZ trips, indicating that they score touchdowns. However the problem lies with not turning the ball over before getting there. They really haven't had too much trouble moving the ball though, save for the 3rd quarter.
  8. I might be in the minority here, but it looked like Kelce got under the left armpit of the DB and then went to the ground on his own after the DB got spun around a bit. I definitely didn't see where the DB pulled him down.
  9. I kind of disagree about high pointing the ball. I did see a couple that he went up and got, but imo, he jumped up only to catch it with his body. I seen one pass in the endzone where he jumped and caught it around his stomach area, but I believe he did that to box out the defender, which is a good play. Unnecessarily jumping really kills the momentum and takes away from the possible yac. Just my take tho, and only from watching this highlight video.
  10. I wasn't able to watch the game, just going by what I'm reading on TBD. Was it possible that they pulled him due to some kind of injury? Seems as though Rosen was hit quite a bit, maybe he took a hard shot. Again, didn't watch the game, Edit: @Hapless Bills Fan Sorry, didn't refresh my browser before I posted.
  11. Imo, they're going to play Rosen to see what kind of QB he can become through the remainder of the season. It will determine their draft strategy next year. The season is pretty much over already for the Dolphins, time for them to start looking ahead and see what's already on the roster vs. what they will need. On the flip side, it could quite possibly stunt Rosen's growth even further by playing him. Kind of a catch 22, but I think they'll stick with him.
  12. This was meant to be a 4-wheeled automatic pogo machine... pure success...
  13. Not saying that you do, but I have read quite a few posts about the national attention the Bills are getting, and how they would prefer that they didn't get it. I see the attention as a good thing. They are being recognized for their accomplishments, albeit 5 games worth. However, if the 5 games are enough to raise eyebrows and make analysts take notice, then they must be doing something right and are being viewed as a team that can keep it going. I say bring on the attention as it likely means that they are still riding high. I believe that it also aids in building up the momentum for the team. I think it's awesome and I love reading all the different stories and articles on the national level.
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