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  1. Has listening to radio online EVER worked?
  2. Josh Allen has a great arm, big size and is gifted with God given talent, but he plays reckless, maybe it's youth, or relying on his athletic ability, or just plain stupidity, but he has been playing reckless all season. Forcing the ball downfield into tight windows, resulting in interceptions, and running around throwing himself around wildly. With the way he plays something like this was bound to happen. Hopefully he learns his lesson from this and gets a little smarter with his game, because you don't want your QB launching himself into the middle of a professional NFL defense like a missile the way he does. I, personally, wanna see him leading the Bills successfully for alot of years to come. I don't wanna see him pounding the rock 8-10 yards downfield diving headfirst for 1st downs like he thinks he's Marshawn Lynch or something.
  3. I'd like to see a C3-PO standalone film, that would be considered a spin-off? Right? C'mon Disney, make it happen
  4. I would spy on Belichick and Brady and make all their secrets public knowledge And of course spy on naked chicks and lesbians and stuff
  5. The Big Chill -listening to that as a kid, on casette, got me hooked on Motown and music in general And Purple rain
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