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  1. I'd like to see a C3-PO standalone film, that would be considered a spin-off? Right? C'mon Disney, make it happen
  2. I would spy on Belichick and Brady and make all their secrets public knowledge And of course spy on naked chicks and lesbians and stuff
  3. The Big Chill -listening to that as a kid, on casette, got me hooked on Motown and music in general And Purple rain
  4. Aw man, this sucks cuz I just love me some bootleg NFL coverage
  5. Man, out on the field that guy was all heart. Watching him play back in the Glory days, that boy could ball, he played 10x's his size Tasker earns a lifetime thumbs up from me, two thumbs ups.
  6. What will this horrible monster of a father do next? Take her on a deadly roller coaster?
  7. Kirk made the Kessel run in 3.2 parsnips
  8. On a grill grate. I feel like open flame is by far the best way to cook steak. I've also had amazing results with a whole tenderloin over a charcoal grill, with a cover. Keeping the heat pretty low and a foil pan in the middle of the charcoal with a little water and some hardwood chips in it, that helps keep the heat down and smokes the meat slightly. Keeping the heat around 150-175° for 90 minutes or so
  9. Of course the ribeye seems to be the most popular choice here, but in my opinion a good old fashioned T bone steak cooked over a campfire of cherry, or even better, apple wood, is the best steak I have ever made. No seasoning, no fancy olive, grapeseed or truffle oil, no salt or pepper. Just an open campfire with the right wood, and a steak with a bone in it is the most glorious steak I have personally ever cooked.
  10. If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now
  11. Just remember kids, don't fry bacon naked
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