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  1. joesixpack

    Tyrod's Touchdowns

    Um... not sure why you think that’s what I meant lol
  2. joesixpack

    Tyrod's Touchdowns

    Hammer down on the nonsense in this thread
  3. joesixpack

    Plane Crash.....What a ****ty day

    Could say the same thing about school shootings. It's dramatic, so it seems terrible, but it's statistically insignificant.
  4. joesixpack

    Another school shooting - Texas

    It's texas. Pretty much third world.
  5. joesixpack

    2018 NHL Playoffs

    Watching VGK and WPG right now, it's readily apparent just how FAR the sabres have to go to even be a competent team.
  6. joesixpack

    Another school shooting - Texas

    When they article states the kid is yelling "Woo Hoo!" as he guns people down, yeah I think it's safe to say he had some cooped up anger.
  7. joesixpack

    Another school shooting - Texas

    Sounds like catharsis for that kid.
  8. joesixpack

    Tyrod's Touchdowns

    And we're all intellectually, emotionally and spiritually impoverished for that. Thanks SO very much.
  9. joesixpack

    Tyrod's Touchdowns

    This is me shedding a tear. No really. We'll revisit this gem of a thread when he's benched after, say, week 7.
  10. joesixpack

    Tyrod's Touchdowns

    pfft. try harder.
  11. joesixpack

    Tyrod's Touchdowns

    man. he's gone. Get over it, and more importantly, yourself.
  12. joesixpack

    Tyrod's Touchdowns

    I don't think he understands that you just insulted him
  13. joesixpack

    Tyrod's Touchdowns

    So you’re saying Tyrod wasn’t the engine of that offense? Correct.
  14. joesixpack

    Trump and Russia

    Eh nope. I'd soon throw her onto a freeway.
  15. joesixpack

    Tyrod's Touchdowns

    Fail. he didn't do that even WITH WR weapons here. Do better.