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  1. " If the world hates you, be aware it hated me first."
  2. Joe in Winslow

    California (again)

    It's incredible. NJ gets a rap for a high tax state, yet my income taxes AND the gas tax is lower in NJ than PA, and the sales tax is only .5% higher.
  3. I've been saying that since this started. ANYONE who poses a potential threat to the establishment will be ruined by it. We don't live in anything resembling a free society, so there's really no reason NOT to round these people up and hang them by their toes.
  4. Joe in Winslow

    California (again)

    And, I think, still lower than Pennsylvania's. Which is just ridiculous.
  5. Joe in Winslow

    Where has 26CornerBlitz been lately?

    I'm enjoying the lack of pomposity, personally. Less incite, and more insight!
  6. Joe in Winslow

    Star Wars or Star Trek--Vote Your Fav!

  7. Joe in Winslow

    Star Wars or Star Trek--Vote Your Fav!

    Heresy. Burn it with fire.
  8. Joe in Winslow

    Do you let your adult children sleep in your bed?

  9. Believe it or not, many people would think culture would improve if the whole of the Kardashian/Jenner family were to sink to the bottom of the Atlantic.
  10. Joe in Winslow

    Gronk likely headed for retirement per Rapoport

    WE weren't. Preston Brown was.
  11. She could always go back to "Palestine"
  12. Is Travis Scott that autotune abortion that was in the sun devils wr highlight reel?
  13. Joe in Winslow

    Eagles officially choose Wentz over Foles

    Obviously you didn't watch wentz this year.
  14. Joe in Winslow

    Happy birthday Gugny!

    Did you head over to Rutland to hang out with hammersticks at Kong Chow?
  15. Joe in Winslow

    Happy birthday Gugny!

    Not yet, we didn't raise the requisite $15 for one of Glens Falls' most beautiful to jump out a cake