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  1. But you're right. People like this aren't a threat who should be forcibly silenced. I'm obviously a fascist for believing that progressives should be stopped no matter the cost. I'm beyond that foolish thinking. To hell with the rest of the world.
  2. Much older movie: What's Up Doc? Stuff I watched as a kid: Muppet Movie series Close Encounters of the third kind Can't think of many more at the moment, they'll probably come to me while I'm trying to sleep.
  3. Here in the hot zone we pay 2.05. across the river in PA, they pay 2.55.
  4. Salutations from the Jersey hot zone. Just dropping in to say ***** China and their Savage bat and cat eating culture.
  5. Yes it's utterly insane to fight for the voiceless. Depraved sociopathy on display in Crayola's posts here.
  6. Nope. I'll continue to fight it until I give up breath. Fight it and the sick, depraved people like you that support it.
  7. 1) you're asking me to believe the statistics provided by baby killers and 2) you're asking me to condone keeping those facilities open. I'm not going to do either. When planned murderhood stops killing babies 100%, then we can discuss their merits as a healthcare provider.
  8. There's nothing logical or rational about what you're saying. It requires a suspension of disbelief.
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