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  1. Who are you, and what have you done with TYTT?
  2. Joe in Winslow

    The Trump Economy

    Why? You really need to ask why? Because the people who were sold the CDS instruments were sold a product that wasn't what was advertised. That's not right, and was a HUGE part of what caused multiple institutions to crash and burn which then required billions of taxpayer dollars to fix. What SHOULD have been allowed to happen is every single institution affected by the problem should have been allowed to fail without assistance. THAT would have been the free market at work.
  3. Joe in Winslow

    The Trump Economy

    Well for one thing, I'd have made it illegal to bundle sub-prime and sub-sub-prime mortgages into resale packages with solid ones. So, then I suppose the answer is to let the corruption continue unabated. Shame, that.
  4. Joe in Winslow

    The Trump Economy

    Problem is, mister "rule of law", did the laws change to prevent this kind of nonsense again?
  5. Joe in Winslow

    The Trump Economy

    Is it fair to say that the instruments created by the "wizards" were the very thing that enabled crooked mortgage brokers to continue to sell the bad mortgages well beyond any limit that they should have been?
  6. Joe in Winslow

    The Trump Economy

    ^ justification of corruption.
  7. Joe in Winslow

    The Trump Economy

    Not to mention all those brilliant guys who created the financial instruments that allowed crap mortgages to be hidden among good ones in bundles. Did any one of them see the inside of a jail cell? The corruption in finance is ATROCIOUS, and because they have money they have an iron grip on politicians. As such, they walk around as free men today.
  8. Joe in Winslow

    The Trump Economy

    Oh how wonderful! And what happened to the people that brought that crisis about? What about all those smartest guys in the room that CAUSED the problem in the first place? Jack diddly. They were SAVED by taxpayers. There's a DIRECT equivalence between that crisis and this one.
  9. Joe in Winslow

    Baker and OBJ on a magic carpet ride...

  10. Joe in Winslow

    How did you become a Bills fan?

    Dude. Yes.
  11. Joe in Winslow

    How did you become a Bills fan?

    I don't watch much soccer. But when I do, it's arsenal.
  12. Joe in Winslow

    How did you become a Bills fan?

    My dad.
  13. Joe in Winslow

    California (again)

    Or unpaid speeding tickets plastered on bathroom walls.
  14. Joe in Winslow

    ASU WR K’Neal Harry is projected as a 2nd rd prospect.

    I'd take him in the second round. That would, IMO, be a bargain.
  15. Joe in Winslow

    California (again)

    I'm sure he's thrilled.