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  1. Carry on with the excellent work, gentlemen. Well, those of you who are right in this thread, anyway.
  2. I'm not talking about ford. Saying ford's a disappointment is universally accepted.
  3. I look at impact here. Was tre as good as the previous two seasons? Absolutely not. Was that him? His teammates? I don't know, but I know he wasn't near the player that earned that contract.
  4. Yeah. But the problem is, I haven't seen anything to indicate that Mr. Invisible has a high ceiling. Que sera, sera. Spilled milk at this point. We're stuck with him for another couple years.
  5. You had a shot at EXCELLENCE in the top ten. Instead you took a guy who hasn't made any kind of real impact at a position that's second tier. Of all beane's acquisitions, that's his most questionable. Undoubtedly wasted a top 10pick.
  6. Not sure Milano is worth it, given injury history, meh, I just don't know.
  7. Your lips to God's ears. Would Metcalf have made more of a difference than you-know-who? You're damned right he would have. What an absolute waste that pick was.
  8. Perhaps this game will out to rest the posts from fools who say run games and defenses are unimportant.
  9. Best to tell them to get used to disappointment. This team reminds me of the dolphins of the early 90s. Skill at QB and WR1. Soft as baby poop everywhere else. Lots of work to do. Good season, but not good enough.
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